Ryan Binkley


I was raised in a middle class home in the North Dallas suburbs of Plano, Texas.  We really didn't go to church much until I was about in sixth grade.  Up until that point, a church bus visited our neighborhood a few times and when I went there as a child I always felt a connection to God.  My parents received Christ, when I was about 12 years old and off to church we went.  It was soon after that I asked the Lord in my life and for His presence to guide me.  I remember as 7th grader describing the Lord's leading in my life to a friend as "The Edge". I called him that because he asked me how did I know when to stay out of trouble and make certain decisions...my only answer was that the Lord was leading me and that He is The Edge I have.

I wish that I would have stayed close through high school and college, but I drifted from the Lord.  Never departing in my mind, but looking back, I know that worlds pull on my life had taken me far from His presence than I ever imagined.

After college, I started to attend church again and started for the first time reading the Bible on my own.  I was reading scriptures that I never read before and received some strong warnings from the Lord that my lifestyle of immorality would keep my from "inheriting the kingdom of God".  Knowing fully I wanted to go to heaven...I repented and committed my life to serving Him. My commitment to a holy life was no more drinking and running around, so I began to pray for a Godly wife.  I didn't know it would take a move to Atlanta and six years of seeking, studying, and growing before I would be ready to marry my wife, but we began our journey in 1999.  We came on staff at a church in Atlanta we had been serving for several years, ran a young adult ministry training school, did inner city missions, mission trips and was living our calling to the fullest.

In 2001, a tragedy struck my family. My brother, who ran a business with my dad in Dallas, was killed by a drunk driver.  After 6 months of prayer and preparation we felt led to move back to Dallas.  As I prayed about this decision, the Lord gave me vision of a business man in heaven.  I could see what an honor it was to be in business and do it God's way. It seemed like the greatest honor in the world, then I heard the Lord say abruptly, "honor this calling or I will remove it from you and give it someone else".  I have tried faithfully to honor that calling and fulfill his plan for our lives.

He told me later in a dream, that my calling was to build a great company and then plant a church in the suburbs and one in the city.  Now, I am married, with five children, ages from 7-17 years old.  I am the CEO of a company that specializes in mergers and acquisitions, with over 220 employees with offices in five states. In 2016, we were recognized as Investment Banking Firm of the Year by the M&A Advisor in NY.  We also planted our church, Create Church, in Richardson, Texas in 2014.  And it is a growing family of believers.  Our dream at Create and in life is to help others find and fulfill their "created" purpose in Christ (Ephesians 2:10). 

So my purpose involves business and ministry, but really it is all ministry to me.  The workplace is just as holy as the place we worship.  My discovery is that it all belongs to God and I am honored to be a part of His plan.


Mr. Binkley provides leadership for the strategic direction and oversight of the company as part of the Executive Committee and as the General Manager of the firm. His responsibilities include managing the Capital Services, Valuation, and Advisory teams as they work directly with Generational Equity clients through the transaction process.

With his previous experience in business services and management, Mr. Binkley has offered hundreds of privately held companies business valuation and exit strategy planning services through his companies and team members.

Prior to joining Generational Equity, Mr. Binkley’s industry experience spanned from the consumer products segment with Procter and Gamble, healthcare services with Boston Scientific Corporation and technology consulting in the private sector. In recent years, he was the Co-founder and Principal of a private business valuation firm that has performed over a thousand fairness opinions for business owners seeking a sale through the Mergers and Acquisitions process.

Mr. Binkley received his Bachelors of Business Administration through the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business with dual majors in Finance and Marketing. In addition, he obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he was received in the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for Business.

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