Robert Hawley

Robert Hawley   My name is Robert Hawley, and I grew up in Garland, Texas, and went to college at the University of North Texas and Texas A&M-Commerce. I became an entrepreneur at twenty-four years old and started and operated an orthopedic medical company for twenty-five years. I purchased an existing fire sprinkler corporation out of Dallas and had it for ten years. I am currently a broker for golf and metal parts between the end customer and manufacturing.

Up and until 2005, I was very worldly and I was both living in the world and of the world. In 2005, I lost everything and was then living in an efficiency apartment and was there for six and one half years. I would start my day by getting coffee at Starbucks and reading the sports section of the newspaper. Phil Burton, an evangelist, would come over and witness to me about Jesus. I had no interest in listening to Phil about Jesus or the Bible.

   However, one day, after I lost everything I took the time to listen to Phil and eventually went to prison with him. The first prison unit I went to was the Hutchins Unit located in Dallas. Phil could relate to these men because only by the grace of God was he spared from not having to wear a prison suit. In my case, I had a personal experience with an inmate who changed my life. Not so much of what he said to me, but his presence spoke volumes without saying much at all. I decided that I would see if I can get what this inmate had and it took me 10 months before I knew that the Lord Jesus Spirit was living in me. A year and 6 months later my youngest son wanted to know why I had changed so much. I told him about Jesus for 2 hours. His life changed and then his brother’s life changed as well. Testimony 11.12.2020:

   Bob Hawley: I want to start out by saying this to the people here; I am very delighted to hear that mission work and Evangelism is alive and well in each one of you. It is very dear to my heart. It means a lot to me to speak about missions with you. And I encourage each and every one of you to continue to do missions both with your money and your time. It is very, very important that we do that. We need to pray during these tough and difficult times in America. For my journey, I want to start in Genesis 1:1; it says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth, that was” in the beginning”. Add 2000 years; the Apostle John says in John 1:1, he says, "In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God". Later on in that chapter of John, he says, "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us". We know Him as Jesus Christ. We also know that he died, was buried, and resurrected. And later on, Jesus said to his Disciples: I am going to be leaving you, but I am going to leave you with somebody. He will be called the Holy Spirit. He will be your comforter or helper. That is, if we align ourselves with the Lord. In my case, my personal beginning, took place in 2005 and not very long ago. I graduated over there ( across the street is Texas A&M), and also graduated at UNT in Denton. I grew up with a mother, no dad, and with a sister. We did not have much money. She worked as a secretary. So it is tough to live from one paycheck to the other. I did get baptized when I was about 12 years old but soon after that, the cares of this world soon took center stage. I knew I needed to get an education and not live from paycheck to paycheck. I knew I did not want to live like I was living with my mother, not knowing from one day to the next whether I have enough food to eat. It was always a battle with my sister of what kind of soup we are going to split for that day. But in any case, I wanted to be on a fast track. I graduated from two universities. And so, here I am thinking that that is the way it should be.

   Get a job and go to work and become successful. I have a nice family, kids, had a home in the mountains, and then before you know it I wanted more of what the world had to offer. Well, we got another house. I never did get to snow ski as a kid so I got a house in Durango, Colorado. Now we had a house to use for snow skiing. Then the summer came and we needed a boat., That led to another house at the lake. Before you know it, you are on this treadmill. I wanted off this treadmill and decided to sell the business and move back home to Texas., I did not move back to Garland . I did not like Garland but I found a place in Rockwall, Texas. Here I am in Rockwall, Texas and now wanting to purchase another business. I bought a fire sprinkler business out of Dallas, Texas. We would design, install, and fabricate new fire sprinkler systems. We placed them into Home Depots, Lowes, high schools, high rise buildings, condominiums and very large buildings. Well, I was doing business and thinking all is well with me and the world. I usually started my day by going to Starbucks. I got my coffee and my newspaper and I stayed and read a little bit about sports before heading to the office. That was my routine. And as I was doing this in 2005 I had no idea about Jesus. But in 2005, I met a guy there. His name is Phil. And here I am, I am drinking my coffee, and I am reading my paper and wanted to be left alone. Then he came over to my table and he was saying, "Hey! What is your name?" I told him my name. He would tell me a little something here and there. And then within 15 to 20 seconds, he started talking to me about Jesus, and I did not want to hear about Jesus. I really did not. So that would go on for a few seconds and then I would say, "Well I am late for work, I am leaving." Then I would leave. And then every time I went to Starbucks he was there. I do not know how he knew my time schedule. I know how to avoid him; I will go earlier in the morning. So, I went early in the morning. He was there. Okay. I will go late in the evening. Late in the evening, he was there. It is like, "How did he get my schedule?" I mean, how do you know my schedule. I never told him not to come to my table but when he did I made it very plain I did not want him talking to me. When he showed up I became very obnoxious and rude. I wanted to say, "Do you not get it? I do not want you to come to my table and I do not want you talking to me. Because every time you come to my table you want to talk about Jesus and I wanted to be left alone. Well, what I did not know, he had a relationship with Jesus. He went and prayed to Jesus and said, "I need to be released from this man." And Jesus said, "I am not releasing you. And every time I put Bob in your path and every time you see him you are to talk to him about me. I will make sure he will be at Starbucks. Jesus said when you see him you are going to talk to him about me.. One time, he talked to me. I was so mad because I did not even have a chance to read my paper or drink my coffee. I remember fuming and stomping out of the building. I remember exactly where I was, in the street, going to my truck, and I said to myself. "If I want to hear about Jesus, I would go to church." I got an answer on that response. When was the last time you went to church? I said to myself that it had been years and years. It was not long after that my life took a sharp turn. What happened? I lost my business. I lost my money. I lost my wife and all my kids were grown. My youngest son was a freshman at Collin County Junior College.

