Robert Onuorah

Robert OnuorahThe Anointing that brings the dead back to life!

   I already feel a lot of God's presence here. I feel a lot of the anointing and that's basically the testimony I'm going to give to you.

  The anointing is the greatest and most treasured reality of Christ that I possess today.

   I started my journey as a Christian in 1991. Before then, I lived a normal life as a Catholic. I graduated from school at the age of twenty, as a Mechanical Engineer. Even though I was very intelligent, I graduated with a third class. This was because I was deeply in love with the world,  pleasure driven, and overwhelmed by the lust of the flesh and the eyes.

   The result shocked me and made me sober. I suddenly felt helpless, and condemned for wasting five years of my life. In my helpless state, I felt the only person that could help me was God. In my desperation, I thought I should make an agreement with God. I have no clue as to how I came up with the idea; I realized that challenges could either make you seek God, or take you away from Him.

   My major guilt was the sin of immorality. I told God, that I will keep away from immorality’ if He gives me a job with an oil company. It was almost impossible to get a job with the oil companies with a third class. Even though I was not born again, God honored the agreement.

   Through family connections, I was able to do the mandatory one year National Service with Texaco Oil Company. During the service time, I decided to bring all my intelligence to bear in my role, and that made me indispensable. The desktop computer and Windows software had just been introduced to the company. I learned how it worked and decided to apply the knowledge by computerizing all the weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of the Marketing Department. It introduced an unprecedented level of efficiency in the Marketing Department. My boss relentlessly fought for my permanent employment and despite repeated rejections, he eventually succeeded. Even though I didn’t meet the qualification for employment, I was hired based on the vital and indispensable role I had during the year of  National Service. God had circumvented the corporate policy of the company on my behalf.

   Shortly after my employment, I was assigned as a Regional Sales Engineer. It was a role that involved interacting with corporate organizations. We were encouraged to join social clubs, where we could meet potential clients and participate in their hobbies like squash, golf and tennis.

   One day, I walked into this office and saw a lot of stickers related to Jesus. I thought to myself, this guy must be a religious freak. Okay; I have to employ religious language to get this guy’s favor. Every time he spoke, I tried to introduce God into what he was saying.

   Then he suddenly stopped and asked, "Are you a Christian?"

   I answered, "Yes, I'm a Christian".

   He asked, "Are you Born again?”

   I replied, “Yes, I am baptized.”

   I guessed at this point, he must have discerned me and said, "Okay, I’d like to invite you to a Christian program.

   I said, "Yes, I'll come." Remember, the strategy is get involved in what your client is involved in.

   I went to this very large church, which was extremely uncomfortable for me.  My attention was centered on what was being preached. The preacher talked about peace in your heart; and the ability to sleep with the peace of God, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord. Prior to this, I was battling with insomnia, as a result of working in a highly driven role and a lot of induced anxiety. This made me quickly accept Jesus Christ, and heard His peace will sort out the challenge with insomnia.

   To my utter amazement, I slept very well that night. This was my first discovery of  having  God in my life. This was the foundation that I sought to cultivate a living relationship with God. By nature, I’m a fun loving person and was apprehensive about falling away in the near future, because of my perception that religion was the most boring pathway. I wanted God to demonstrate more of His Living Reality by speaking to me. I thought that my decision to accept Christ was a bit too early, being in my early twenties. I desperately needed assurance from God, and prayed that He would speak to me.

   A few weeks later, I had a very vivid dream. In the dream, I was told that I would be promoted in my place of work.  When I woke up from the dream, I sensed it was God speaking to me. Not quite sure about the dream; I decided to write it down.  I was less than two years with the company, and didn’t anticipate a promotion. Many of my colleagues worked for over ten years and hadn’t been promoted.

   Six months after the dream, I attended a National Lubrication Course organized by my company. I had the best performance at the conference. The Chief Executive invited me to his house for dinner and offered me a promotion. I remembered the dream about being promoted and, came to a firm conclusion that God spoke. This spurred me to seek God, to know Him, perceive Him, hear Him and see Him.

   I was transferred to another location and joined a new church.  I was very excited with this church; because they had a series of teachings about HEARING FROM GOD and RECEIVING GUIDANCE FROM GOD. This reinforced my belief that I was in a living relationship with God. The power of God became a reality as I studied the Word intensely, with regular fasting. My experience with God was exciting. I prayed for the sick, and they were healed.

   I decided to seek the Lord for guidance in marriage, and asked Him to show me His perfect will as it pertains to the person to marry. I saw in a dream, a lady whom I strongly desired. I married her and our house was located right on the expressway.  She was extremely possessive and controlling, but I was pleased with her.

   I heard God say, "No, that's not my will for you."

   I woke up and asked God why it was not his will as I loved her? Two days later, I had another dream and was walking on a very narrow road.  My right shoe was not properly fitted and affected my walking. I looked across the road and saw this woman coming out from a cobbler shop. She crossed the road and came to me, and then embraced me. 

   Waking up from the dream, I asked God, "What? God what is this? I can’t imagine anything wrong with my walk with You, how come I'm not walking right? What does that woman have to offer me to correct my walk?”

    God’s showing me there is a problem with my walk, saying to look up and see that woman(Ada) coming from the cobbler, sent to sort out your walk. I didn't think anything could be wrong with my walk. So, I contacted her and eventually, we were married.

   As we started married life, I kept trying to figure out how my wife will correct my walk with God. I later realized that she was very careful and slow in making decisions, because she committed every matter to God and established His counsel. I asked her where she got this theology from. My understanding was a believer has the mind of God. We didn’t have to religiously seek the mind of God on matters that we can simply think through; and quite frustrating for my highly spontaneous mind.

