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Sid Roth interviews Tracy Allen Cooke

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   Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. My guest, not knowing anything about my family, told me my daughter's name, my granddaughter's name, and the little tiny town they live in. I'm in awe.

   Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of its Supernatural.

   SID: You know, not only did Tracy get my attention when he knew these exact things about my life, but I had him speak for our prayer meeting, and he did this same thing with our staff. How do you hear these things? Is there an angel involved or what's going on?

   TRACY: When I feel the presence of the angel of the Lord, he's ready to release the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He'll touch my right shoulder. And when he touches my right shoulder, I start looking into the eyes of the people, and I can see in the windows of their soul. God will also give me a dream and I'll know who's going to be there.

   SID: That is so neat. I want to find out more about you and this gift. I understand that you only went to church once in your life and that was when you were five years of age. You were preparing for a career as a professional skateboarder. I guess you're almost there. You were given salary and everything. You were going to be a skateboarder superstar, but you had a neighbor that witnessed and witnessed. I mean if that had been me, I wouldn't have gone around him any. Why did you keep going around this guy?

   TRACY: What got my attention was he sounded like Elvis.

   SID: He's kind of a beach bum type; drinking and you know everything that goes along with that. And he drank a little too much one night, and he went to sleep and he found himself in hell.

   TRACY: But what happened was, we were at graduation, not all of us, but some of us went down to Burton and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and we had partied before, we drank before, and that wasn't abnormal. But I wasn't feeling right. I was telling some of my friends, "I need to go lay down, something is not right." I laid down and felt myself going into a deep dream. I saw myself waking up, and there's a round outer wall, and I start smelling the stench of burning of flesh. As I look, I see flames. On my right side is an angel of God. The angel began to tell me, "You have been called to preach the gospel. God has assigned you to be a prophet to the nations. You will operate with signs, wonders, and miracles. You will know the thoughts of man's hearts." The angel and I are looking down and see thousands of hands lifted up. I can smell burning flesh and I can hear people screaming. I hear one of them say, "Please obey the call. Answer the call. Don't compromise the call. We're here because we did not obey the assignment.” And then the angel told me, "You're going to be responsible" and he showed me a vision while I'm looking into hell. I see the flames and I could smell the stench. The Bible said, "Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched – Mark 9:44." That means the memory of every time somebody witnessed to you; every time someone had testified on behalf of the gospel and told you about Jesus about how to be saved and born-again.

   TRACY: So here I am looking to the angel and he said, "You're going to be responsible for these people if you don't obey the call of God."

   SID: And then you were taken to heaven.

   TRACY: I viewed eternity in that vision, and then the angel said, "Now come Tracy."

   TRACY: He took me through a large gate and I saw a lot of people in the heaven. He took me to heaven and all of a sudden I saw the angel wave at me, "Come." He said, "Come hither." I can remember this event as if happened yesterday.

   TRACY: As we walked, I noticed one angel was standing up on a large book and he was flipping the pages. So I happened to go by the book just to see what it was. I remember so vividly that my mother and father said, "This is the book of the Lamb, the Lamb's book of life."

   The angel said, "Come again." I looked to my left side and saw crystal clear water and saw all these animals. It was beautiful.

   TRACY: Some people say, "There are no animals in heaven." But if you read the book of Revelation, He's coming back on the white horse.

   SID: So He's got at least a white horse.

   TRACY: So He's at least got a white horse. And I tell them, "Well I know what I saw." So here I am and the angel said, "Now come." And as we go through the gates - Revelation 21, I believe verse 21 talks about 12 different gates. I saw in this visitation of heaven, different dimensions, different gates, and I'm walking through the gates with the angel on my left side. As we go through this last gate, the angel knelt. So I'm thinking, "All right, he knelt and I'm going to kneel also."

   When I knelt down, I didn't see the Lord, but I saw the majesty of His glory. This was His awesomeness. As I looked, I could feel my eyes burning. Exodus chapter 33 says, "No man can see God face to face." He let most of us see his hands and his back. We experience His Holy Spirit, His glory at different levels, but that level He will not let any man see it.

   I didn't get to see Him, but I heard the voice that I come to cherish. I remember Him saying, “Tracy, you're called to be a minister," and He confirmed everything the angel said when I had the other visitation. "You're going to be my mouthpiece. I'm going to demonstrate signs, wonders and miracles. You're going to know the thoughts of man. You’re going to reveal the will and the purpose of God to them. I'm going to back you up with all heaven and you're going to walk in the footsteps that I have ordain, and where I have gone, you shall go." And He said, "Now when you awake from this visitation, "You will know I am with you. Even until the end of the age."

   SID: So the gifts are growing in you after you had that angelic visitation in 1995, and did what you were instructed, things skyrocketed. Tell me about that visitation.

   TRACY: In 1995, the angel of God came to me. His instruction was to meet ... you're going to stand at the feet of generals of the faith, you're going to learn what to do and not to do and as you serve them ... that's when I got a revelation on serve….