   As always, I went to Starbucks to get coffee. I had no place to go now. As usual Phil was there and came over to witness to me about Jesus. I had time so I kind of listened to him and kind of not listened. Anyway, he would come over and talk to me. He said this to me, he said, "You know, you need to get a true perspective on life and what is really important." Phil said, "You know what you should do?" I said "What?” "You need to go with me to prison." I said, "What did you say? Prison?" "Yes. You need to go with me." I said, "Why on earth would I want to go to prison?" I had no idea of what he did when he went to prison. He said, "I am an evangelist and I deliver the “Word” to them on a regular basis. I wasn’t sure about going with him to prison.? Anyway, after several months of meetings with Phil I decided to go with him to a prison unit. I looked at my schedule and it is pretty wide open. I said, "Okay.

   Well, I thought, I would just go this one time." So, the first prison I went to was the Hutchins State Jail. The Hutchins Jail is located 20 minutes from my house in Dallas, TX. So, I went to the chapel at Hutchins and I am only an observer sitting on the podium listening to Phil preach a message to these inmates. I did not say anything or do anything: I am just there. And as I listened to him he gave a great message to these men, and he could relate to these men. Because he says it is only by the grace of God that he is not wearing one of these prison uniforms. I could not relate to these men because I did not ever do drugs. I don’t drink alcohol. I didn’t do any of this stuff. Phil said only by the grace of God did he not go to prison. Well, I do not have that story. I do not do drugs. I have never done any drugs. I have never smoked cigarettes. I have never been drunk. So, I cannot relate to what he was saying. But I did like the message and service he gave because I liked hearing the Word. It was good. But I did not get anything other than the message by attending these prison services. Then something happened, I did not expect. This was around the 4th or 5th service I attended at Hutchins. We had two services scheduled that Saturday (during the Summer) like July, and here I am with Phil on the podium. We had 2 services scheduled one at 8:30AM to 10:00AM and then we have a break about 30 minutes and then 10:30AM to 12:00PM on the second service.

