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My name is Timothy Boyce and I am a Principal at iHs Professional Services, Inc., a retained executive search firm.


I was raised in Western New York and South Florida. I went to public school until the age of 13, and then attended one of the top private preparatory schools and top liberal arts universities in the U.S. Without my realizing it, this education indoctrinated me in secular humanism. Materialism (i.e., there is no God) and naturalism (i.e., God is not the cause nor sustainer of anything) were powerful suppositions that underpinned much of what I was taught and treated as axiomatic.

I was taught that everything other than these suppositions was to be examined critically because these suppositions represented “neutral ground.” At the same time, I was taught through much of the literature and entertainment I consumed that the pursuit of pleasure was the highest good (hedonism). Knowledge, truth, and morality existed only in relation to the individual, culture, society, or historical context (relativism). Operational science was the only source of objective truth (scientism), and kindness is only for those who deserve it. I was just another animal, and heroes do not turn the other cheek, they exact revenge for themselves (satanism).

While I was in college, I attended church every Sunday even as I simultaneously tried to understand and integrate other theories of the cause, nature, and purpose of my life and the universe (religions) with the religion of secular humanism that I had been indoctrinated in. You see, our Lord Jesus Christ chose my parents for me. They love me because of Him and faithfully took me to the Methodist Church and taught me about Jesus
Christ. Amid hostile environments of my secular humanistic, postmodern university, there was something about what I heard on Sundays that I just couldn’t understand. Something that inexplicably filled me with hope and joy like none of my philosophy, religion, economics, or political science classes or my hedonistic pursuits did.

After graduating from the university, I pursued the American Dream and the pleasure, wealth, and power it promised. After only a few months at my first job, I felt empty. Something was missing. I chalked it up to not being mature enough or not making enough money. Ten years went by and I became an executive and eventually a CEO with a top 2% income. I was highly respected in my field. I had a beautiful wife, two healthy and beautiful boys, and lots of material possessions. Yet, something still wasn’t right.

The wealth and power gains had failed to yield the peace and meaning I desired and the pleasures were fleeting, sometimes destructive. I saw Jesus of Nazareth as just another good moral teacher, and I picked and chose what to believe (or so I thought) often feeling the despair of Nihilism as I did so. I was hamartia (tragically mistaken… hamartia is the Greek word we translate as sin in the New Testament), suppressing the Truth. Yet, our Lord still held me and hemmed me in. You see, my life is the story of His faithfulness, not of mine, and I am His handiwork.

One afternoon, 12 years ago, my wife and I were talking with our boys and she told them we where Christians. The Spirit of our Lord affirmed this in me as she spoke, and it stunned me. Soon after, I debated with my younger brother about Jesus of Nazareth saying that He never claimed to be God, and that He was just another good moral teacher on the order of Confucius, Lao Tzu, Mohammad, Gautama Buddha, or the Dahlia Lama.

He asked me when was the last time I had read one of the Gospels, and I told him I went to church regularly. He asked me again and I confessed that I couldn’t remember when I had, and he suggested I go back and read them again. So, I did.

He was right. How could I have missed it? Over and over again Jesus made and authenticated this claim. As I read, the Spirit of our Lord confirmed the Truth of who Jesus is and changed my mind. The Truth was there all along. It was Jesus. As I looked on the One who loved me so much that He had chosen to die a horrific death rather than to live without me, my heart was broken. What kind of evil was within me that could offend and condemn so gracious a God? How wicked I had been. I couldn’t bare it. And, how beautiful His eventual reply, “That’s not you anymore Timothy, that’s not how I’ve raised you in Me and Me in you. Deny yourself, pick up your cross daily, and follow Me. It is no longer you who lives but Me who lives within you.”

What’s life like now?

First, there is one true God. He has revealed Himself in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. He loves us so much that He chose a horrific death rather than life without us and our hamartia created the opportunity for Him to demonstrate to us how unfathomably merciful He is. I’ve been raised from death with Him, and I live in Him and He lives in me. You see, materialism and naturalism are suppositions and not axiomatic facts. Suppositions are taken on faith. To make the absolute statement, “There is no God,” requires absolute knowledge. In other words, one must be omniscient.

Second, I realize that none of us is neutral. We are either with the one true God or against Him. It’s not that some of us have faith and others do not, but a question of whom we have faith in. Scientism claims that operational science is the only source of objective truth. Yet, operational science starts with suppositions; such as, our senses are accurate and nature is uniform. This is a faith proposition. Do you know that we have “highly intelligent” people using operational science who are working feverishly to create life from non-life so that they can prove that life can be created without intelligence? Think about that.

Third, God alone is good and trusting Him is far better than hedonism. He knows me from beginning to end. He loves me and is for me. He is not against me and in all things He is working for my good. I’ll never forget the time the Spirit of our Lord changed my mind about Jesus Christ. A young man “happened” to asked me if God ever spoke with me. At first I said “no.” Then, startled, I said, “Yes, He speaks with me all the time.” Our Lord opened my ears at that point and showed me He had been speaking to me all along. He’s speaking to you right now. Do you know what He sounds like?

God alone is wise, God alone is good, and God is love.

Fourth, I’ve learned that relativism underpins post modernism and is self-contradictory. It asserts an absolute truth claim while simultaneously claiming that there is no absolute truth.

I don’t try to make my way to God anymore or earn my way into heaven or higher consciousness or nirvana or enlightenment or a better position in the next life or God’s blessings. Instead, I have a loving, active, dynamic relationship with the one true God who came down from heaven and raised me to life with His Son. Jesus will never leave me or forsake me.

I also know there is a real war going on with a real enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy us. He is a liar and the father of lies, and he stands in the temple of our Lord (our bodies) shouting blasphemes against God and God’s people. He is the one who accuses and condemns. He is an offense to me.

Who do you say that this Jesus of Nazareth is? I tell you the Truth; He is speaking to you right now. Behold, He stands at the door and knocks. Have you welcomed Him in? 


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