   I was compelled by my wife to seek God practically on all matters before us. This increased my time with God and sharpened our ability to discern the mind of God. I realized this was an aspect of my life that God was perfecting for His glory. During this time of Prayer, we received a lot of promises from God and became more intimate with the Lord.

   I learned through study of the Word, that Christ is in me is my assurance of Glory. I realized that Christ meant the anointed. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit to preach glad tidings to the poor, healing the broken hearted, recovery of sight to the blind, set the captives free, deliver the oppressed and proclaim the accepted Day of the Lord.

   The same Spirit that did raise Christ from the dead, also dwells in me, vitalizes my body and will revive anything that pertains to us. I sought God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and He baptized me while I was sleeping. I woke up that morning speaking in tongues. From that day, I knew I had been remarkably empowered and recognized the anointing. I discovered my ministry was more enabled. Healing the sick was more remarkable, with casting out devils and prophesying. Preaching the gospel became more prominent in my ministry. I could more readily recognize the anointing.

    I came home from work, prayed with my wife and was about to break my fast at about 10pm. When I sat down at the dining table, I heard a desperate knock on my entrance door.  It was the wife of my driver (chauffeur). 

   "What's the matter? What's the matter?" my wife asked her. \

   Her husband had died. I remember when I was going back to the dining table, I told my wife that I felt so much power. I felt like I could tear up a lion, and sense this may be the challenge I was hoping for.

   I said to myself, "Okay, what do I do?” I went into my room, and knelt down and prayed: "Lord, what do I do? My driver Emeka has died. I saw him earlier in the day. So, what could have happened, what do I do?" Immediately, I sensed the anointing inside of me rising up. I was moved to go and raise him back to life.

   As we approached his house, I noticed that I was completely immersed in the anointing and feeling extremely empowered. I felt like I was actually positioned in heaven, and completely oblivious of the earthly surroundings. Even though I was driving, I was not seeing houses or tress, All I could see was resurrection glory. I was wrapped up with the Manifest Living Presence of God.

   Arriving at the house, we saw a gathering of people outside as the news of his death had filtered through to neighbors. Emeka was a very boisterous and exuberant person. He was also very vocal about his faith, and I presume he would have been fairly well known in the immediate neighborhood.  I walked past the people outside and went into his room. I met six people, mainly pastors praying very fervency for Emeka to come back to life.

   I interrupted their prayers, telling them that this isn’t the time for long prayers requesting we should praise God. I truly didn’t think  it would require a protracted spiritual exercise.  Surprisingly they submitted to my instruction, notwithstanding I was unknown to them.  We started to praise God, during which time we had two interruptions from outside, asking that we take Emeka’s corpse to the mortuary. It wasn’t proper to leave him there.

   The house was an extensive bungalow, with multiple tenants sharing communal facilities. I gently nudged them out and shut the door.

   On the second occasion, I raised my voice to the people outside saying, You will see the Glory of God today!

   Shortly after, the praise stopped and the burden was now on me as to what to do next. There was some silence, and I was wondering what God wanted me to do next. I then heard a song in my spirit and sang it out, “Praise God, Hallelujah, "Praise God, Amen, Praise God, Hallelujah, Praise God, and Amen." While I was singing, I’m looking at a dead man with no motion. But as I sang that song, the people outside though that something had happened.

   They raised their voices and everyone shouted, "Hallelujah! Hey!” They probably thought Emeka was brought back to life. However, Emeka was still motionless. I suddenly felt that I should make a demand and said, "Lord, release your spirit now. Release your spirit into Emeka, release your spirit.”

    As soon as I said that, I noticed some motion in Emeka’s fingers. The next thing I saw was his right hand shaking and a force lifted him out of the bed. He hit the opposite wall and fell back onto the bed. At that time, he was held down by some of the men in the room.  Someone then said, "Give him some water." Emeka went back to work the following day. It dawned on me that I had something great in me. My late parents visited me in Kent. One morning about 5am, I heard my mother screaming my middle name, "Chidi! Chidi! Chidi! Chidi! Chidi!" Her scream woke me up, "What's the matter?” I asked.

   She responded, "Your father is not moving. Come down, come down!"

   I came down and saw him lying still and unresponsive. I'm not a doctor  and I don't know what happened to him, but he was motionless. I thought to myself, how can this be? My own father will come and visit me, and die in my own house? I turned to my mom asking her to calm down. I switched my mind to Christ, Jesus Christ. As I switched my mind to Jesus Christ, I sensed the anointing rising up within me and racing into my hands. I touched the sole of my dad’s feet, it was like his whole body jolted and he was totally revived

   This is evidently the manifestation of the Anointing of Christ. I recognized it as the power of God. I called some of the staff and told them about the power of Christ available to us and use that power in our business. We prayed regularly and released that power into the business. Our business greatly flourished and at some time, was making over a million dollars a month. The Chief Executive confirmed that the region I was heading, was the only profitable region in the company.

   The anointing was put to work in another instance, when we got the contract to revamp a massive compressor system that hadn’t worked for several years. Our goal was to upgrade the instrumentation system. We also had five employees from the original manufacturer.  As we got down to work, I encountered local militants who wanted to be bribed. These militants went at night and distorted the instrumentation settings, altered pumps and valve settings and set back whatever work done. The militants demanded some financial settlement or else they would continue to frustrate the efforts of our work. I was determined not to give in to their demand. Their disruptive activities were adversely affecting the project with delayed completion and budget costs. The pressure on me was immense.

   I went to the compressor station early in the morning with two ministers. We prayed in tongues, laid hands on the compressors and poured out anointing oil on the machines. By late afternoon, the compressors were started to the amazement of my boss and the staff.

   The anointing gives me direction in my business pursuits, and is God’s empowerment on every believer to fulfil our destiny.

Robert Onuorah Hearing His Voice Testimony

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