   So here I am between services, and decided to go get a drink of water in the front of the chapel. I am walking down this aisle and I look up and see a man walking towards me. The first thing I noticed, he must have been at least six foot eight. He was black as midnight, and was as wide as he was tall. The first thing I said to myself as I saw him from a distance, was that he makes three of me. But then as I am walking toward him and he is walking toward me I noticed that he was as black as midnight, and he had a smile on his face that went from one earlobe to the other. His teeth were perfectly straight and beautifully white; in fact, pearly white. When I got up to him and stood in his presence, I said to myself: Wow! I felt this overriding peace like I had never felt before in my life. Like it is a cold, cold day and the wind is blowing and the temperature is 20 degrees outside. I am by the fireplace and as I am standing and I have this blanket wrapped around me. Everything is OK and I am nice and “comfy.” This is great. I just felt like, wow, what peace he has. Just let me stand here next to him. You don’t need to say anything, Just let me stand here. And the joy in him had no ending. His joy was being in the Chapel and praising Jesus. He was so content and truly appreciative about being alive. His love towards me had no beginning or end; just love for himself and me. He did not have to say anything. The only words I remember were “Isn’t Jesus Great”. All this peace, joy and love was emanating from him and all I wanted was just to be in his presence. I remember looking out the window. I saw the cars going by I-20. . I said, "I got a problem." "I have a problem." He has got all this peace and that joy and that love in him and I knew I wanted what he has. I am going to leave here in about an hour and go out there in this world where I have no freedom but he is locked up and he does have freedom. In fact, he told me that he has served three years of a 35-year sentence. He is going to die in prison, and yet he is happy, content and grateful to be alive. He had peace, joy, and love which I had none. So I thought, "Well, you know, maybe, just maybe, I can find it also. Maybe I cannot but I can try." So, I went on a mission. Every time the evangelist went to a prison I wanted to go with him and his wife. I found other people in prison who also had what that black man had at the Hutchins State Jail. It was so wonderful and I love interfacing with these various prisoners. Well, after about ten months of going through this process I got the spirit; the Holy Spirit. One day as I was sitting in my truck, I started speaking a language I did not know. It just started coming out of me. So. I knew at that time, the Holy Spirit was present inside of me. Speaking in a language you did not recognize or know. Those fruits are the first fruits of the Spirit. Those first fruits; I consider are Inward fruits that are personally for you: Peace , love, joy. I now have those first fruits. At that time, I lived in a small efficiency apartment. Someone asked me once, "An efficiency apartment? How about a one-bedroom apartment?" Nope, it is an efficiency. He said, "Can you describe to me what “efficiency” means. I told him I can be in the kitchen, turn around and I am now in my bedroom. So, it was a really small place but I was happy. I stayed there for 6 1/2 years. No problem at all. So here I am. I was filled with peace, love, and joy. What a wonderful time to be alive in Christ. During this time I was going to prisons; working on my relationship with Jesus and started reading the Bible. I started going to church, started just seeing things around me like, "Wow! This is really great."

   My son who was a freshman in college called me and said, "Dad I need to talk with you." He came down and we talked. I remembered I was in a chair and he was sitting on the couch. We were just talking. And then Ryan said this to me: "Dad. As I raised my head, He said "Dad, I have been watching you and you are not the same person: “What happened?" So. for the next two hours. I talked to him about Jesus and I was now going to various prisons. I did not tell him anything specific. He asked a simple question. I gave a simple answer. In about two hours after that, he leaves to go back to school. The next day, this is what happened. He calls me on the phone from school at 10:30am, Our conversation went like this, "Dad." "Yes, Ryan, how are you doing?" Ryan kept telling me how great he is doing so you are doing great. Ryan said hey, dad, I got it. I understand." You got it? "Yes, I got it." "Oh, fantastic. It is great."

   He kept going on and on about getting it. Ryan, I am sorry. I do not know what you got." You know what he told me? "Oh, my God. I got it. I understand." "I am sorry I do not understand what understand is. I do not know what you are talking about." And so, it took Ryan five minutes for him to finally say, "Oh, I have not told you." "Well, no you have not." He said, "This is what I did. I went home after talking to you and I got on my knees, prayed to the Lord that I could receive the same Spirit my dad received and now I got it and I understand about receiving the Holy Spirit. I want to ask you if you will help me financially to go to seminary school in California." Ryan has now graduated from two different seminary schools. Today he is doing missionary work for Jesus Christ.; that is what happened to him. I have another son, Todd. He is my middle son. Unfortunately, he got involved with alcohol during college and became an alcoholic. He started in college and drank until the age of 41. I changed. His brother changed. And so we talked to him. I said, Ryan, and your dad changed, so can you. Ryan said that his school had a program in Temecula, California where you can turn your life over to Jesus and become free of your addiction. The seminary has programs out there for people that have drug and alcohol addictions. You should give them a try. I will send you. Todd decided to go. It has now been 8 years and he has remained sober. Today, this month of November 2020 marks his 8th year; he has been sober. That is what Jesus can do. Now what is interesting is that Todd has his first inward fruits of the spirit. He has got peace, love and joy. He now has received, patience, goodness, kindness. These second fruits of the spirit are outward fruits. These fruits are what other people see in him during his regular daily activities.

   These last fruits of the Spirit are faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. So how does this happen? This is my story. When I started walking with the Lord and working on a relationship with HIM, I would also pray. During my prayer time I would ask the Lord for divine appointments, divine encounters and Holy Ghost set ups. But I always thought that would take place in a church or some sort of religious activity.

