Stuart Cripps

Stuart Cripps

How a nuclear scientist discovered the reality of God

Stuart Cripps studied the wonders of the universe – and became a new man of faith.

I was born in Manchester, England, the son of a policeman, and had a loving family upbringing, although attacks of asthma made me miss school all too often.

Despite this, I managed to pass the 11-plus exam, did well in science at grammar school and finished up with a first class honors degree in physics from Manchester University.

I went on to start a career in the UK nuclear industry with The Nuclear Power Group, where I became a manager of the physics department and corporate specialist in radiological safety.

At the age of 21, having picked out the prettiest girl in the dance hall, I married Anne and we have been happily married for more than 40 years. We have been blessed with three sons and a daughter and now have five lovely grandchildren.

There was a time in my 20’s when I had no room or desire for God in my life, being more concerned with supporting Manchester United and keeping tropical fish. However, studying science at the university brought me face-to-face with the inescapable evidence of an all-powerful, creator God.

It was my nuclear physics professor who explained the amazing balance and ordered sub-atomic structure of matter. This started me thinking of the same order and balance throughout the universe and the complexity of genetic information in all life forms.

So, I became convinced that a random process could not be the answer. There had to be an infinite all-powerful intelligence behind such order and balance, but I had no idea that I could meet God personally.

I was 23 when one of Anne's close friends, who had just become a Christian, and seemed to have a personal relationship with God. She was a normal, mentally stable person, but I just did not believe that a creator God would want a relationship with mere earthlings. However, our friend's gentle persistence drove me to my first prayer: "God, I know you exist, but if you can hear me, please show me the TRUTH!"

The next Monday evening, the Vicar called! We had for some unprecedented reason gone to church the day before -- and politely told the Vicar we hadn't understood a word of his sermon. So he had come round to answer some questions.

As quickly as I fired questions, he found satisfactory answers from the Bible. At the end of his visit, he put a question to us: "Is there any reason why you shouldn't become Christians?" We had no answer. He had clearly revealed from the Bible that Jesus is the only Savior of the world. So, Anne and I prayed for forgiveness for leaving Jesus out of our lives. We then asked Him to come into our lives as Lord and Savior and take away our sins -- and He came. Although we didn't feel any different that night, we knew in our hearts we were `born again.'

Six months later, we were prayed in our living room to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This experience also happened to the disciples in the Bible at Pentecost. I found myself having the same sort of experience as I breathed in the presence of God: love, mercy, joy, power, and peace all mingled together.

I immediately started to pray in an unknown language supernaturally given by the Holy Spirit. This spiritual gift, I later learned, was also experienced by millions of Christians in the world today.

After that, I learned from the Bible that the Holy Spirit is our daily guide, as we trust Him. I began to hear God speak in my heart in many ways to guide and encourage me through many circumstances of life. There were also specific answers to prayer that convinced me that the God of this universe really does speak to all His children, even scientists!
I was also amazed to discover that His disciples today can do many of things that Jesus did, such as healing the sick, through the supernatural gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, as recorded in the Bible.

This began an amazing adventure in faith which we shared with others, particularly the local Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB) who invite, not-yet-Christian friends and colleagues to informal dinners, usually at a hotel or restaurant. This provided a relaxed social environment. Men share their personal stories of what God is doing in their lives. I discovered that there are similar fellowship groups all over the world where people can be `naturally supernatural' and see lives radically changed for the better! So, when people at these dinners asked us to pray for them, we also saw many answers to prayer. For example, in Southport, someone with an artificial hip found that they did not need a replacement; arthritic pain left after prayer for a lady in Standish; hearing was restored for a man in Wetherby; damaged tendons were healed for a man from Manchester. Later, in my office on Friday at lunchtime, I would meet with work colleagues to pray. Many of those men had recently become Christians. We saw the power of God working in our group in the nuclear industry. I now knew that the power of God is infinitely greater than the power of nuclear reactors I had helped to design.

Stuart CrippsAnne and I live in Warrington where the Golden Gates have the Latin inscription, 'Deus dat incrementum,' which means `God gives the increase.'

I have found through scientific logic and personal experience that God is the creator of all Life, including the gift of a personal relationship with the Living God. What an 'increase'! The writer, Stuart Cripps, is now National Executive Officer of the Full Gospel Businessmen in the UK and Ireland.

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