   SID: As far as I'm concerned, the man that had the greatest miracle ministry was William Branham. Tell us a little bit about him.

   TRACY: He is operating a gift of word of knowledge. The angel came to him and said, "You have two signs. You'll detect financial issues, spirits, sickness, and diseases in the right-hand when it vibrates. The other one was the gift of word of knowledge. You would know their names and every area of their lives. He can call somebody out of the audience, not know them, and they'd come before him; give them the address, the doctor's name, everything about their life, even what they ate for breakfast. I mean such detail of the word of knowledge. That it is mind boggling. The angel spoke to him and said, "That's what I want. It's got to be in the earth."

   SID: But, Branham had already died. But you through a series of circumstances found yourself face to face with a man who was a little child and was prayed for by William Branham. What did Brandon say to this man when he prayed for him?

   TRACY: He was in his teenager years, around 16 or 17 years of age. He had been around the ministry of healing. William Branham walked into his room, put his hands on the right shoulder and said, “Even as a mantle was upon me, and now the mantle is on you.” And he operates in that gift.

   SID: Now this guy laid hands on you that had the gift from Branham?

   TRACY: Yes sir. I had a dream. I saw me in this big tent revival and he was coming to North Carolina. So we went to the tent revival. One year later, the exact time that Angel gave me the dream, I walk in there, he shakes my hand, and he said, "From this day forward, what's on William Branham life will be on your life."

   And then I go back to the headquarters and I do a revival. I saw an angel downloading a scroll, and I started seeing names, addresses, sickness, worry. I see a skeleton before me any time I stand before a person. I'll feel through the word of knowledge where the pain is.

   SID: I called him the other night and he said, "I don't know what it is. My foot is hurting," and he described exactly where his foot was hurting. I said, "You just described me." I mean this is better than any doctor I ever went to. I have to tell you that, Tracy. But you learn by heavenly revelation and put a correlation of something. I've read about serving and the benefits of being a servant.

   TRACY: Right.

   SID: I've read about the supernatural in the gifts, but God showed you they're connected. Explain.

   TRACY: The angel came to me in 1997 and said, "This is a recipe for unlocking it. The glory will be a manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit." Then the angel said, "I want you to pray three hours a day." So when I begin to pray for three hours a day, he taught me to pray in tongues the first hour. Then the second hour, stop and listen. And then the third hour, I'm in a place where I don't have to speak in tongues when you get to heaven.

   So when you really tap in that glory realm, you don't pray in tongues. You just enthrone Him with glory. You lift your hands and you worship Yeshua.

     He taught me when you listen, after you speak in tongues, what you're doing is the interpretation is coming back to you.

   You stop after you speak in tongues, then all of a sudden your mind is already being cleared because you pray all the distractions away when you pray in the Spirit. You have a dialogue between you and God. It's a channel.

   SID: So you clear it through speaking in tongues. And you still yourself to hear, is what you're saying.

   TRACY: Yes sir.

   SID: What happens if someone does what you recommend for three months and nothing? and they don't hear a thing?

   TRACY: But what I'm saying, what I recommend is for them to keep pursuing, because when I learned this pattern and this strategy how to tap into the heart of God, it took me time to develop. But the more ... I always tell ministers when I've going teach them, let it be a prayer habit.

   SID: You don't have to start with three hours a day.

   TRACY: Right.

   SID: I mean you could start with 30 minutes a day in tongues and work up. You follow? But if you do, you will hear as much as Tracy, maybe more now. Tracy has seen the greater glory being released this year and it will dramatically change the face of the earth. I'm also going to ask him to demonstrate his amazing prophetic gift. Interested?

   Tracy, you see things about people, but you also see things about the United States, about the world. For instance, you saw things about the greater glory. What have you seen?

   TRACY: In the greater glory of the vision that God gave me, the revelation was in 2019, has began to be the year of recompense and the glory’s already begun to manifest and even the next three years, the landscape of the church is going to shift and change. God's going to weed out, he's going to take the people out of the church, and He's going to begin to move in the heart of America.

   He's going to bring the church back to proper alignment. He's going to bring the church back to holding its true repentance where no man is going to get the glory. Man's not going to be the center of attention. But God almighty is going to get the glory.

   SID: So this greater glory, if I'm understanding it right, the average person will operate in the gifts of the Spirit ... well as Jesus said, "You'll do the same works I have done and even greater." Will that be going on in this?

   TRACY: We call it a miracle, but he called it the work of the Father. It became normal in the ministry of Jesus and in the greater glory; it's going to become a normal. The supernatural would become normal activities of your life. So the upcoming next three years, the church is going to have a paradigm shift as never before. God's going to call us to have a spiritual awakening, and it began this year according to the time of prophecy, the time of prevention, and even in the landscape of those in high places even in the White House. God's coming to our house and then He's going to come to the White House.

   SID: Tracy, what have you seen for Its Supernatural television and for myself in this ministry?