   Well, the Lord doesn’t do things the way we think. The Lord does them his way, not our way. So the first time this divine encounter happened I was in Starbucks. I am talking to some guy, maybe about sports, just generally having a conversation. We could have been discussing the Texas Rangers or Cowboys etc.

   Out of the blue, my inner Holy Spirit said to pray for him. The first time that happened to me I said to my Spirit that I can’t pray for him because I don’t know him. Silently, I answered my Spirit and said; “I am in Starbucks and what would people think? My Spirit did not answer me. I did not do anything. This guy is walking out the door and then I got this from my Spirit; “well, Bob, you missed a blessing.” I continued to pray for divine encounters and the Lord would put people in my path but I was reluctant to step out and pray for them. It took me awhile to finally step out and pray for someone. So finally, I listened to my Spirit and said, the Lord, Jesus, wants me to pray for you. You know, everybody wants prayer. I am awestruck that everyone wants prayer. Absolutely everybody. Many would say, oh, yes.

   Please pray for me. And so I would pray. Sometimes I will be working out at the gym,, or going to the grocery store or even outside in the parking lot. It just did not matter where I was when the Spirit would instruct me to pray. I am not even thinking about praying for that person. Of course, my Spirit would say; pray for that person. Right? So I started obeying. Okay. I was just trying to be obedient to my Spirit. But here is what is good. This is what is really good. So this has been going on for the last two to three years; pray for that person my Spirit tells me. I do not care weather at Wal-Mart or on the sidewalk or wherever; I am just to do it. So. I started praying for many people. One day the Lord prompts me to pray for this lady. So I go over to her and tell her the Lord wants me to pray for you. So, I start praying for this lady. You know when we speak; you think in your mind what you are going to say and words come out your mouth. This time was different. “Lord Jesus wants me to pray for you.. Oh, please pray." Okay. So I started to pray but the Spirit came over me and started praying for her.. I was not thinking the words but my mouth was moving. Words were coming out but it was not me saying it and the confirmation from the lady afterwards was: "Thank you so much for doing this. I was not sure what direction Jesus wanted me to take but you just gave me confirmation on what road I need to take Thank you very much." Is that not great? Yes, it is wonderful to be useful for the Lord’s work. This encounter just happened recently. More encounters in ways you do not expect started happening. I am at a Race Track store in Dallas; you know, the place you get gas. As I am leaving this lady comes up to me, asking me for some pocket change. She said she is not really homeless just down on her luck and just moved from Oklahoma and no job. She is talking and witnessing to me about Jesus. She said, "I love Jesus." Yes. she told me again, "I love Jesus”. She said: “I want to pray for you”. That lady was a real blessing to me. Is that not awesome? You can be blessed by praying for people you don’t know just be available to be used by your Holy Spirit. So I want you to know those who walk in the fruits of spirit, will be blessed beyond measure. I call the last fruits of the Spirit (faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) as God-Ward Fruits. Those are how I see those nine fruits. The first 3 fruits are for you (Inward fruits) next 3 fruits are outward fruits and the last 3 fruits are God-ward Fruits. These fruits will turn into Gifts of the Spirit. Now you are going to go from fruits to gifts. All I ever wanted was the first 3 Fruits of the Spirit. Once I received the first 3 fruits of the Spirit then the next 3 gifts came and now the last 3 fruits of the Spirit are operational. So now, my wife and I both go into prisons. We like going into different prisons but our favorite is the Michael Unit in Palestine, TX. In 2019, just last year, a Gift of the Spirit became operational, I have gained the trust of the Chaplin and prison officials and can freely go wherever I want. I go to the various Pods (barracks), Administration Segregation ( inmates who are very dangerous) and Hospice. [cancer ward). I always make time to go to the Hospice Unit. I have been seeing these guys for over 15 years. I have been going in this prison and specifically the Hospice Unit were many have cancer or a life threatening disease. They usually have cancer. There are only a few prisons in Texas that have Hospice Units. Texas has over 100 prisons and only 5 or 6 will have a Hospice Unit. A Hospice Unit will have doctors, nurses and staff around the clock care. A forty-bed Hospice Unit is available at the Michael Unit. As I was going in these rooms I became very focused on the person who was lying in the bed. More than I ever had before now. Just totally focused on the person. I got more bold than I had ever been before. I hope I can say this to you in a way that you are seeing this as if you are right there with me and so I know some of you in this room are going to see inmates in prison right now. That is great. However, I want you to put yourself in my shoes. I want you to see this from my eyes because then I want this to be your story as well. I go in to see Steve. His room number is eight. As I go into this room, he is lying on the bed and cannot talk very loud and as he is laying there I go up to him and I asked him his name. I already know his name but I ask anyway. He tells me, "Steve." Okay Steve and I say, "What’s your situation? I have cancer. I have prostate cancer. That is not good. No. "So that is what you have. You have prostate cancer?" "Well, no, I have it in my lung." "left lung or right?" Well both of them?" "OK," You got prostate cancer and cancer in your left and right lung. Okay. So that is where -- ““Well, no., I have it my kidneys." "Is that all the places? "No. I have in my brain." "Are there any other places you have cancer?" No the doctors just stop at that point. So that is all that I was told. So you have cancer all over your body. I did notice a cup of ice and that was all they were using to feed him.

