Steven Dawson Story

My father was in the Navy and my mother was in the Army, so we moved a lot.  My childhood was tough.

I never met my father until I was 10 or 12, and he left again around that time.  I was heavily involved in gang affiliation.  Name the felony, and it was on my rap sheet.  It went from gang violence to assault, and gun possession in multiple states.  I had been sent to juvenile many times, off and on.  My mother had beaten my sisters and me a lot.   She had a problem with guns too.  The last time she shot at me, she shot the neighbor’s driver window out and they called the police.   This last time got me removed permanently and I became a ward of the state.

The people I looked up to were the dope dealers, and they were my family.  They were the people who came to my basketball games, and not my father or mother.  To be honest, I didn’t care that what they were doing was bad because of the way I felt that they cared for me at that point in time.

One of the last times in Dallas, there was a drug deal that went wrong.  I had three different systems operating in the schools, and there was one individual who did not like me moving in on his territory.  This guy got one of the women working with me to mention my name as a direct connection and he called the DEA.  I got pulled out of computer class in high school and they took me away.  What got me locked away was when my mother testified against me.  When the judged slammed the gavel and said 4-5 years, I thought this was it.  It wouldn’t be just a few months this time.
While in jail, I knew I wasn’t getting out anytime soon, so I got my GED.  I was in Houston and I was trying to go to chapel service, but couldn’t because of my behavior level. There was this guy that came to my cell one day and slid a mini Bible under my door.  I started reading it.  I can’t say at that point in time that I got saved, but I noticed that the only thing that wasn’t considered contraband was the Bible.  To be honest, I was a person who believed in God, but didn’t necessarily believe that it had to be Jesus.  I was a very intellectual person who could argue with the best of them.  I was thinking, “God knows my heart.”

I was finally able to start going to chapel service and I started listening and learning more.  There was a part of me that didn’t like how everyone seemed to find religion when they get locked up, and I didn’t want to be the stereotype.  I wrote my probation officer three or four times hoping they would let me out on a work release program or something.  I felt like a failure.  Not one of my so called friends who I was doing the wrong things with wrote me one letter. My mother never came to visit me.  No one except a friend’s mom who came and said, “Steven, I just never really thought that you would become a bad egg.”  When she said that to me, it really stung.  She was coming at me with talk about how by coming to jail already, there was this huge percentage that I would come back again.

I got out, and I joined a church.  The only way I was going to change from the things that I used to do is if I replaced it with something, so I replaced it with Jesus.  I got saved.   I got baptized, and I got filled.   I saw God personally for myself.  I began to realize that all those times they wouldn’t allow me to have anything but the Bible that God was getting my attention.
My transition was from being on the street with pimps and prostitutes, selling drugs in the school systems and restaurants, and now I’m on the street preaching Jesus.  We’re feeding the homeless, and we’re praying for people.  We’re laying hands on the sick.  We’re talking to them about the deliverance and healing restoration power of Jesus Christ.  I don’t look down on them at all. I’ve slept outside.  I know what it feels like when everyone else gives up on you.  God has given me such a heart and renewed me so that when I reach out and talk to these people and give them food, I know that it’s God.  I know it’s because I met Jesus myself. 

I used to put drug money in the collection plate.  I was brokering drugs on the street, and now I’m a stockbroker in finance.  More importantly, I market Jesus.  God has allowed me to talk to that homeless person on the street who slept on the bench and say, “me too.”  He’s allowed me to be able to reach out to that prostitute who’s been abused by her pimp and say, “You’ve been abused? Me too.”  He’s allowed me to talk on a different level with these people and to have a heart for them.  It’s them that need the gospel, the brokenhearted and the lame.  We walk the streets where nobody else wants to go. 

Steven founded Son of David Ministries, reaching out to the homeless community in Dallas, TX with the message of hope in Jesus.  For more info, check out

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