Steven Turnbull

StevenTurnbull   Interviewer: Hello. Welcome to another Brief Encounter, a series of short interviews with members or directors of the BMF. And Steven Turnbull is one of the directors and the CEO of the BMF Organization in the UK. So thank you for sharing. Would you just share a little bit about your background? I know you’re from Edinburgh.

  I previously worked in construction and moved on to the property business. When the recession came, I moved out of construction and started a second career in psychology.

   I am a member of the International Society of Sports Psychology and the International Association of Cognitive Psychotherapists.

I am deeply passionate about helping people and organizations fulfill their full potential and perform at their highest level on a consistent basis. I am not a stranger to success; I took his company to a £3million turnover within 2 years of starting it and has won numerous industry and academic awards. I combine a unique fusion of the latest cutting edge research and psychological techniques to enable my clients to unlock new levels of performance and achieve their goals.

   In sports, my clients include international football players, coaches, athletes, boxers, gymnasts and Motor Cross riders. I instill psychological techniques to achieve a full winning mentality. In business, I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as departments and key personnel of large companies, mostly to provide motivational keys and psychological business strategies to improve performance, profitability and client engagement.

   Through psychotherapy, I have helped hundreds of clients overcome the challenges of depression, anxiety, abuse, PTSD, addiction, loss of confidence and bereavement. Marriage counseling and mediation are also part of the services provided.

   Striving to make the world a better place, I am actively involved in numerous charities. I have the privilege to serve as chairman of The Business Matters Trust, an Edinburgh based charity that provides support for the members of the business community. I am also CEO of Business Men's Fellowship UK, which includes 'Life Stories at Lunch', providing cutting edge events in city center venues, providing access to world-class professionals who share key insights into their success, growth moments in their life and advice for the audience. I am also an active member of Friends of Chernobyl's Children, a charity which hosts children in Scotland for one month each year from radiation affected areas of Belarus, in order to boost the immune system and quality of life of severely disadvantaged children. For the last five years, my wife Louise and I have been privileged to be the host parents of Zhenya and Maksim from Mogilev.

   Interviewer: So, you switched from building houses or designing houses to psychology, analyzing people?

   Steven: Yes. I studied some psychology during my construction career because I felt it might be beneficial for me in business negotiation. I picked psychology and felt the call to go into psychology. I started my own practice and that was eight years ago and I’ve had over 2,000 clients.

   I also work in business psychology, so I do motivational days with companies and departments, mostly in Edinburgh, but I would see a vast majority of my clients now, 90%, are people who have depression or anxiety or some issue that is affecting their quality of life. And so I work with them and it’s a tremendous field to be involved in. It’s such a prevalent issue in today’s society. In the UK, 14% of the British population just now around antidepressant medication; and the statistics show that 70% of people on medication alone will be no better off in a year, 30% will, if you add in cognitive behavior therapy, which is why I work with 70% of people will be free of their condition within a year. Using my own statistics over the last eight years, 98% of people will be free of their condition within a year.

   Interviewer: 2,000 clients?

   Steven: Yeah, all worth the move.

   Interviewer: All right. So, you don’t really do advertising services. They come to you and they’re from all walks of life, all different types of people?

   Steven: Yes. I work at sports psychology, that’s where it really started off.

   Interviewer: 98%? I can see why you got 2,000 of clients, then? Is it because you were quite successful?

   Steven: The difference is that I pray for every client I work with. I don’t pray with them, because the vast majority of my clients are not Christians and that would not be appropriate, but I pray for every client because I believe God knows this person inside out. He knows exactly what their problem is, what the issue is, exactly what’s happening in their mind, and ask God, “Will you help me to help this person?”

   Interviewer: Does God reveal things with other people where you can [?], then, talk to them about?

   Steven: Sometimes he does. My general prayer is, “Would you help me to ask the right questions?” or “Would you direct me to the right techniques that support the work for this individual?” The most spectacular answered prayer I’ve ever had over a client was when I was driving over to go and see this client I’ve been recommended to. And I actually caught him early in the morning. I mostly go to people in their homes because that’s where they’re most comfortable. So, I arrived early, I parked a street away and I prayed in my car for ten minutes. And I received this word of knowledge; these are words about what I was going to say just formed in my head. And so, I went to see him, and he was a real macho man, a real man’s man, and he was so embarrassed to talk about what the issue was; he couldn’t talk about it for 20 minutes. We fudged around about this, and I kept on asking him, “Well, tell me why you want my help.” And he said, “I can’t say it. That’s why I believe you know what it is.” That’s why I shared with him that, “You work as a fireman and ten years ago, you were involved in a fatal accident. You were part of the crew that arrived. A piece of your equipment failed to work, you broke the piece of equipment and someone died, and you’ve never been able to forgive yourself, and you’ve been self-medicating with alcohol ever since.”

   Interviewer: It’s amazing, all those details.

