Simon Pinchbeck


`God threw me a lifeline’

   I never knew my biological father. My mother married my stepdad when I was four, and he was the guy I called 'Dad'. There was no love growing up, there was no physical affection. It left me with a very hard heart. Looking back, I loved nothing except myself.

   I left home in 1976, to join the Metropolitan Police in London. I was almost nineteen years old and started at Holloway Police Station in north London. After ten years I was posted to the Territorial Support Group, TSG, in central London. We drove about in police buses and were equipped with 'riot gear'.


   One of the main aspects of my police career was service on Football Duty. I spent ten years working at the Arsenal football ground - in those days I had a big moustache and was nicknamed 'The Walrus' by the soccer fans. One game stands out between Arsenal and West Ham, on May 2nd 1982. There was a massive battle and I was fortunate to get out without serious injury.

   Then I married a lovely lady named Lynda. I must admit I was not a truly loving husband because I didn't know how to love. We had two boys, Tom and Jamie. I cared for them but I didn't know how to love them as a father. I was a selfish dad - it was all about me. In fact, I left my wife at a time when her mother was terminally ill with cancer.

   Finally, I had a fight in a nightclub and was charged with assault. I was found 'Not Guilty' as the defense was 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ' (PTSD), suffered from the fighting in that West Ham game.

   I then left the police, and after befriending some local criminals, I drifted into a life of crime, attracted by the lure of easy money.

   I was obsessed by money and material things - big cars, holidays, clothes - nothing would satisfy my lust for more.

   Eventually after putting this money into an ill-fated scheme, I was 'ripped off' by these guys for a very large amount. Knowing it was senseless to go up against them, I just 'walked away'. This was the lowest point in my life. The Police were tailing me, trying to find something to charge me with. At the same time I heard that some of my criminal 'friends' were talking of killing me.

   Then God threw me a lifeline. I had seen the great difference that Jesus Christ had made in the life of a man who had once been very violent. There was no denying that a great change had taken place. So I went along to his local church in London, Holy Trinity Brampton, where I said a prayer with the Vicar, Nicky Gumbel It was then that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

   At last I felt forgiven, and at peace. I went on a free, informal course called Alpha, which explores the basics of Christian faith.* There I learnt that God wanted a relationship with me through His Son, Jesus Christ. I had been searching for `something' all my life - I had now found the answer in the love of Jesus.

I got back with my wife and we renewed our wedding vows. I now have the love and trust, back of my two boys, and I know how to love my family. However, I still go through struggles, life is not easy. I need my Christian brothers around me, but most of all I need Jesus Christ.

   Now I would never go back to the mess I was in before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

To sum up what my faith means to me - I have forgiveness for the past, peace in the present, and hope for the future, all through Jesus Christ. If you look for Him, you can End Him, too!

   To find details of an Alpha Course near you, see the website:

Simon Pinchbeck and Family

Snapshots from the family album: me on the left with a walrus moustache in my early Police days; and, right, with my lovely Lynda, on the beach with our sons, Tom and Jamie.

 Simon Pinchbeck Hearing His Voice Testimony

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