Zik Ikeorha Story

My name is Zik Ikeorha. I was born into a polygamous family of the late Chief Emmanuel Ikeorha
of Enugu State, Nigeria over five and a half decades ago.

As a teenager in the High School at Federal Government College, Warri, I developed a chronic offensive runny
nose, which the ENT Surgeon called Chronic Suppurative Cartilaginous Sinusitis. They told my dad that I may die from Meningitis, as the illness was intractable despite the various tests and treatment given to me over a period of one year. However, the sinusitis disappeared after a classmate of mine invited me to a Student Christian Fellowship, where I gave my life to Christ and wept bitterly, in October, 1974. When I was baptized with the Holy Ghost, I realized that I stopped struggling with past sins and My Christian life became more focused, meaningful and exciting. I have been married to my wife for 30 years now with 5 ‘adult’ children and they have never complained of any offensive odor from my nose nor have I had any prolonged catarrh since 1974.

I own and run a medical outfit- a 20-bed fully equipped hospital- Zikora Medical Centre Ltd., Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. God has always been good to us in managing many of our patients by any of our doctors with our medical staff. In my 31 years of Medical practice
with a specialty in Fetal medicine, God has done many miraculous and incredible things for us in our patients. We have seen
extraordinary good things happen in many of our cases! The success of our practice has always been in our sharing the love of God
in our market place; trusting absolutely in His Divine Intervention in each case, no matter how simple/difficult it may present as we
then do the best we always could.

God has equally been good to my family. I have been blissfully married for 30 years to my beautiful wife, Hon Justice Ory Zik
Ikeorha, a High Court Judge in the Nigerian Judiciary and the mother of my five wonderful adult children, who by God’s grace are
two doctors, a lawyer (the only lady in her Masters in International law) in the UK, and the last are twins: a Premed-Senior and a
Sophomore in Interior Design in a USA UNIVERSITY. The success of my family life is rooted in the love, humility and the fear of God
in our lives and the teamwork we all put in raising our children with God’s wisdom and understanding.
In 1985, my wife and I joined the FGBMFI and I have served in various capacities as Membership Chairman, Chapter Vice-president,

Chapter President, Field Representative, National Director, Chairman of FGBMFI Alpine Tent and currently, as the National
Director/Chairman in-charge of Airlifts to Latin/South American countries.
Therefore, from my little testimony and experience so far, I have come to an irrevocable conclusion that it is most profitable to
serve Jesus!

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Zik's Testimony

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Ory's Testimony

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