   He cannot eat. They started using feeding tubes 1-1/2 years earlier. At this stage, all he had by his bed was a cup of ice. As I am talking to him and he is listening to what I have to say, Steve told me he needed to adjust his body position. " Well, just wait, I am going to position myself. He is so weak that it took him a good minute to do this positioning.. As we are talking I became very focused on Jesus and His Word. So I became so bold about taking the “Word of Jesus” and using it for his healing. I just knew that if Steve wanted to be healed Jesus would do so. So I start by asking Steve how long he has been in prison and how did he discover his sickness. I wanted to find out all I could about Steve and then we can go from there.

   Steve had been saved and told me about how his cancer had been discovered. So I finally asked if he had any unfinished business left to do on earth that he needed to get done? Some inmates say no and they are ready to be with Jesus and their loved ones. “I am ready to go and I am out of here. I am ready to meet Jesus.” Ok I say and pray accordingly. But in Steve’s case, he said, I do have some unfinished business left to do if I wasn’t about to die. Do you believe Jesus can heal you? I do not know what you are talking about. What do you mean? Well, do you have anything that you would want to do that you have not been able to do while living here on earth. I have never thought about it. Well, think about it.

   Steve: Well, I do not know.

   Bob: Okay. Let me put it to you this way. Jesus heals you. "You mean Jesus heals me?" Yes Jesus heals you. What would you do? That changes everything. But what would you do? "Well, I would get out of this bed and walk into the other men’s room. I will be telling all the other dying men what Jesus did for me and He healed me from my disease. That they can have hope and they can get healed too. That is what I would do. And then when I got through here, I would go to church and I would tell everybody what Jesus did for me." I said, you have a story that needs to be heard. I don‘t have a story to tell people like you do. But here you are laying on your death bed and Jesus raises you up from the dead… You have a great story that only applies to you. He said, "It sounds good." I said, "Think about it." So in Psalm 6 King David is praying. He is crying out to God, "Lord, if you put me in my grave and six feet under the ground then how can I glorify you? Steve said you are right. King David would not be able to glorify God if he is dead and 6 feet in the ground nor can you glorify God.

   Bob: If you died, can you glorify God?

   Steve: No.

   Bob: Second. God said that you need to trust me in your time of trouble. Are you in trouble? Psalm 50:15 says: Trust me in your times of trouble so I can rescue you and YOU CAN GIVE ME GLORY.

   Steve: Yes.

   Bob: God will rescue you out of your troubles but you have to do something. What is that? At the end of that sentence in Psalm 50:15 says give me the Glory for saving you. You got to do it. Can you do that? "Yes, I will do it." Now we are talking. Now we are going to get something done. So, do you believe now that Jesus can and will deliver you from your cancer?

   Steve: Yes.

   Bob: I do not only believe Jesus will deliver you from your cancer but now HE Will DELIVER YOU.

   All you have to do is believe He will perform this healing in your body. You said you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I believe so we are both in agreement.. I know He will. We both prayed to God our Lord Jesus Christ. As I was walking toward the door, He yells to me, "Hey Bob. Yes, I want you to know I am healed." I never turned around but I gave Steve a thumbs up. As soon as I got to his doorway, his door was open, there is a guy named Leslie standing there to meet me. Leslie is what they call in prison as a field minister. Texas State prisons have been using these inmates for the last 5 to 6 years. These inmates graduate from seminary schools and then are used by the chaplains. Leslie is in charge of seeing the men at Hospice. So, as I was walking out Steve’s door Leslie started walking into his room.. "Oh, Leslie, Hey. How are you doing?" So, Leslie and I walk into the hall and we pulled up a plastic chair right beside Steve’s door. So, I sat there talking to Leslie. It was maybe a minute or two at most. And sure enough; an officer walks in with two women into Steve’s room. I was told by Steve two people were coming to visit him that day. Three minutes max from the time those two women walked in there, for this to happen next. I am talking with Leslie, the field minister, Steve’s door is open right beside Leslie’s shoulder. Steve could barely move in his bed. As I looked up Steve was standing in his doorway just as normal as anybody without any medical issues. How could this happen except for the Glory of Jesus’ healing.

