Uriah McGillivray Story

My name is Uriah McGillivray, and this is my story.
The company I am currently working for is Young Adult Koinonia.

We provide safe and sober environments for young adults. This involves everything from helping individuals into treatment programs to doing community outreaches serving the neighborhood.

I don’t remember a day growing up and not believing in God. I always knew He existed and that He was real. As far as me accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, that is different.  My family and I didn’t always go to church but I do remember church throughout my life.  

One thing I remember as I was growing up is all those times I tried so desperately to fit in and be accepted. I would go from one group to another hoping I could fit in and feel like I was accepted.  No matter how hard I tried I just could not be accepted by any group of people. Because of this I started to develop a lot of anger. I gave up on searching for acceptance in people and decided that I didn't need people. If I could be strong and careful enough to not make any mistakes, then I wouldn’t need help from people. What I didn’t realize was that underneath all that anger was a lot of hurt and pain.

After high school I moved away from my Minnesota home to live in Chicago, IL, so I could go to school there. The real reason I moved out is because I was running away. I was hoping that what I was looking for would be found in a successful career outside of my small Minnesota life.  As an independent person, I was devoted to not needing help from people. As soon as college started a lot of things happened that I did not plan or expect. My grades in school were below average even though I was trying so hard. I was barely getting by paying for the bills that are required to live on your own.

All this led up to the moment where it all made sense. I remember walking into the library to find a book to read. I walked down the aisle and this book stood out from all the rest. I couldn’t figure out why this book seemed so appealing, so I just checked it out. The book was called “Spiritual Warfare,” by Chip Ingram. As I was reading this book over the next few days, God was revealing to me the realities of the war that is going on for my soul. He was revealing to me how much I was in need of a Savior. That’s when it all hit me at once. I was not strong enough, and I did need help. I realized that the strength I needed could only come from God. It was through this book that I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

I continued working and doing my best in everything I did, but not being a perfectionist anymore. My grades started to get better and my work hours increased so I was able to afford living expenses. I remember waking up in the morning every day to read my bible and actually getting excited and understanding what His Word was saying.
About a year later while I was still going to school and working, I got a phone call from one of the school counselors.  I found out that I needed to pay an additional $5,000 within the next month for tuition. I knew that God would provide so I didn’t think about it much. About a week later I had this idea that I wanted to fast. As I was fasting and resting in my apartment, I felt this slight tug to check the mail box. When I opened up the mail box I found a letter that was for a scholarship written to me with just enough money for me to pay off tuition. God proved to me that He is faithful and that I can always run to Him for help.

When I finished with school I moved back home to Minnesota with my family. I tried going to church but I felt like I had no reason to be there. It wasn’t until a woman came up and talked to me about being involved with youth ministry. As this woman was sharing with me about youth ministry my heart was pounding with excitement. It was when I got involved that I felt accepted in church. That’s when God revealed to me my passion for young people and a love to mentor and disciple young men.
Still today God is using me to pour into younger people. He has also increased my influence beyond young men and to children as well. We all need help, and I am here to help lead people to Our Father in Heaven.

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