Terry Waters

Terry Waters   Born in Cornwall, with three sisters and two brothers, in a loving family, my earliest memories of my father who was serving in the 1939/1945 war, was after the war in 1945. We were not a well off family; I never remember having anything really new until I started work at 15.

   Over the years I had a number of positions, mainly in Bedfordshire, until 1967 when I found myself back in Cornwall by then married to Eileen. We have three children. I joined a firm of Builders Merchants in 1974 where I remained until I retired in 2000, eventually becoming

   Purchasing Director and being a member of the Main Board. Additionally, I had been a District Councillor, a member of Callington Town Council and served as Portreeve of Callington (that is equal to Town Mayor). I was also active in my Church.

   I had come to faith in November 1953 at our local Methodist Church in Grampound Road. This was a very real experience of the presence of Jesus in my life. Sadly, as so often is the case, the immediate excitement slowly wore off and I lost the personal and intimate relationship with Jesus and began an impersonal walk with God, simply seeking to serve him.

   One night, at an all-night prayer meeting, much to my surprise, God spoke into my heart, “You need to rededicate your life to me”. I told those present what had happened and asked them to pray for me before they went home. We stayed on for an hour experiencing the incredible presence of God in the room, with many in tears. An ordinary housewife then spoke some prophetic words over me, all of which have been fulfilled in every detail since. That evening changed my life and my ministry.

   There have been so many occasions when God intervened in my life, often having to make business decisions God would wake me during the night and prompt me. Many times he caused me to ask challenging questions at our Directors’ meetings which were prompted by the Holy Spirit and beyond my natural ability.

   Remarkable things also began to happen after I became President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in Plymouth in 1980. From the very first meeting in July of that year, we saw hundreds of people come to our Breakfast Meetings and Dinners and every month men and women became Christians and were baptized in the Holy Spirit’s power.

Terry Waters from FGB UK on Vimeo.

   I remember particularly, a friend who had been involved in spiritualism coming to faith, followed by all his family. At an outreach dinner in Looe, a man who worked in our company and who had been off sick with tuberculosis with a scar on his lung the size of a fist was prayed for and when he went for his next check-up amazed the doctors because every trace of TB had gone and the scar had completely disappeared. At an outreach at Kingsbridge, a woman with cancer was completely healed and at a meeting at Callington a personal friend, who had a severe problem with ‘Farmer’s Lung’ was completely healed and able to take a full part in running his farm during the winter months without any discomfort. These are just a few examples of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit working through our Fellowship.

   Throughout our marriage my wife Eileen ministered with me and in her own right, but little did I know what God had in store for us.

    Eileen loved Jesus and was always ready to share her faith. She cared for, prayed for and welcomed many into our home, and through her, many came to faith.

   Eileen developed a circulation problem in her right leg and after a number of operations she had her right foot removed and in April 2002 she went home to Jesus, but in the previous months we had a wonderful time together.

   We loved God together, prayed together, studied the Bible together as we sought to bathe in the increasingly deep love relationship we had with Jesus who brought us His peace during those months of suffering and pain. In short, we discovered that “when grace was needed, grace was available.”

   Terry Waters has subsequently been appointed Executive Officer of the Fellowship with the challenge of encouraging and assisting the Chapters in the UK to follow the vision of the Fellowship and to see men trained and equipped for reaching out to men and women for Christ. 


Terry's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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