   TRACY: Well the Lord showed me, He took me into a trance, and you have walked before me, I saw you come up before me, and the Lord said, "He is a fore runner of the disposition of the greater glory. His ministry, the staff, and the team will join hands together all around the world. When you join hands, the hands for this ministry, God has ordained this ministry at a pivot time that we need a launching pad to introduce the greater glory where God can get all the honor, where He can move. There's protocol, but at the same time God can move.

   SID: The word I used is the only word I can say is, "Awe." So if my job is to show a foretaste of what is coming and I want to show you a foretaste right now.

   Would you prophesy over a few people in our studio audience and if God directs even the TV audience?

   TRACY: Absolutely. Just lift your hands and let's just receive His glory. I feel the unusual anointing. I feel the miracle working God. I see the angel of God move in right now. Just lift your hands. You're letting God know, I surrender. I'm going to start to minister to about three or four of you. But right now, even though you see this at your home, I'm looking through the lens of the camera, Diane, you're getting a miracle, your lower back area, you own a walker, you're coming off that walker darling. Dr. Johnson is going to take you off of that. Let us know what God has done in this manifestation of this miracle. Let somebody know here at the Sid Roth Ministry of the miracle that happened in your lower L5 area, you're getting a miracle. You were in an accident. There were two vehicles that were involved and one of them it's black and one of them is like a burgundy type.

   And God said the miracle's happening right now and you that are in your home right now, I release the anointing of God, that tangible evidence of the miraculous of God in the name of Jesus.

   The angel of God is moving right here in this audience right now. I feel his tangible presence. If I would, if I get someone to back, this couple right here, you're in the last row. Yes, you just looked at both of you all just stand right now. There's an angel standing over both of you. I don't know you, do I?

   SIERRA: No.

   TRACY: I don't know either one of you. We've never talked.

   SIERRA: No.

   TRACY: If I told you that God's going to start breaking your financial burdens. There have been financial struggles. There's an angel over you. Sir lift your hands, God's healing you. You've been having a problem with your shoulder area. Is it Dustin?

   SIERRA: Yes.

   TRACY: Your name is Dustin?

   SID: You don't know him.

   TRACY: I don't know, this is the first time.

   SID: Do you know him?

   DUSTIN: I do not.

   SID: Now you know him, he knows your name.

   TRACY: Dustin.

   DUSTIN: Yes.

   TRACY: You are a contractor. I see contracting all around you like buildings and stuff like that. Like utility, like contract work, there's an increase that's coming. There was an accident you were involved with and God said to tell Dustin that the attack is over and the curse is broken and God's going to move in your life, your darkest days are behind you. The last three years have been hard in your life.

   DUSTIN: Yeah.

   TRACY: 8631.

   DUSTIN: 8631.

   TRACY: Is that your address?

   DUSTIN: Yep.

   TRACY: Almost like Country Line Drive.

   SIERRA: County Line Road.

   TRACY: County Line Road. If I pronounce your name right, it's an S, Sierra.

   SIERRA: Yes sir.

   TRACY: What is your name?

   SIERRA: Sierra.

   TRACY: Sierra Dawn.

   SIERRA: Yes.

   SID: Do you see why I'm in awe?

   TRACY: Your name is Sierra Dawn Kelso.

   SIERRA: Yes.

   TRACY: Kelso.

   TRACY: You're Dustin Wayne.

   DUSTIN: Yes.

   TRACY: Lift up your hands, God's healing you. God bless you. He's giving your home a miracle. God's touching your children. The last three years have been hard, but the last three years God's going to turn your life around. Dustin, Sierra, God said it's over. We’re done rebuking the devil. You're healed, darling, in your lower abdomen area around your female organs, you've been having ... isn't that right?

   SIERRA: I have scoliosis in my hips.

   TRACY: And I'd seen that God, he's moving it right, you see where my hand is at. It's right there?

   SIERRA: Yes.

   TRACY: You're not going to have that anymore. You can get back to your doctor and he'll confirm the miracle.

   SID: I notice you like to confirm miracles.

   SID: Have doctors confirmed them? That's important to you.

   TRACY: Well to me it is very important and I often tell people, I have people in my revival, when I'm healing, I know I'm healing. I said, "That's great. Now go back to your doctors and let it confirm, because God's not intimidated with doctors, he made them. So that's verified what God is doing. That's verified of what He's doing, not one man is doing. Get your eyes off of man. Get it on the Lord.

   SID: Now I wanted to do that just as a foretaste. I mean we've got too much to cover on this program. So do you want to hear more from Tracy? Would you like Tracy to minister to you watching at home as well as in our TV studio audience? Then simply go to for the extended version of this program. Again, that's

And I have to tell you something. The reason for you to see a demonstration of the power of God is to believe God is bigger than you ever thought. The reason for you to see this is so that you can first have your own intimacy with God, your own experiential knowledge of God, because to know Him is everything, and everything without knowing Him is nothing. Amen.

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