Robert Cook


   Hello, my name is Robert Cook and this testimony began seventy-one years ago when I was born the sixth child of Albert and Gertrude Cook. I was raised in a Christian home. My father and mother were dedicated Christians. I remember receiving Jesus as my savoir at the age of twelve in my home church. However, as a lot of young people do, as I got older I strayed away and quit going to church as soon as I got married until I encountered a man that I worked with. He had been a friend of my brother and took an interest in me. He had married a girl that I went to school with and had been born-again in a Pentecostal church and began to witness tome at work. Strangely no one from my home church other than my parents called to ask why I was not coming to church, and I lied to them. As stated this man took as interest in me and developed a friendship with me and witnessed to me. After a period of time he gave up on me and I went back into the world. Later he asked where he had gone wrong and I said, "You gave up." His response was "Okay," and he began to cultivate the relationship again and this time he didn't give up. His witness and friendship cultivated in me a desire for the things of God and I started to read the word of God and came back to God. I fell in love with Jesus and began to do anything that I could for him.

   My life since that time has been a roller coaster ride; I've had ups and downs, sins of my own transgressions for a long time. In my late twenties I answered a call to the ministry, but even that did not stop the roller coaster ride of straying away from God and returning to God. About thirty-five years ago, in my mid-thirties, I began seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I remember asking a full gospel business man to pray for me to receive it. I remember that he asked me, "Why do you want it? My response was that I believed that God wanted me to have it. He prayed for me in the den of his home. I remember that he asked his wife to get his anointing oil and he anointed me with oil and asked me to stand. As he started praying of me, he lifted his hand toward my forehead but never touched me, the next thing I know the Lord has laid me out in the spirit. As I recall he bent over me and encouraged me saying, "Begin to say what's in your stomach, and let it come out." I stated to utter something and I heard him saying, "He's already gotten his prayer language." And thus my relationship with the Lord took on a deeper meaning. I walked in that and continue to follow God and try to be faithful to God. Many times I have failed. Failures that cost me in ministry and damaged my testimony and ultimately cost me a marriage of thirty years. But God...but God is so faithful to restore.

   The very morning that I broke off an illicit relationship I ran into a full-gospel business man that I had known for some time. He invited me to attend a meeting and as they say the rest is history. Let me say that I had tried to join FGMBFI years before but because I was a minster I was not allow to join. I could fellowship but not be a member. But, praise God, times have changed. Membership in FGBMFA has been instrumental in helping me get some issues resolved in my life.

   The summer of 2011 was the beginning of the biggest and longest spiritual battle of my life, an all-out assault to destroy my life and ministry. The family court had placed our three granddaughters in our custody. Their dad, my stepson was fighting in Afghanistan and my daughter-in-law was doing everything she could to regain custody. The girls were at her house for a two week visit. On the first Sunday in August they were to come back to our home. Late that afternoon my daughter-in-law called and informed us that she was not returning them and that we could call the sheriff's department to find out why. We had no idea as to what was going on.

   Thus began a two week roller coaster ride wondering from day to day that was going on. What's going on? Looking back on it we learned that my youngest granddaughter had been brain washed and pressured into saying that I had molested her. Thus the battle for my life was underway. The charges that were eventually leveled against me were child molestation with a child under the age of eleven which carried a mandatory prison sentence, if convicted, of forty years with no parole. I would not be here today if the devil had had his way. I would have spent the rest of my life in prison.

   I had not recourse but to defend myself in the court of law. I secured a criminal attorney which cost me $25,000 up front. Note, this whole situation ended up costing me $50,000. I took a lie detector test, at my expense that showed that I was innocent; in fact the man that administered it shook my hand and commented you are the most honest man I have met. This was not sufficient for the investigators so I had to take another one administered by the state. Imagine my surprise when they told me that I had not passed their exam. Within the next few days they issued a warrant for my arrest. I turned myself in on a Monday evening and spent the next four days in solitary confinement. During my confinement I was treated well even though it was degrading. I got one shower during this time and was not allowed to save of have a comb so personal hygiene was very minimal.

   On Friday morning I went before a superior court judge for a bond hearing. Chained, shackled, orange jumpsuit and flip-flops, unshaven, my hair a mess, I'm sure I made quite an impression on the judge. I was totally ashamed and humiliated. The judge set bail at $7500 cash. I remember that a number of my Full Gospel friends came to the hearing and one of them asks if I was able to handle the bond. I told him that we could come up with it. You see if you pay the bond in cash when the case is resolved you get it back, whereas if you use a bail bondsman you get nothing back. So we came up with the money and I was released, but under house arrest. Under house arrest the only travel permitted was to work and back. I could cross the state line for work only and that only in the immediate area. I was not allowed to visit my family that lived 165 miles away. In fact I could not go anywhere without the court's prior approval.

   I spent the next twenty-one months walking around as though I had a target painted on my back wondering from day to day what was going on and what was going to happen. Reporting to the Superior Court every three months to answer roll call or run the risk of parole violation and being locked up until they decided to hear the case. This particular county was noted for holding people forever to wear them down until they pleaded guilty to something.

