Steve Wisdom

SteveWisdom   My name is Steve Wisdom, and I'm a Certified Financial Planner™ in Dallas, Texas. I have helped people with their finances and try to simplify their situation, since 1982. I'm in an interesting field, where there’s always something changing, always something to learn and adjust to. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and became a Christian when I was nine years-old, while at a church camp in Canby. Oregon. The red-headed counselor and I went down to the front after the meeting, and said, “I came down to seek the Lord and I asked for His forgiveness.”

   Back in the spring of 1956, my mother went to the doctor, because she wasn’t feeling well. She thought she was sick, but the doctor said you’re not sick, she was pregnant! About eight months later, I came along. I am so thankful for what the Lord has done in my life. During my upbringing, sports were always a big part of my life. I was a co-captain of the track team, and the high school record-holder for a short time in the high jump event. I cleared six feet three and three-quarter inches in high school, and six feet, six and one half-inches in college, which was the extent of my athletic career.

   I moved to Texas in 1981, and started working with my uncle, Don Spear. He had a financial planning practice and I started out there. I’m grateful to uncle Don for giving me that chance. My story is not about someone that had a big dramatic conversion from a life of crime or anything like that. I was raised in the church and became a Christian at an early age, but it doesn't mean that my life has been perfect and certainly had its challenges of ups and downs. I just thank the Lord for His forgiveness and for His mercy.

   One of the highlights of my life happened fifteen years ago at the end of October, 2004, when I gave my brother Butch, my right kidney. He had been a diabetic since he was twenty years old. He was in the Marine Corps, scheduled to ship out to Vietnam in November, 1968. He was medically discharged and ended up battling diabetes after that. For the longest time, he had a difficult life, being on dialysis for a few years before the transplant. He went nine years and two months of not having to go on dialysis. He passed away in 2014, making it a really tough year. I'm just so thankful that on the Saturday before he passed away, I was at the Veterans hospital in Portland seeing him, talking with his buddy that he went into the Marine Corps with and was with him. I told Mel in the hallway, that we have to let Butch go since there was nothing more we can do and the hospital tried everything. The Veterans Administration people were so good to him, but it was time to let him go. His Marine buddy Mel was pretty shaken up and came back into the room and held Butch’s hands.

   Mel said, “Butch, I know we talked about it many times. I know you receive the Lord. I know that we will all be in heaven. It may just seem like a day or two, but we will all be there.”

   If it wasn’t for me hearing that, I don’t know what I would have thought. I'm just so thankful to hear that from Mel, and to say that in front of Butch. I'm also thankful for God's mercy and God's forgiveness in his life. I thank God that he'll be there no matter how long it takes for anyone.

   Another big point in my life is in my business. In 1989, we were needing to change Broker Dealers. They are the immediate authority over me with my industry. We knew the one we were with wouldn’t last very long, and we needed to switch over to another company very soon. About that time, I had been dating a girl for about six months. It went much further than I ever imagined, along with all the feelings and intense emotions involved. She had always wanted to be a flight attendant, and was accepted by a major airline for flight attendant school. She had been up there a few months and our new Broker Dealer was not paying us, which was a tough setback for me. At the same time, I found out that I had been replaced by somebody else from my girlfriend at the flight attendant school. That was a real shock to me. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night, soaking wet with sweat. I couldn't believe all of these things happening to me at the same time.

   I just thank the Lord that I now have a wonderful wife. We havebeen married for fourteen years, and is a fantastic girl. The new Broker Dealer I’ve been with for over thirty years now is considered to be one of the top companies in our investment field. I just thank the Lord for directing me there. I could have gone with other firms that weren’t as stable and professional as my present Broker Dealer, praised the Lord for that.

   My message is not to underestimate God's forgiveness. The Lord always comes through and He will never let us down. He will always fulfill his promises to us, if we just accept Him, even though we are sinners. I thank the Lord for the forgiveness He has extended to me in my life.

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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