   Prayer works. So, I go into Steve’s room and his daughter and granddaughter are standing next to him. His daughter was crying profusely. She knew he should be just about dead. We talked and we prayed to our Lord Jesus and I told her, "So listen. you have a testimony. You have now seen the Glory of what Jesus can do with your own eyes. You need to be sure you have a testimony ready to give for Jesus healing your dad. Everywhere you go you need to tell everyone your testimony. We all agreed to do just that. Now, I go into the Michael Unit about every six to eight weeks. That healing took place in February 2019. April, I go back to the Michael Unit. I walked in and there is a short corridor here, and a long corridor there. As I looked down the long corridor there was a guy in a wheelchair sitting in the middle of the hall. I did not know who he was. So as I walked toward him, it was Steve. Steve was sitting in his wheelchair. Steve and I started our Bible study in the middle of the hall. He just stayed right there in the middle of the hall. Another guy, I called him “smiley” joined us in the middle of the hall as well. The second time I went in there, Steve said, "Hey. I want you to know I can now walk all the way down the corridor and I can witness and testify to all these people now. I cannot make it all way back because I am too weak but I can go all the way down to the end of the hall. That is great. So we praised Jesus together. So in the next time I go in there, he tells me, "Guess what? I weighed a hundred and thirteen pounds when you first saw me. I weigh a hundred and sixty-one pounds now. I am getting all my weight back.

   The next time I saw him he was in his room changing out his cabinet. And then in about six months from my initial visit he is now released from prison. In 2019, I saw nine men raised from their death bed to a new life in Christ. The nursing staff was speechless on how much the Lord had healed that year. I want you to know that you should never give up on praying for your friends and family. Jesus is in the healing business and needs us to believe in Him. I want you to know how much I appreciate you being here and I hope my testimony would mean a lot to you as it has been for me. I want to start out by saying this; Keep praying and keep believing in Jesus. Your relationship that you have with the Lord should be developing greater each day. I am really encouraged by each one of you in this room. I can tell that this organization has a great walk with the Lord. And I want to leave you with this more than anything else: Matthew 7 says this, "Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many there that find it and small is the gate and narrows is the path that leads to everlasting life and few there that find it". My friends, you and I are walking on one of those two paths. Wide road or the narrow path and all of our family and friends as well. If they are walking on the broad path you need to be praying for them every day. Do everything that you can to show them the correct path to take. We all are called to evangelize anywhere at any time. Let’s do our part and keep it up. It is very important you do that. Thank you and God bless you.

   For those of you who do not have a relationship with Jesus and would like to make Him Lord of your life, now is the time to do that. He will forgive your sins. I started in 2005; most of my life was outside of Christ. Don’t take so long to come to Christ like I did. Do it now. There is no better time than now. All you got to do is confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord. He will forgive you of all your sins. Is there anybody in here wants that eternal hope? After you receive salvation, but have not received the Spirit, we can pray to the Father for the Spirit – Luke 11:13 says….Father gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.

   Bob: For those people watching by video that want to receive Christ, you can do it right where you are. You can make Jesus the Lord of your life right now by confessing your sins and turning your life over to Jesus. You have to look to Him. Do not try to figure things out just ask Him to come into your life because you need Him to guide and direct your path. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is God. Start looking for people who line up with Christ. Find people that are filled with Jesus.

   Integrate with those people that are liked minded as you have now become. I emplore you to do this. Time is short. The Lord is coming back soon and he needs every Christian to help gather the harvest. We are all going to be coming back here after the marriage supper of the lamb. We will be reigning with Him a thousand years but only if you are in Christ. And if you are not in Christ, you are not going to be with Him and your fellow Christians.. It is the most important commitment you will ever make in your entire life. You still have time to make Jesus to be your Savior from this world. And that is how I see it. In Jesus name. Amen.

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