   In the midst of all of this read a book by Buddy Harrison, "Praying for the Impossible" and decided to make my case before the bar of heaven. I presented my case to the Lord God and knew that I had won the victory. Then came the matter of waiting for the manifestation in the local court system. I kept telling myself that if this would happen, or that would happen this would all be over, but those things never happened. My confession remained, "God is going to bring me through this for my good and His glory. God is going to get me through this." Romans 8:28 "All things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose." That was what I held on to, that and knowing that God had this under control.

   My attorney as one point told me, "I'm scared to death. There is no way of knowing what these people will do." My response was, "they don't care but God does. And God is bigger than we are."

   Advancing to Easter week 2013, I receive a phone call from my attorney stating that there had been some movement on my case and that I needed to come see him. So I went to his office. He told me, "What I am going to share with you, you cannot repeat to anyone, not your wife, not anyone. You can rejoice, jump up and down, on the inside but you have to wear a poker face on the outside." I said, "Okay, what is going on?" Let me interject that during the twenty-one months of house arrest, my step-granddaughter asked me to perform her wedding on the beach in Jacksonville, FL. This required a court appearance, God showed me favor and the judge granted me permission and even gave me longer than the period of time that I had asked for. Completely out of state and the judge granted it! Halleluyah! This was one of a list of things that God did on my behalf to show me His loving favor.

   This same judge got involved in my case because the State of South Carolina had passed a law that designated a specific period of time in which you had to try a case of dismiss it. As stated earlier the court system had a reputation for putting people's cases off until they would enter a guilty plea to something in order to get the case resolved. At any rate he had called my attorney and the prosecutor for an update on my case. He wanted to know specifically when this case was going to be heard. My attorney replied, "I'm ready." That was a surprise and news to me! "I'm ready to defend this case today." The prosecutor responded, "I don't know, I just got this case yesterday." I thought it's been twenty ne months and you just got it! That was because they had decided to assign it to a female prosecutor. The judge gave them a directive, "You two discuss this case and let me know when we can try it." My attorney then has a conversation with the prosecutor explaining the particulars and state again that he is ready. Her response was "let me think about it." She thinks about it overnight, calls back and says, "I am dropping this case."

   My attorney tells me, "Robert this case is going to be dismissed but you can't say a word to anybody until the papers are signed and we have them in hand. This is Easter week and waiting on that phone to ring and to get that good news. But nothing happens. Friday's coming, Easter weekend and I want this over with. Friday comes and nothing, then Saturday and Sunday. Now it's Monday and the next term of court. Not taking any chances I get dressed and head to the courthouse. On the way I call my attorney's office and leave a message do I need to report to the courthouse?

   Standing at the top of the courthouse steps at three minutes to 9:00 AM, my phone rings, it is my attorney's paralegal and she tells me, "you do not have to stay; the papers were signed late Thursday afternoon, but too late to get them to us before the weekend because Good Friday was a holiday. You are free! It's over you can go." So I floated down the steps got in my car and left praising God.

   Again my attorney requested that I come to see him. You see God was not through yet. He tell me, "Robert this case is being dismissed with prejudice which means that they could bring it back if they decided to or if they thought they had a better witness." My response was "Okay." He said, "But here is what you can do after a specific period of time you can go to the prosecutor's office and apply to have the records expunged." So I waited the necessary period of time drove to the prosecutor's office and requested the necessary documents and completed them on the spot. The clerk informed that I would be informed in writing as to the judge's decision. I was notified within three months that the judge had ordered that all records be expunged. To validate that this had been done I went to the sheriff's office a couple of months later and ask for a copy of my "rap sheet." and they showed absolutely nothing.

   I praise God for all of His favor and for my deliverance. As a result of this case I was advised by several individuals that I trust to move out of that county. It would be okay to stay in the state but not in that county and the best was to move out of state. So I moved into Georgia, separated from my wife of thirty years which ended in divorce. Recently we have re-established some contact.

   As a result of this communication I have learned that the granddaughter who is now 16 years of age has stated that her mother told her that she was the head of a coven of "white witches" and that her coven as well as others had been praying against me that I would be destroyed. But God's infinite grace and mercy had protected me.

   I didn't know anything about this at the time, even though I knew that I was in a great spiritual battle. It would not have made any difference because my God is and always will be greater. We face many battles against enemies that we do not see. The scriptures tell us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with powers of darkness on a continual basis. But God is and always will be greater. He brought me out, He delivered me, and He has restored me.

   During the last four years I visited a church that has a deliverance ministry and went through deliverance. This session took two and a half hours after which I was exhausted. In the midst of this session, God in His love and mercy revealed things that transpired from my early childhood that set the path for issues that I have fought with for many years. God was so good to reveal, break and erase those chains that had me bound me up for so long. I give Him all honor, glory and praise because it is all His work. He is restoring many things that were taken away. I am praying that He will restore the ministry that He called me to. It is my desire to serve Him for the rest of my life in any capacity that He provides. I currently go to some Assisted Living Centers on Wednesday mornings for devotions, and I go into a maximum security prison once a month to share with the inmates the power of the Word of God. I will go through any door that God opens to share my testimony and preach the Word of God. I can never thank and praise God for all that He has done for me.

Robert's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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