   Steven: His jaw dropped and he said, “How do you know that?” He said, “I only told my wife yesterday, and she said, ‘I know of a psychologist that could help and that helped one of our friends.’ My wife’s never talked to anybody. I’ve never told anyone, so how do you know that?” I said, “While I was praying in my car, and I believe God is going to help you in this situation.” So sure enough, after a few sessions, his previous condition of alcohol is no longer an issue. He’s a Christian now and leads a praise band.

   Interviewer: So, he became a Christian through that experience, then?

   Steven: Yep.

Steven Turnbull from FGB UK on Vimeo.

   Interviewer: Praise the Lord. That’s fantastic. So in that, you were obviously a channel for God’s knowledge and the gifts of the spirit manifested. Has that happened at any other time? That seemed such a lot of detail there. Did God give you prophetic words to share with people?

   Steven: Sometimes. It’s not an everyday thing, but it does happen and it has a profound effect in people’s lives. Because when God speaks, it’s a supernatural thing. It is just such an eye-opener; there’s so much that we do not see in this world that is still a reality of truth. The spiritual realm goes beyond our eyes, that’s a reality. I found I have one life since I was fifteen. I’m forty-three now, so 28 years ago; and I’ve seen so many things. I would like to look at things rationally from a psychology point of view because no matter what it is you’re involved in life. You get so close to something that you don’t see accurately, and some things that can happen even with Christians that you get so close to your faith that all of a sudden, everything fits into that little box of faith. And so, I try to take myself and de-Christianize myself and look at things to see it rationally, “How can I explain what has just happened unless there is a God, this is the God of the Bible, this God that raised Jesus from the dead?”

   Interviewer: So you went through that process when you’re fifteen?

   Steven: Yes, I was brought up in a church and I loved hearing the stories of Jesus. Just really remarkable are the stories of this amazing character, but I thought, “What if they’re just stories?” And then one day, when I was asking these questions about how am I going to get the best out of life, my grandmother, who was a strong Christian, was involved in a car accident and had terrible head injuries. She was in a coma for a week, and eventually, the specialists had run all the tests, all the scans, and told my grandfather that the extent of the damage to her brain was so severe that she would never function properly again. And pneumonia got into her lungs and they weren’t going to treat her. They’re just going to let her sleep away. And my grandfather told the family, we’re all devastated, and he said, “I’m going to get a minister from my church to come and pray for healing.” And I remember saying to my grandfather, “Is that not a complete waste of time? This man has just spooked us and he’s one specialist involving the brain, and he says that it’s over.” And my grandfather said, “I believe,” and he shared a verse that said, "'Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.’ He heals. He healed 2000 years ago, he’ll heal today.” I went home that night very challenged, and I prayed, “God if you’re real, I really need to know. If you are the God of the Bible, it’s nothing for you to heal my grandmother. You raised people from the dead. You could heal my grandmother. I need to know if you’re real because if you’re real, I would give my life to you. If you’re not, then you are just a story.” And the next day, the minister from my grandfather’s church went to the room where my grandmother was in the hospital and made the mark of the cross on her head with a bottle of oil and just put a hand on her and prayed a simple prayer and asked that Jesus would heal her. And the air in the room in this hospital room became all warm and heavy because a presence of the Holy Spirit came to that room, a powerful, wonderful presence. And my grandmother opened her eyes and sat up in bed and started talking.

   Interviewer: So it was instantaneous healing and the power of God, the Holy Spirit of God was just in that room? 

   Steven: So you can imagine that grabbed my attention.

   Interviewer: Yeah. So you didn’t just think that it’s all in your mind, and you saw the supernatural at work?

   Steven: There was no other explanation. We spoke to the specialist. He said, “How was this possible?” And his words were, “The age of miracles has not passed.” That’s all he said.

   Interviewer: Well, that changed your life, and we’ve not already. You know what an impact that’s having and how you’ve been able to help all the people we’ve not helped. And it’s great to hear that you, with, obviously, a keen mind and a good intellect, would just work everything out. Trust God and ask him for guidance, his supernatural words of supernatural healing can come through.

   Steven: Very much so, I could not do this job without God. It’s a difficult job working in psychology when you work with people who are suicidal and have very broken lives. They are unpacking themselves and giving it to God.

   Interviewer: It could be very heavy to you if you haven’t received the Holy Spirit.

   Steven: So many people ask me, “How do you deal with that?” It is hard to hear stories of abuse, for example. But I’m so grateful and thankful that I can give all that to God, I can pray that through, and I don’t feel the burden of that. I transferred that on to the one who is able to do abundantly more than I can even ask or even think.

   Interviewer: Well, thank you, Steven. If you’ve enjoyed listening to that remarkable story that Steven has shared, have a look at their website, the BMF website, as well as the FGB website. Or even have a look at life stories, amongst that, you might find it on the internet, and you will hear all the stories of how lives can be absolutely changed through a supernatural encounter with God’s healing and answer to prayer, and receive God’s provision, God’s guidance, and God’s help in the blessing of the people. So thank you for watching, thank you, Steven, for sharing.

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