The Santhosh Story - Santhosh Desabatulla


I was born in 1962 in Andhra Pradesh, India.  I practiced Hinduism until 1978 and then became an atheist. In 1981 I became a Christian when God visited me and gave me a personal revelation.

I would like to share with you about this encounter with Jesus Christ while I was still practicing Atheism.  Here is my story.

My parents wanted me to become a civil engineer. They spent a lot of money for my studies. It was in the engineering college that I became an atheist. Atheists are people that don’t believe in God. They hate God and hate all the people and themselves also. This is why they don’t know the value of life. I was one of the members in the atheist association.

I married my wife in 1981 on May 18th and after two and a half months all of our family members came to our grandmother’s place on vacation in Kothapally.  On August 6th I became sick with a high fever and I didn’t eat anything that day.  On that night I slept outside of my house. In India, we don’t have electricity for 24 hours. In the summer season we have electricity for only eight hours. This is why I slept outside of my house. That night the Lord visited my village, my family, and me. Two angels came from heaven to our village and walked all of our streets.  Finally, they came to my street and my house. I saw the two angels with my own eyes. When they came very close to me, I shouted, “amma”, which means in my language, “mother”. Then they took me into the clouds of heaven to the farthest place and they left me before the throne and they were gone. I was thinking at that time “How can I go back to earth again?” I saw the great flash of light from the throne. One man came unto me and He extended His hand and He said I am Jesus Christ. I saw Him a little bit from top to bottom, and then I moved back because I was afraid and thought, “What He is going to do? Is He going to kill me?” because I was an atheist. But He told me, “I want to show you Bethlehem and Jerusalem.” I had never heard those two names before 1981. He took me to Bethlehem and showed me His birth place and then He took me to Jerusalem and said, “This is where I died.” Then Jesus said, “I died and rose again. I am still alive.” He told me, “Do my ministry full time and I will be with you.” Then He brought me back from heaven to earth. This is my revelation. I went to heaven with angels at midnight and came from heaven to earth with Jesus Christ early in the morning at 4:00 AM. When I came to earth, I woke up on my bed and I saw the whole village in front of my house.

That morning at 4:00 AM, when I woke up on my bed, my father came unto me; he took me with his two hands and said, “My son you died and rose again, did you know that?” I said, “I didn’t know.”  I saw my father’s face and he was crying.  In fact, all of my family was crying. My father told me what happened between midnight and 4:00 AM. The angels visited our village and people saw lightening from the angels. They woke up and opened their doors and began to follow the lightening and finally they came to my street and my house. All the people began to gather in front of my house. My father came to me, because I shouted. When my father touched my body there was no consciousness. So, my father sent a man to call for doctors. Two village doctors came to my house and they checked my nervous system and heart. They said: “Your son has died.” Of course, my body was on my bed, but my soul and spirit were with the Lord. They didn’t know about my revelation vision. Because of the doctor’s statement, my parents and all of my family members were crying. But my father began to repent before the Lord and he prayed to God and said, “Lord, if you want - take my life and give him life again.”  He prayed, “Lord if you raise my son from the dead, I will give him to your ministry. Not just only one son, but I will give all my children to your ministry.” And he prayed before the Lord.
It was in my darkest hour as an atheist that God visited me with this revelation. I didn’t believe in God or in anything.  I hated God, people, and myself.  When I saw the light of the Lord Jesus Christ through the revelation, I repented, surrendered my life, and accepted Him as my personal Savior and Lord. Repentance means turning away from sin and turning unto the Lord.

I took baptism and was filled with the Holy Spirit. My wife and I then went to three Bible schools. I became a pastor in 1984 in Bangalore city. I was in Bangalore as a pastor for six years from 1984-1989. I then came to Bible school as a dean and principal. I was in Bible school for three years between 1989 and 1991. The Lord visited me again and gave me a new vision to move to another location called Vishakhapatnam. I travelled like Abraham in the Bible; I had never seen the city before. I travelled by train with all of my belongings and I reached the city after three days. I rented a home, and then I started the ministry in that house. By the grace of God we have two hundred and fifty churches; we have started two bible schools and trained young men and women for the Lord’s ministry.  After two years of discipleship, we sent the students to new villages to evangelize, disciple, and establish these churches.  In addition, we have five orphanages that have been started. Each orphanage has twenty children. We are feeding one hundred children every day.
God raised me from the dead in 1981 and God delivered me from a coma in 1998. My life is a miracle to me. I came from a small village, but the Lord sent me to all the continents in the world, and even to 30 countries to share my testimony. God is a real God.


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