Saji Abraham


   I greet you all in the wonderful name of Jesus, and it's such a joy to be with you and sharing testimonies. In fact, this evening I want to share one of my testimonies which actually happening in the workplace.

   I am with Tsemach Business Consultancy. We help companies with quality control management, certification, and training. But prior to that, I've been in the plantation sector and grow and manage tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper which is exported across the nations and most of our producers are in organic farming. So we've had the privilege of actually dealing with a lot of people in India that don’t know Jesus in the workplace and this is my testimony of introducing them to Jesus.

   During my work at the plantation is showing Jesus to the people. I mean, they are people who have never read the Bible, never heard about Jesus. They don’t go to church, and do not know much about God. They are not spiritually inclined.

   I have often asked God why You have brought me here. And very clearly the Lord spoke to me and said, “Saji, I have a purpose about placing you down here,” and I said, "God, I want to thank you for understanding that purpose." And that day, God spoke to me from the book of Ephesians 2:10, which goes like this, it says “You are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do the good works that God prepared in advance for you to do.” And that word very clearly spoke to me, "Saji you are here in this plantation because I have a divine plan for you to show the people the good work that I want you to do here.” The days went by and there was little improvement. The plantation was in a dilapidated condition. I would go on my knees every day and pray, "God, all I need is Your help, wisdom, guidance, and grace to somehow bring this to the next level of operation. And the Lord very clearly spoke to me and said, “I will guide you and I will take you forward.” So the next morning, I go into my tea factory and assemble the people and managers and say, "Okay, we are on a project and we're going to take this forward. We're going to do something different." They all listen to me and after my speech they gave me a big applause and sent me back to my office.

   When I reached my office, a person inside and said, “Sir, can I speak to you for a minute? All your talk was nice, but I don't think that you're going to achieve any results out here because many people have tried to do many things and everyone has failed. You bring enthusiasm to the workplace and are trying to do something great. Don't waste your time. You look like a nice guy. So I thought, I must tell you this and I've come here out of humanity. I just felt that I should share this with you." I was brokenhearted. I went back to my house and I went on my knees and I said, “God, I do not know how to take this forward with this negative attitude of people.” And the Lord said, “I will show you what needs to be done.”

   In a couple of days went by my tea plantation, and went back to the factory. I spoke to God, “If you'll give me one person to speak to that should be enough." The next morning one person comes in and says “Sir, don’t worry about what people tell you, I am there with you,” and I said, "God, thank you for that's Your sign. There is one person to stand with me and that should be more than sufficient to take it forward." And then I said, "God if you have something special to execute in this place I'm available too." And from that day forward the Lord started working things out. The team started falling in place and people started cooperating. It was all by the grace of God that people who were against this flow were on board. The people started aligning with the plans and systems that we put in place.

   I mean to put the long story short, we received the award for the World's Best Tea in Asia. We received the award for the World’s Best Coffee in Asia. Our cardamom was rated as the best in the Asian continent, and our pepper was rated as the most potent in this particular climatic. And when the company received these awards, I carried them back to the plantation workers who were illiterate and didn’t not know Jesus. But I went on my knees and I said, "Lord, Jesus, I want to thank You for the recognition that You've given us, which has not been possible by human effort, but I know that it came from You and I give you all the glory and thanks."

   The people gathered to see the wards and came forward. The spokesman said, “Sir, we do not know who you are. We do not know the kind of God that you serve. But one thing that we see is that every day you come to the workplace and you pray and you pray to a God called Jesus Christ. And we've been here for generations working in this plantation. We've never seen anything like this. That means your Jesus, that you serve is true, and we would like to know more of that Jesus.” That was the greatest award and reward that I could get. It was not the quality of the product. It was a presence of the Lord impacting the life of that people because they never read the Bible. When there is something that can impact your place of work, the product that they handle, I think that speaks to them and had a great impact on them. And there was an old lady said, “I've been watching you for the last 15 years and have never seen it like this. I cannot believe that the tea leaves that I brew are the best globally,” and I said, "This is possible just because of the grace and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ."

   You know what happened that day? The entire crowd of about 400 people were going to their knees in front of the tea factory. They asked if I would you kindly pray for them. That was the most blessed experience that I had during my entire career at plantations. I stood with them, we prayed together and they said, “Sir, we are accepting the Lord Jesus as a personal savior. We do not know much about Him, but one thing we know, is that your God lives and your God is true." From that day on, I knew what it was to work in your workplace and be converted into a testimony for the glory of God. And you know those souls are okay. They do not read the Bible, but they conduct the worship service every Sunday. They meet together as a church and you know the power of the Holy Spirit that leads them down there reminds me of Ephesians 2:10 to say “You are God's workmanship. Sometimes you are the only Bible that they see.” They were reading my life and one of the leaders of the work force came and said, “Sir, we were watching you day in and day out, and all that we want to tell you is, we do not know who Jesus is, but you know who you are. If that Jesus that you're talking about is like you, that means we would love to follow Him as God because that's the God we need. That's the love of God that we are experiencing and that's what we need.

   I shared my testimony to you in this country of idol worshippers, and we, Indians have been chosen by God to be believers in this country to portray who Jesus is and that many souls have been touched for the glory of God. And we are continuing this mission in BMF India. I share this testimony of what great things our God is doing.

   There was a notorious man who was working in my practice who came and said, “Sir, everybody rejects me, nobody loves me because of my character. Even, my wife doesn't love me, but one thing I will do, if your Jesus can change me, I’m willing to change.” I said, "My Jesus will change you because He loves you more than anybody else. It doesn't matter if the wife doesn't love you, but Jesus always loved you. He shed his blood for you, He died for you, He carried the cross for you, and He gave His life for you." That particular individual is the worship leader in that plantation. Such a notorious character. The Lord changes us that we might live a glorious life, honoring God for all that they do.

Saji's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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