Rodney Radcliffe

Rodney Radcliffe   My career and earning work has been and is in personnel, now termed human resource management. I was converted to Christ while working as a Factory and Sales Personnel Officer with the Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical company in Southampton. My boss had asked me to recruit sales personnel throughout the UK to bring our manpower requirement up to its projected level. A month later the American owners arrived to identify that the new staffing levels could not be justified and that these men had to be made redundant on a last in first out policy. I wondered what I was doing in personnel management. It was an experience that got me searching to try and discover what life was about. Meeting Christians while taking a holiday break in Elba moved me to attend weekends they held in the South of England, explaining their faith.

   After much questioning over a period of time I came to accept Christ as my own Savior and committed my life to following Him. Reading the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, written some 700 years before Christ came, and other Old Testament prophecies about Christ’s coming, convinced me that the Bible was the word of God, for history has shown the fulfillment of such authenticated words. Reading too in the 3rd Chapter of Revelations verse 20 that “Christ stands at the door of our hearts and knocks and that whoever open their door He will come into them and be with them,” showed me clearly that I needed to open the door of my own heart to Christ who is the “Way, the truth and the life” as shown in John Chapter 14 verse 6.

Is Christ in Business with me today?

   One of the first verses I read in the Bible, which has since under-girded my faith, was Paul’s declaration in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verse 13 – “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.”

   Before conversion, I held older people and especially Directors in my company in awe and I had an inferiority complex due to a failure to live up to the aspirations of others. The day following conversion I was at ease and felt an inner confidence in all dealings. I was conscious of a new creativity and boldness in approaches to obstacles. Many commented that the company magazine, which I edited, was much more impactful, relevant to all and had been transformed for the good of all.

   I started to learn that Christ, now working through me, was making a difference to me in the world of business! A last in first out redundancy notice for me had even been extended by a deputation to my boss of the Works Council!

   My next business role was with the Holt Hosiery Company in Bolton, now Damart Ltd, as their new Personnel and Training Manager. The need was to cut a 50%+ labor turnover of new employees and enable the average production level on the flat locking and over locking sewing room floors to reach a higher identified work-study target. After three months on-site, I had to go to my Managing Director to confirm that I thought it was beyond my capabilities. My visible progress had been nil up to that point.

   My boss simply conveyed that he had confidence in me and commanded me to continue! It was at this point that I was struck by Paul’s words, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (1 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 9).

   The training project was completed six months later, on time exactly to the day, through my bringing a small, appropriately skilled, team around me, using their technical competencies to complement my organizational and creative abilities.

   God showed me some unique concepts and the Knitting & Lace training board of the time wanted to use the scheme as a model for the industry. All targets for recruitment and productivity were met. God had rescued me and done, I believe, what I could not have done without Him!

   I was then approached about another position and spent eight years with a subsidiary of British Airways in the South, traveling world-wide on many complex assignments, completing all well, often after what seemed very testing experiences. Then I was asked by another Christian to help found an International recruitment company in London’s West End. Our first assignment was to recruit a Managing Director for the Woodhall Trust Group in Teheran, Iran. The project would be given to us if we could assist the group with establishing the tax structures for staffing in Iran. The year before my last company had sent me to Iran to carry out this very assignment, so we started in this new West End business competing with top consultancies. Such a role had not been envisaged by me as I had been thinking of working in a full-time church or voluntary service sphere, but I was clear that God wanted me in business!

A Christian calling as a Businessman – for Businessmen?

   The London Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International was launched from meetings held over a year at our company’s offices in January 1978. My partner had been on an FGBMFI “Good News” TV program in 1975 and I had attended one of their conventions in New York in 1974. I had not known my partner before being invited to join with him in starting the business.

   For the last twenty-six years I have been privileged to serve in the FGBMFI, the last six as the National Director for London. Having gained only four O levels at school, God later enabled me to obtain my professional personnel qualification.

   Today I teach and train Human Resource Management subject areas at London University business schools and provide career and HRM consulting services. HRM has been my earning and profit business I thank God for my wife Judy who I married at 40, for our healthy son Timothy of 20 studying business at university and for their own Christian commitments. I have lost monies in businesses and my family and I have experienced many testing times, but we learn from such experiences. God has ensured that I and my family have profited! Free of any debts, today, with our house paid for and needs met, I can say that “God has truly provided more than abundantly for all our needs by His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” – Philippians chapter 4 verse 19, more than we would ever ask or think possible. He also healed me of a heart disease which enables me to continue serving in God’s businesses.

   Rodney Radcliffe is a self-employed Personnel and Career Management Consultant and Trainer and a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development. He is the London Director of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, having been a founding officer of the work in London. He is married to Judy. They have one son, Timothy.

Rodney's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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