Vandon Hobbs

Vandon Hobbs    Good evening, My name is Vandon Hobbs and I have three children – two boys and one girl. I was raised in the Dallas area. I have two older brothers and an older sister. My dad was an abusive alcoholic. When I was ten years old my brothers and sister were put in foster care and eventually sent to Kaufman, Texas to live with our Memaw. We were pretty wild and too much for her to handle so she called on a friend a named Gary Witlock to step in, and he did just that. Gary was the first person to introduce us to the Lord when I was eleven years old. He stayed with us for a good period of time and by the time I was fifteen years old one of my brother’s moved in with my mom and the other brother moved in with my dad. However, I moved back to my grandparents. For the next few years I was allowed to live like a normal teenage kid. By eighteen years old I quit high school at the same time my first son was born. I dove head first into the real world. By nineteen I was too young and immature to lead our family. My son’s mother split and I would openly tell people I was an atheist. For the next six years I ran the streets in the work world with cable companies. I got another women pregnant and was kind of forced into marriage that I knew wasn’t right. However, I began to try and do the right things. Though out this time, I never tried to seek the Lord and neither did my wife or family.

My Salvation Experience

   I met a man playing x-box and his name is Jim Boaver. Jim was very open about his faith and as we used to play football, he would make small talk. I found myself being very comfortable with Jim as we began a friendship as our relationship grew. I felt beaten down with my two previous relationships with my two wives’s. I often found myself confiding with Jim. One day as we were playing x-box Jim asked if he could pray for me. This was the highest point of my life and I said, “Man just tell me what to do?” I can’t help but laugh thinking how crazy this was as he started praying for me right then and there. Something happened to me that day as I found myself having desires that I had never had before. I tried for seven years to quit smoking weed and tobacco. When my friends wanted to drink, I didn’t want to drink anymore. At that same time my entire life was sinking. I tried to do the right thing, but all my friends were turning their back on me. As things seemed to hit rock bottom, my wife became somewhat violent, and the Lord led me to an old Bible after my grandpapa of pasted away. I skimmed through it and there was only one verse highlighted – Psalm 97:2 “Clouds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne – NIV.” The Lord spoke to me through this. I began at this point to seek God. I didn’t know anything about submission or surrender or anything. But I did know that He put the confidence and conformation in my spirit that everything will be fine and I accepted His righteousness.

   I was faced again with losing everything, my home, my job, my wife, and my family. I was being transitioned and I was also being tested. My wife and I separated and my brother moved to Colorado. I was left homeless as I started a new job in the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry (HVAC).

   Taylor, my oldest son’s mom was gracious enough to allow me to sleep on her couch. This was a blessing from the Lord because at the same time I was ready to serve the Lord and so was she.

   Since we have been through an amazing eighteen months, we started doing Bible studies and reading the Word, and feeling conviction and started repenting of all my sins. I was in a really bad accident at work. The Lord pulled me through it with minimal injuries. But through this was a divine appointment with my physical therapist by the name of Jeff. He was kind of like Jim. Jeff invited me to this amazing church. On my first visit to the church the pastor prophesized over me and Taylor. My x-wife tried to take my kids from me before we went to this church. For the first time in my life, I fasted and asked the Lord for very specific answers. This pastor answered all the questions and this was the day I finally gave my life to the Lord. I knew that God had pulled me out of the darkness and into the light. Since that day I have seen the Lord work in me and through me. That night I got saved I found myself in my front yard with Taylor and one of my older brothers and mom praying over me. We asked the Lord to heal my mom’s dog who had eaten rat poison. That dog is alive today and has never been to a vet.

   I found myself at the church doors every time it was open. I was praying for family and friends. I was sharing my faith with family and friends. I would pray for my kids and even people I would run into.

   My church holds special services a few times a year and they call it hope weekend. I prayed hard and asked the Lord to have my brother and his girlfriend and a good friend of ours to introduce them to the Lord. By the end of the night no one had shown up. I responded to the altar call and was slightly discouraged, but for some reason I was unusually calm.

   That night the man who prayed over me told me two things. I had already been baptized in the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues and the Lord was going to use me to calm a lot of storms. When I left that event a few minutes later I was dropping some things off for a friend when I started receiving phone calls. One was from a guy I didn’t really like who needed a ride and a drunken friend who was looking for Brandon with a shotgun. That night the Lord used me to calm the storm. The next night I witnessed Brandon rededicate his life to the Lord as well as my older brother. The other night I watched my friend Alex being delivered from demons and give his life to the Lord. The Lord has convicted Taylor and me by changing our hearts and our lives.

   God is identifying all the small foxes in our lives and guiding us into submission. I serve happily with the body of Christ. I no longer live a life of grieving from hardships and sorrows or resorting to marijuana or drinking to get through the hard times. I look to the Lord to be my lamp. I have faith though ships may sink I know the Lord will provide a rescue boat and life jacket. And as I walk and grow in my faith my goal is to spread and share the good news to whomever and wherever the Lord tells me to do. 

Vandon's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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