Xiangwen Liu Story

My name is Xiangwen Liu, and my English name is Aven Liu. I am an independent businessman specializing in web development and data analysis. Here is my story.

Being the first-ever Christian in my family lineage is a great blessing from God. And this is a unique and beloved experience in my life. Since that moment, I finally realized the meaning of my life’s journey and found the purpose of my life.

I discovered God and the love of God. Now all my experiences and all my family experiences are connected to God.

I spent 29 years in China without hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Since childhood, my parents told me that there were many deities that controlled our life, some control nature, health of humans and food. They also told us to always do good things and be far way form bad things to avoid the punishment from deities.

My wife and I really like children, and wanted a child after our marriage in 2009. However, we failed to have a child at that time. We were very frustrated when we failed to have a child in 2010. Then we went to see doctors about our ability to have children even though we didn’t have any health insurance. The bad news was that we failed again after spending much money. We totally lost heart at that time. We didn’t tell my parents about our sufferings. We didn’t want our parents to worry. They told me that there are deities controlling human birth.

In 2011, my parents-in-law found an old woman who could lead us to seek help from a deity that controls human birth. She burned incense to the deity and spoke mantra to that deity. The old woman let us drink the water with the ashes of incense after we paid her money.  However, the deity couldn’t control birth and also failed to give us a child.

Surrounded by enough chitchat from our colleagues and friends, we decided to go college in USA which is far away from China, even though this was impossible based on our situation at that time.

In January 2012, we arrived at Texas A&M University-Commerce with our eyes opened, and eager to soak in the American culture and religious life.

My wife and I went to the Chinese fellowship at the local church, First Baptist Church-Commerce. This was my first time to read a Bible or go to church. My wife and I were so excited when we read in the Bible that God gave a baby to Sarah, and God gave a baby to Hannah, and God gave a baby to Manoah’s wife. We were shocked by the power of God, and we were hopeful of the mercy of God. What an amazing God! And we decided to seek help from this powerful God for our biggest problem.

We began to go to church and worship God every Sunday. We knelt and prayed for a baby every day and night. I was convicted of my sins and needed God’s forgiveness. We accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior on May 13, 2012, on Mother’s Day, a very special day for my family.

July 10th, a very wonderful day for both of us, my wife was pregnant, as Jesus said, our faith saved us. God is always with us, and His mercy and grace. Thank You Father for answering our prayers.

I was fortunate to have experienced the love of God and now have the privilege to shepherd others and help them find the most precious treasure in their lives in living out the gospel. I’m very glad to share the living God with my friends. However, after my sharing with them, they just told me politely: “I agree with you and the great God, but can you show me God. If I cannot see Him, how could I believe in Him? ”

There are 1.5 billion people in my country, but only 33 million people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior according to a 2010 survey. It’s hard to share the gospel with my friends. How could I share the love of God with my parents or even the people in my country? I prayed again and again to equip myself to be a soldier of God. I decided to attend a seminary in 2012 after God gifted our family with our first baby. I had to postpone my plans to go seminary because I was working on my Master’s degree in computer science at Texas A&M University – Commerce.

As the year passed, God’s indwelling in my heart grew deeper, and I started to discern a call to a vocational ministry. In 2014, my wife and I prayed for the future life of my family while approaching graduation. The First Baptist Church of Commerce prayed for me while I was attending a course on “Experiencing God.” I felt the calling of God again. He led me to a crisis of my belief that requires my faith and action.

With the help of my pastor and friends, I found a seminary that would equip me with the knowledge and skills to fulfill God’s calling. 

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