Tim Newland



   Tim Newland was senior vice-president of construction and project management for a major hotel corporation and was responsible for new construction, renovations, and capital improvements for over 150 hotels with a yearly budget of over 200 million dollars. He has been involved in over 500 hotel projects in all 48 continental states, Mexico, and Central America.

   He retired in 2000 and focused his life to serving God. He joined the Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) where he became president of the Faith Riders which served the NE Texas area. In 2010, he formed a CMA chapter in Carrolton serving the area from Dallas to Denton. In 2013, him and his wife Rosemary, moved to Emory, TX and became an officer and advisor to Circuit Rider Motorcycle Ministry.

Since his retirement, he had been involved in Prison ministry, Texas Youth Commission, Homeless and poverty stricken neighborhood ministries. Tim has led over 300 people to Jesus, witnessed God perform amazing miracles, and seen many lives changed by the grace and power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Here is Tim’s story. 


My passion for motorcycles started when I was about 6 years old, when my Daddy sat me on top of our next door neighbors big Harley Davidson. They started it up and the sound of the loud pipes and the vibration of the big engine really excite me and I told myself one day I’ll have one of these. I remember my Dad saying, Son it takes a real man to ride one of these. That’s the only time I can remember, my Dad ever telling me what it took to be a real man.

5 years ago I joined the Christian Motorcyclist Association and after completing their training, I received their colors and was commissioned into the Motorcycle Ministry. . I remember the night I was commissioned, as the officers of the Chapter laid hands on me and prayed over me. I truly felt the Holy Spirit anointing me to do God’s work. I felt excited and full of passion to serve God … almost as much as when I sat on that Harley 48 years ago. Since that night, my life has not been the same since and without that commissioning and receiving of the power of the Holy Spirit, none of what I am about to tell you, would have been possible.

Before I begin …. I want to share with you that 5 months ago I had a serious heart attack and now my heart is working at less than 50% capacity. It affected my breathing so bad that I could hardly talk or walk across a room without loosing my breath.   The doctors told me, I would never get better and that my life would never be the same. I am telling you this, so if I get a little winded or I have to read my notes to keep on track and stay on time that you will understand. I feel that God has called me here today and I will do anything, short of singing to give my testimony to you.

I am here to witness to you today, that we have a God of super natural power and to tell you how God used that power to bring true reconciliation in my life and how that this Godly power is available to everyone in this room.   And before we are though today, you will have chance to challenge yourself to be the person God wants you to be …. Let’s Pray, 

“Father, I am thankful for your love and mercy and the opportunity to be here today to witness about your awesome super natural power.   I pray that you give me the strength and the ability to speak on you behalf.   I ask that the Holy Spirit now take charge of this meeting and I pray everything that happens here today may glorify you and your kingdom. In Jesus name … amen.

In the spring of 2005, I felt a strong calling from God to go a 6000 mile motorcycle trip to a place where there were large trees, so large that you could drive a car through them. I told my wife about this and told her that I couldn’t explain it, but I had to go. She asked, “Where is this place?” and I told her in Northern California in a Redwood Forest, she said, when are you leaving? I said “sometime in the summer”. She finally said, “Who is going with you” and I said, “I am going by myself”. She said are you crazy!!! But after we talked about it, she said, “If God is really behind this, then go ahead and I will support you.”

On July 21st, I began the trip. The first day I rode 650 miles to Raton, NM. That night the charging system went of or my bike and I was left stranded. I cannot say that I rode the whole 6000 miles, because 90 miles of it was in the front seat of a wreaker being tolled to Harley Shop in Pueblo, CO.

The manager of the Harley Davidson Dealership was a believer and heard about my trip from the wreaker driver. He put a mechanic on my bike that was a believer as well. Once my bike was fixed they called me into the shop area and they all got around me and prayed for God to protect me and to return me home safe.   And this was the encouragement I needed to keep going.

I rode through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, to Washington State where I followed the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. No one told me how cold, foggy, and damp it was there.   I thought being in the summer time it would be warm and sunny, but it was just the opposite. 

From there it was my plans to ride the pacific coast highway all the way down to the Redwood Forest in Northern California.

On day 6 of the trip I was crossing over from Oregon into California and stopped at the California State Sign to take a picture. There was another bike parked there and as I was taking off my gear he walked over to me and said “I have been waiting on you”. He caught me off guard and I said what have you been waiting on me for? He said, “So you can take my picture under the state sign.”   Surely, I said. So, I took his picture and then he took mine. 

