Peter Schneider Story

Peter Schneider

My name is Peter Schneider and I am the founder of The Continental Technology Group, an international trading company with a vision to help financially facilitate the end-time harvest. I would like to tell you my story.


I grew up in a Traditional Catholic family.  I went to a Catholic grade school and high school, was an altar boy, and I can honestly say that I believed in God and prayed to Him most of my life.  Although I knew a lot of people who were very sincere about their faith, I never met anyone who had a personal walking / talking intimate relationship with God.  Somehow everything that you heard about in the Bible, how God interacted and related with people was for way back then.  So, I believed that what I had was pretty much what was available.  I believed that by going to church, and living a good life that somehow you would make it to heaven, and if you were really good enough, you might even get God to answer some of your prayers.  

Shortly after college I started my own business, an International Trading Company.  I would buy surplus inventories of automotive and diesel parts and equipment and export them to other countries.  Things started off pretty well, but I was always looking for something else, striving for bigger and better deals.  I was just never satisfied.  I was in the world trying to become what the world says you need to be in order to be somebody.  After many frustrating ventures, I met some businessmen who talked me into borrowing a large sum of money so they could complete a project that we would all profit by. These men ran off with the money and left me responsible for a bank loan of several hundred thousand dollars.  Interest rates at the time were 19.5 percent.  It was a 90-day loan and the interest payment just to extend the loan for another 90 days was $30,000.  I had no way to pay the loan and the amount I owed just kept growing.

 At 23 years of age I felt like I had wrecked my life. So for the first time in my life, when I prayed, I was at a place where I just wanted to know the truth more than I wanted to be right. I did not want to play church or any religious games.  I was at the end of myself; I needed to know that God was really real and that He had a plan for my life.  I prayed a Psalm 51 prayer without even knowing Psalm 51.  I did not just want to be forgiven as usual, (I always felt better when I confessed my sins) but I cried out for a new heart, one that wanted to serve God and wanted to do the right things.

 As I prayed, I was suddenly aware of the Presence of Almighty God.  I was aware that He was all-powerful and yet at the same time I was experiencing His excruciating love for me.  His love was so holy and so pure that if He had revealed any more of how much He loved me, I think I would have died.  My human emotions just could not have handled it.  In that moment, I knew that Almighty God knew me.  He knew and He loved the real me. Not the person I pretended to be, or the person that I was striving to become so that He could bless me.  In fact, He knew & loved a part of me that I didn’t even know myself.  It was as if The God of the Universe had waited through eternity for me to cry out to him.  In that moment, it felt like I was the most important thing on His heart.

 That night The Lord showed me three things.  First, He showed me that all of the things that I was putting my trust in for righteousness; going to church, treating others with respect, being generous etc… were as filthy rags to Him.  For the first time in my life I understood Salvation.  I knew instantly that there was no way that I could ever earn or deserve what God so freely wanted me to have.  I had to lay down all of my ways of earning His approval and simply receive the approval He had so lovingly provided through His Son, Jesus. 

 Secondly, He showed me that I had always taken man’s word for what His word said.  And that I had never bothered to read His word for myself.  As He showed me this, I suddenly had a vision of people from other countries that would risk their life just to have one single page out of the Bible.  And here in America, we had Bibles on our coffee-tables, in hotel rooms etc… and I never even bothered to read it.  I was immediately overwhelmed with just how precious and important God’s word is.

 Last, He told me that all of my life, I had prayed and asked Him to bless what I had already chosen to do.  Then He said, “If you will choose My plan for your life, My plan for your life is already blessed.”

 The next day I woke up so different on the inside.  I loved God and I knew He loved me. I knew that I had discovered what every human being is born searching for.  All I wanted to do was stay in His loving presence, read His word and learn all about Him.  Before, whenever I tried to read the Bible it did not make any sense to me.  But now, it was as if every word was written just for me.   

 All I could think about is how wrong I was about everything that I thought I knew about God.  Now, I just had a desire to never settle for less than what Jesus died in order to bring me into. 

 A few weeks later, as I was reading in the Bible where it said; “If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him” (Luke 11:13).  Well that verse just kind of leaped off the page.  So I put my Bible down and asked the Father to please give me His Holy Spirit.  I did not even know what I was asking for.  I had no reference of any one being baptized in the Holy Spirit.  But for the next hour or so, God’s Holy fire of love was being poured out on me.  I laid on the floor weeping, shaking, travailing, and speaking in a heavenly language that was bubbling up from the inside of me.

 From that day forward my prayer life just took off.  The Lord would speak to me in the morning about my day. One day He said that a certain businessman was going to call me.  He said to tell him some very specific things and “be bold, don’t let him hang up”.  Well I got to the office, the man called me, and I told him what the Lord told me to say.  He tried to hang up about five different times before he began to weep and gave his life to the Lord.  The first man that I ever led to the Lord was that Jewish businessman from Chicago.

 One night, as I was getting ready for bed The Lord visited me and told me that He was ready to bring me my wife.  He said that I would not have to go looking for her, because “the Father chooses the bride for His sons”.  But He told me “to be expectant, for you will be married in eight months”.   Exactly eight months later I was married to my beautiful and amazing wife Debbie.  She is an incredible Kingdom gift and everything that I could have ever hoped for.  We were hand-picked for each other by God and we complement each other in our desire to follow Him. 

 In my journey of following the Holy Spirit, The Lord has led me successfully in and out of many business ventures.  I have seen at least 5 people that I prayed for get up out of their wheelchairs.  I have seen several people healed of diseases, one lady healed of the Aids Virus.  One heroin addict, who had been in and out of many treatment centers was instantly set free.  She now goes into those same treatment centers and tells them about the love of God, and about true freedom through Jesus Christ.  One lady I prayed for ran up and down the hallway of my office building loudly praising Jesus after He healed her back.  She accidentally came into my office looking for someone else.  She was in tremendous pain, and had already endured two back surgeries and was scheduled for a third.      

 These are just the highlights from a few of the many stories I could tell you about.  I share them so that you can see the exciting journey that I have been on since The Lord revealed His amazing love for me and came into my life.  Jesus told His followers, “That the Kingdom of God is within you.”  Jesus did not come just so that you could enter Heaven.  He came so that Heaven could enter you!

 People are not desperately looking to join a church, or recite the right creed or follow some doctrinal rules.  People whether they know it or not are all searching for the same thing.  They are desperately trying to fill the void in their life through all of the things that this world has to offer.  What they need, is the only thing that can fill the void in their life... the pure unconditional love of their Heavenly Father.

 It is said, “The Greatest Journey begins with a single step.”

 Are you ready to begin?

 Peter has a prophetic vision to see cities transformed by a continual outpouring of God’s presence. He and his wife Debbie are the founders of “The Nehemiah Project” a ministry of Business, Church, Home-church, & Ministry Leaders connected by the Holy Spirit to facilitate a continual outpouring of God’s Presence.

Peter ministers throughout the U.S. and abroad passionately demonstrating the finished work of the cross. He brings a NOW word to the Body of Christ accompanied by powerful impartations of The Holy Spirit.  He is a conference speaker and has hosted prophetic conferences and city-wide worship gatherings in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.   

 Pete and Debbie

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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    Pete and Debbie

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