Yogi Patel


   My name is Yogi Patel, I’m a pharmacist, and I would like to tell you my story.

   I grew up in Zambia which is in Southern Africa. My parents are from India. We were practicing Hinduism which is a religion of many gods. Zambia was a British colony and so I had heard about Jesus but never knew him.

   I was fourteen years old when I came to America. My dad bought a motel in Lubbock, Texas. Every Patel has a motel. Why? It's easy. It's not too hard. Our mom had already taught us how to make a bed. Well, guess what, instead of one bed, you have sixty beds. A chemical salesman came by and taught us how to clean the bathrooms. I was cleaning the pool and an old man pulls up in his pickup, rolls down the window and says, "Young man, what are you doing?" I said, “I'm cleaning the pool?" He said, "Turn around." Turn around? I'm thinking is there a snake behind me? I turned around and he said, “Look up.” The sky was brown." I've never seen a dust storm in my life. I said, "Well, how much time do I have before its gets to us?" "Oh, about twenty minutes." I took a deep breath and started taking everything out. It took me twenty minutes to unplug everything and put it up. The dust storm lasted for two days. Welcome to Texas.

   I went to high school in Lubbock Texas, and attended Texas Tech University and then went on to South Western Oklahoma State University Pharmacy School. I met my wife Suzanne in Pharmacy school. She was a spirit filled Christian.

   I took a position with Eckerd Drug in Lubbock and then moved to be a Pharmacy Manager for Eckerd’s in Commerce, Texas.

   From Eckerd’s I moved on to work with Walmart Pharmacy in Greenville, Texas. While I was working there a couple of my fellow pharmacist’s (Mike Simms and Imeine Ukhun) called me and invited me to the Promise Keepers Crusade in Dallas, Texas. This was held in the Dallas Cowboys football Stadium.

   This was a life changing weekend. I accepted Christ that Friday night. I had about fifteen men lay hands on me and pray. This was the sweetest moment of the evening…. I felt the Holy Spirit flowing through me and the feeling of peace, love, and joy was quite over whelming.

   I was so shy in the beginning that I could not even pray at the dinner table. Over the years we began attending Northplace Church in Sachse, Texas, and while attending a small group I was prophesied over that I would be praying for people and miracles would take place. I began to have a boldness to pray for people and what was prophesied has come to pass. To God be the Glory!

   One day, this lady, stopped by the pharmacy to get her meds. She had been to the hospital that morning (since her husband was fighting cancer), and her son was to be in court later that afternoon. She was running behind and hadn't met the attorney and was stressed. In Psalm 5:12 it says, “For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield.” So I said listen, “Let me pray for you.” The Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for favor. She was there at the hearing for her son. The judge dismissed the charges and her son was set free. The lady returned to the pharmacy to give thanks for the answered prayer.

   The Holy Spirit guides us in our daily prayers.

   The Holy Spirit put me on alert. It was a hot time of the year, and the storm was coming from Farmersville towards Commerce/Cooper. I was listening to the weather watch on KETR 88.9. It was weird because I could sense it was a tornado kind of day. As I drove from Cooper to Commerce, I was praying for the storm to abate or dissipate. As soon as we got to Commerce and finished running a few errands, we headed to the baseball field to watch my son’s friends play.

   We pulled into the park, and it was eerie silent. There was nobody walking around. So, I opened my door slowly and a young boy next to me in a pickup said, "Sir, you need to get back into your car." Finally, his mom said, “We’re under a tornado watch." The parking lot of the baseball field could probably hold about two-hundred cars and trucks. If the tornado gets close, how will we all get out of the park in a timely manner? I am already in reverse, and headed home. The radio station confirmed the storm and it continued to get stronger. I called my wife and told her not to come home. Instead we will head to where she was. She had a flower shop across the Cooper Court house that had a basement. I drove eighty miles an hour to get to the courthouse.

   I arrive there and the wind came to a full stop. I told my wife, "Hurry up.” We need to close up and head to the basement while it’s not raining." We get there and about ten minutes later it begins to rain. We had an inch of rain in a short time. The cellphone reception went out, and we knew something was about to happen. There were about fifty people there. One of the grannies said, "We need to pray!” Bobby Irvin, a realtor, yelled for me to pray. There were about fifty people there, and You singled me out? I thought, I’ll pray a generic prayer to start, but the Holy Spirit guided me to speak to the storm. At this time I was not aware of tornado being a mile from the courthouse.

   My first customer the next morning pointed his finger at me and said, "That man’s prayers get answered.” I ask him “What are you talking about?" He said, "You don't know?" I said, “Well, it rained last night." He replayed it. The tornado touched down in Tira, Texas, which is between Cooper and Sulphur Springs. The tornado tore off a couple of roofs and knocked over trees.

   I had no idea about the storm’s damage, and how it had gone around us. I was like, "Wow! God you answered my prayers!” I was overwhelmed that God heard my prayers and kept the town we were in and us safe. Earlier in the week, I had been asking God,” Do my prayers matter?” God used the most unlikely person to confirm this to me. A young man in the Air Force knew of Jesus, but I remember reading to him about the love of God. But again God used him to confirm to me that my prayers do matter and He hears them. It was amazing.

   I was given the opportunity to grow even more when I was asked to be a Co-Chairman for a crusade outreach in Cooper, Texas, that was held by Rick Gage of Go-Tell Ministries at the local high school stadium. This was the most rewarding work I have ever been involved with and over five hundred souls were added to the kingdom.

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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