He asked, “Where are you going and I said, I have ridden all the way from Texas to find the big trees where you can drive your car through. He said, NO WAY. He said, “My name is Geoff Carroll and I am from the UK, London, England and about 3 months ago I got this strong feeling that I had to come to the United States and find the big trees where you can drive a car through. I told my wife about this and she said she would divorce me if I went, but it was something I had to do and please not to do anything until I got back. So I flew to Florida, where I rented this bike and drove across the United States to here. WOW … I stood there speechless.

He said do you know where they are and I said no, but I have a pretty good ideal. I told him to lead since he was on a sportier bike than mine, but he said no I want you to lead, so I said OK. It took us about 1 ½ hours to find them. These redwood trees were so awesome, beyond belief, so tall you could no see the top. We waited in line behind all the other tourist and took each others pictures driving through the tree.

Then we parked in the parking lot to say our good byes. He said he had to head north back to Portland to catch a plane back to London and I said I had to go south. He asked me what that patch meant on my back that he had be watching for the last 1 ½ hours. I told him about CMA and my love to share my passion for Jesus Christ.

He said, my wife has been talking to me about getting saved for the last year and that has been one of our troubles.   But I have had a lot of time to think things over the last several days on this bike and I feel that meeting you is no mistake. I said Jesus wants to save you right now; and now is the time of salvation. He said he was ready, so we got on our knees in front of all the tourist and he accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior. We hugged and shared tears and as we rode away, I knew the next time I would see him would be at the Gates of Heaven. Now I understood why God called me on this trip. I was really feeling good and nobody to share it with ……. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell people about this.

That night I spent the night in Eureka, Ca. I got up early next morning so I could make my way down to the San Francisco Area. I rode down highway 101 till I got to Leggett, Ca.   There I had to make a decision to go straight on Hwy 101 or take Highway 1 along the coast. This section of highway 1 is acclaimed to be one of the most challenging roads for bikers in the United States. It is recommended for only skilled riders and it is recommended that you do not ride it alone. I have a friend that used to live in this area and he advised me against riding it, especially alone. I called him and said I was there, and had to make a decision … what did he think? John said it’s a ride of a life time; I would do it, but be very careful, because the road is full of surprises with twisting turn backs, sudden elevation changes and no guard rails to protect you. Not mentioning the animals and the logging trucks along the first 14 miles over the mountains to the ocean.

I decided to go for it and the next 14 miles proved to be one of the most challenging rides of my life. I thought several times, what would happen if I ran off the road and down one of these cliffs. No body would ever find me. When I got to the Ocean, the roads were almost totally fogged in and very slippery. I could hardly see but about 30 feet in front of me. However, there moments when the fog cleared and the landscape was absolutely breath taking. The road went right along the edge of huge rocky cliffs going down to the blue Pacific Ocean.   The roads were very narrow and winding and there were bridges from one mountain ridge to another. It was a biker’s dream.

I passed through a small town called Mendocino, Ca, a place where the hippies went after the 60’s. I rode around the town for a few minutes and continued on. I was going to stop at a State Park name Little River a few miles south of there to rest and take some pictures, but it was fogged in as well. A few miles past there I came out of the fog and onto a ridge on a side of a mountain. There in front of me was a motorcycle with its emergency flashers on. There was no shoulder and the road was extremely narrow.   As I come closer there were 4 people in the ravine to the left and I could barely see another motorcycle in the bottom of it. A man came walking up to me, his arms and face was bloody and he was holding his side. He saw the cross on my vest, and then recognized the CMA patch on my back. He said, “Please, we need you, my sister is in really bad shape… We were coming from the other way and lost control and the bike stated flipping. It threw me off, but my sister got tangled up in the bike and the bike landed on top of her. There is a nurse with her now, they were just passing and her husband went to get help, since there is cell reception up here. He said his name was Charlie and his sister was Gloria. There was another friend with them on his bike. 

I knelt down and told them I was a motorcycle minister and I wanted to pray for them. The nurse said she had a crushed wrist and broken fingers, there was a deep cut across here face from being sliced from the windshield of the bike. The cut was deep and the blood was just rushing out of her face. Her eye I thought was going to pop out at any minute. I knew if something didn’t happen soon she would bleed to death up there. She also said she had no feeling in her legs. Charles said he was spitting up blood and thought he had broken his ribs and collar bone.

I pick up Gloria’s bloody arm and place her hand into my hand, it felt like a warm, wet, limp wash cloth, with absolutely no life. I place my other hand behind her neck and I felt the blood run across my fingers.

