Tim Tebow


   Tim Tebow was born in the Philippines where his parents were serving as missionaries. He and his siblings were all homeschooled and raised in a strong Christian home. As early as little league football, friends and families saw something very special in Tim's athletic ability and his love for the game. Because Florida Law allowed homeschooled students to compete in public high school sports, Tim was able to play quarterback at his high school. At 6' 3", 225 pounds, Tim led the Nease Panthers to the state championship and finished his high school career with 95 passing and 62 rushing touchdowns.


After being heavily recruited by many major schools, Tim chose to play football for the University of Florida with their coach Urban Meyer. Over the next four years, Tim broke many National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Southeastern Conference (SEC), and University of Florida school records. He led the Florida Gators to two national championships and became the first underclassman to win Heisman Trophy at the University of Florida. Tim continued to travel on mission trips overseas where he was able to speak to children about his loving Savior, Jesus Christ. Tim's trademark Bible verses, which he wore under his eyes during games, showed his commitment to God. Tim was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 National Football League (NFL) Draft.

   I was a baby of five; with two older brothers and two sisters. We're extremely close and blessed to have the best parents in the world. For me, being able to have a role model like my Dad to look up to not because of what he said; but what he did and the actions that he lived out in front of me every day. He showed me how to be a man, how to treat your wife, and how live out what you preach. He also taught me how to be passionate about something and how to make a difference in this world.

   God has a special plan for each person. He has a special plan for your life. He has a poem written out for you and written out for me. It's our job and it should be our goal to follow that poem for our life. Because regardless of whether you think it or not, that's the best way to live. Because that's where you're going to find true satisfaction and a life of significance, when you're following God's plan for your life.

   It may not be to be a professional football player or whatever it is; God has a plan for your life. At the end of the day, that would be what’s truly satisfying and fulfilling in your life. You know, whatever position God put you in, He put you there for a reason. You may not be able to go on TV or you may not be a preacher; but you can still influence people for Jesus Christ. You see, God just gives us all a different platform. He gave me the opportunity to play football and that is my mission field. He gave each one of us a different mission field, but it doesn't mean that it's not as significant; or one is better than the other. It just means that they're different.

   For me, I look at my life in being a football player. I look at it as being a missionary to the game of football, to the players, and the platform that football has given me to be able to walk into a hospital and make kids smile. To be able to sign an autograph, and to be able to share my faith and be able to worship Christ and do things like that. You know, truly it is a blessing to influence someone's life if you just take advantage of it.

   So then I was like, "Alright. I think I'm going to turn on immediately. God put on my heart. John 3:16." Because that is the essence of Christianity. This was two days before we play the game. I went up to my parents to tell them. "Mom, Dad, I think I'm going to change a verse for the game."

   They said, "Great!” That's wonderful. What are you going to go with?" I told them, "John 3:16." And they're like, "Alright. Great!" So I was like, "I'm going to go tell Coach Meyer." I go down to Coach Meyer, and tell him. Coach Meyer, said, "Timmy, what? What are you talking about? Philippians 4:13 is an awesome verse. It has taken us to the championship. You better go for Philippians 4:13."

   "Coach, trust me. It's the right thing for this game." Coach said, "Well, if you think so. You can do it." When I tell my brother, everybody was like, "Oh. That's great!" And then all the players asked, "Are you sure?"

   I put John 3:16 under my eyes and then thought about it again. Two days later, I was sitting down having lunch with my mom, dad, and coach Meyer. I had to make a decision if I was going to come back for my senior year. Coach Meyer got a call and he hung up and said, "Timmy, you know the verse you wanted to use, John 3:16?" I said, "Yes, sir." He said, "You know, within 24 hours of that game being aired, 94 million people Googled John 3:16." 

   It's something that I never thought would have gotten that attention. It's just something that I put under my eyes. But you know, I'm just trying to be obedient to God. I was just trying to do the right thing.

   You know, that's something that has been extremely big in my life, trying to live with passion. When I was a boy, my dad shared with me about living with passion. So from that moment on, everything I did in my life, I try to do it with passion. In football, in school, in my Christian life, I try to live with passion in my life and what I was doing.

   I thought on football field, on the baseball field, and on the basketball court, that was going to separate me. Because when you love what you do and you're passionate about it, that coach is going to see. Your teammates are going to see. They're going to be drawn to you. They're going to want to listen to you. What is it that is different about you? It gives you the opportunity to say, "You know what's different about me? I have a relationship with Jesus Christ."

   That's what's different about me. You would consider your life as a success.

   Yesterday, I would consider my life as a success, but it has nothing to do with winning national championships or winning the highest award or having people know who you are, it has everything to do with having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You know how I deal with that? I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future. And in that there is peace. And in that there is satisfaction.

Tim Tebow Hearing His Voice Testimony

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