I closed my eyes and I prayed for the Holy Spirit to take complete and total charge of what was happening. I prayed, Jesus heal their flesh and broken bones. In the name of Jesus, I prayed over and over. I don’t remember all the words I prayed, but I felt on one point the words coming out of my month that were not my own. Then I felt the energy being drawn out of me and my body became weaker as I prayer. It was like a long deep breath beyond what I could even breathe.   I felt Gloria’s hand began to slowly twist and align firmly in my hand. Her fingers started to move and become stronger to my touch. My heart started racing and I knew something was happening beyond my comprehension, I was now totally lost in the moment, totally consumed, and not knowing what was even going on around us. 

Then suddenly there was tapping on my shoulders, I heard voices and people all around me and the EMS people was telling me they had to take control now. I may have prayed for 5 minutes or 30 minutes, I really don’t know. The nurse said look at Gloria’s face. The large gash in her face was now only a scratch and the blood had stopped flowing. Gloria held up her hand, moving her fingers and said loudly MY HAND IS OK, it’s not broken anymore, and she moved her legs and said OH MY GOD, You are my angel from Heaven. I said, “Gloria I am not your angel from Heaven, It was God in Heaven that healed you today, so please give Him all the praise and glory for what happen. Charlie looked at me and said my ribs and collar bone have quit hurting and I feel no pain. Above all the excitement, you could hear Gloria saying “Praise God” “Praise God” over and over. The EMS people told me to please hurry move my motorcycle out of the way for the emergency vehicles. I got to my bike and before I got on it, I reached into my bag and got my camera and turned around and took a picture, just to document to myself that all this was happening. It was all like a dream.

I got on my bike and started it. I knew I had to keep driving because there was no place else to go. I then began to cry, my eyes filled with tears, and I could hardly see the road. I felt so weak and without control, I knew I had to find a safe place quick… As I drove off in to the fog and I started getting dizzy. I just remember saying, Lord, Please get me to a safe place.

The next thing I remember I was going down an incline and pulling into a small grocery store with two gas pumps. I parked and there was a SUV parked at the pumps. A women walked over to me said the store was closed and the pumps were not working. I said, “Where am I at.” She said, Navarro a small place in the road up in the mountains. She looked at me funny and said are you OK. I said no, not really. I was just at a motorcycle accident on Hwy 1, and told her where it was. I looked down at my bloody hands and the blood that was on my clothes. The blood was still fresh. The knees of my leather chaps still had dirt and gravel on them from kneeling with Gloria. And tears were still coming down my face. Her husband was looking at my bike and said his bike is Ok it has not been in a wreck. 

I tried to explain what happen, but they said it was 22 miles to where the wreck had happened and I would have had to drive back over the mountains to get to this place and believe me, I would have remembered that. The more I talked the bigger hole I was digging, I was even sounding delirious to myself, so I said PLEASE I just need some time to calm down and think, that I was really OK. Before I washed off the blood and got cleaned up with the water I had in my bags, I took a picture of my bloody hands to again document in some way that is was happening to me. I was confused and tried to make some sense of all that had happened.   I questioned my thoughts and my emotions kept getting the best of me. I rested awhile and continued on and found a safe place about an hour away to stay for the night.

A week after I got back Home I called the only hospital in Mendocino. I   asked for the Emergency Room. I said I was calling about a motorcycle wreck that happen up on the mountain with a brother and sister named Charlie and Gloria. He said he was the attendant when they came in. I asked how they were and he said they couldn’t tell me anything, due to the confidentiality laws. I said I was a motorcycle minister who prayed with them at the accident and I was just calling to confirm about some things that happen up there. He said I know who you are; they told us all about you and what happen up there. He said the only thing I can tell you is that they were released only 2 hours after getting here with only minor cuts and bruises. They were both praising God for the healing them and for sending them His angel. I don’t think their lives will never be the same, you can tell that to your Church tomorrow.

For the remainder of the trip, you can imagine all the things that were going through my mind and the feelings I must have had. Then God started talking to me, first a whisper then it became louder. He was saying “You must reconcile with your dad, over and over, I kept hearing this above all the other feelings and emotions I was having, I kept hearing, “You must reconcile with your Dad, before I can fully reconcile with you.” Why was God saying this to me? At first I thought it Satan trying to rob me of my excitement of the trip, but this was different, I knew it was God and I knew why.

When I was 10 years old my dad left us for other women and moved to Amarillo, TX. Over the years I grew to not like my Dad and then something happened that really hurt me. It hurt me so deep, that it created scares in me that would never heal and I grew to hate him and 27 years ago I told him at my Grandfather’s funeral, I never wanted to see him again ever. I told his wife not to even call me, if he was to die. I hated him so much that I built hardness in my heart that nobody could penetrate, not even my Mother, or my family. My mother even asked me just prior to passing away to reconcile with him and I told her I couldn’t and never would. For the last 25 years had not heard from him. I didn’t know if he was alive or dead or where he was and honestly, I really didn’t care. 

The last day of the ride, I spent the night in ABQ, NM. I planned to ride hard the next day and make it all the way home by night. As I rode closer to Amarillo, God’s voice got bolder, even over powering at times, saying “ You must reconcile with your Dad”   I started arguing with God asking why? But I knew why. Then I thought about everything that happened on this trip and how unworthy I really felt and how much I really owed Him, then I gave it up and I broke down emotionally at 70 mph. I said, God … what do you want me to do and I’ll do it. I saw a picture in my mind where my Dad lived 25 years ago and when I got into Amarillo, I drove to this house and parked in front. I asked for the Holy Spirit to take charge and to give me the courage to do what God expected me to do. I walk up and knocked on the door and when the door opened, it was my dad. I said, do you remember me. He said No, at that point I just wanted to walk away, but I didn’t and I said, I am your son, Tim.

He started shaking and tears started coming down his face and at that moment everything was reconciled, forgiven, nothing more had to be said. He told me he had been praying for the last several months that he would get to see me and reconcile with me before he died. He is now 86. I spent several hours with him and my step mother, and then I got back on the bike and made it back to Dallas about 10 o’clock that night. I couple of days ago I was talking with Him and I actually told him I loved him. I now have my Dad back in my life.

So, why did God send me on that ride to the big trees?

  • Was it to answer Geoff Carroll’s wife’s prayers for Geoff to be saved?
  • Was it to be there for God to heal Charles and Gloria up on that mountain?
  • Was it to answer my Dad’s prayer to see his son and reconcile with him before he died?
  • Or was it a combination of all of these things so God could break the hardness in my heart, so He could finally and totally reconcile with me.

When I got home and I told some people about the things that happened on the trip, and they asked me, Why don’t those things happed to me I was commissioned and I have the faith just like you. I said honestly, I don’t know, only God knows that.

4 weeks after I had my heart attack in 2006, I was standing in a McDonald’s parking lot with my CMA brothers and sisters, when the sky turn bright green and my heart stopped beating. The doctors said I was dead by the time my head crashed against the concrete pavement. The next thing I remember, I opened my eyes there were hands all over me and the first thing I heard was – Jesus … don’t let him die. I was then transported to a local hospital and then to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where the doctors told me and my wife it was a miracle that I had survived, that only 1% of the people who go into true cardiac arrest survive, unless they are electrically shocked back to life. Three days later they implanted an electrical device in my chest to go off if this happened again. They told me I would never be able to ride a motorcycle again.

The person that questioned me, “Why those things didn’t happen to him” had his hands on me that day and was praying for me when I came to back to life. I hope now he really realizes that he was involved in the greatest miracle of all, bringing someone back to life. You never know when or where you are going to be called to do God’s work. From a small miracle to a large miracle, a miracle is a miracle and it takes God’s supernatural power to make it happen.

So the question is now … Are you prepared today … Are you ready for God to work through you?

Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes for a minute as we feel the presence of God as He touches our hearts and speaks to our minds. 

Father … it’s time that we stepped out of our box, out of that comfort zone we live in and make a comment to serve you. I know that you are calling us today to be the men and women you want us to be, so you can anoint us with your Holy Spirit to do your work and to expect super natural things to happen in our lives.

Father … give us what it takes to be a real man or women today, to stand up and tell people about your Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord, if there are people here today who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior? I pray that the Holy Spirit speak to them in a special way, so they too, can claim this awesome power you have to offer.

I ask now, as our eyes are closed and our are heads bowed, that if any person here who wants to step out of their comfort zone and claim the power that God has for you today and if you want to be blessed and commissioned to God’s work, then come up here and kneel after we pray so that may can lay hands on you and pray over you, for God to anoint you with the power of His Holy Spirit.

I pray that the people that are being bound right now by the feeling of fear to make this decision, be released knowing that Satan has no authority over you. Let them follow your calling and make that decision that can change their lives forever, just like it did for me 8 years ago.

In the name of Jesus, Amen


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