Ricky Sanders

Rick worked for his brother in a small business. The relationship was good until Rick found peace with God.

Friction began to develop between the brothers. His brother missed the old Rick as he could relate with the old man. Now they were as different as day and night. Rick was ready to buy out his brother or start a new business. Every property that Rick thought was a possibility and inquired about fell through. Rick asked God to show him what to do. Was he to go into the ministry? The answer was revealed while he was working. He saw a vision appear as you might see in a child’s etch-u-sketch. 

The detailed drawing was of Rick’s workplace. God wanted him to stay right there. Rick knew in his heart that he would always be at his current workplace.  When Rick's brother became ill and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, prior to his death, he told Rick that he wanted him to buy the business.  Today at Rick's business, which became his pulpit, you will hear the uplifting Christian music playing in the background and Rick praying with his customers to help comfort their needs and best of all leading them to salvation in Jesus Christ. This is one man's marketplace ministry.

Ricky’s Testimony

At eight years of age I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Fort Worth, Texas, and we attended a youth revival. Something got a hold of me and I prayed to receive Jesus. God never left me even though I lived like the world. My first marriage failed, but God blessed me with a second chance as I married Debbie, a wonderful Christian lady.

The month of October has always been very special to me. On October 2, I had one beer left in the refrigerator and I debated drinking it, but I had promised my wife that we would go to church the following morning. The preacher spoke 45 minutes on one verse. I talked with my father-in-law, a minister of the Gospel, about that verse. On October 16, I said to Jesus, “Is there something in this book that you want me to know? Please open it up so that I can understand it.”

It was like the whole world was removed from my chest and the room shook. I screamed out “Debbie did you feel that?” She said, “feel what?” Didn’t you feel that earthquake? I didn’t feel anything. Turn off the light and go to sleep.” That night I read the entire book of Luke. Debbie got up at 7:00AM and I had just finished showering. I told Debbie about everything I read. She called her sister and said “I don’t know what is wrong with Ricky, but he read the book of Luke last night, and everything he reported was true.” That night changed my life. I quit drinking cold turkey and poured a half gallon of whiskey down the drain. That was a lot of money, but I didn’t need it anymore.

We started attending a church at a nursing home in Commerce. There was this little lady there always talking about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In 1988, I was driving down Highway 50 to Interstate 30 and said, “Father, I need to know about the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Is it true or not? If there is something more about You, I want it.” The truck lit up. I could not see anything. It blinded me and my eyes flowed like a river. I worshiped God in the truck, and I didn’t know who was driving. As I passed the Exxon station I received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. It was several years before I understood what actually happened to me.

In 1991, I started driving a truck for a local company at night while barbering during the day. I got sick and suspected that I had the same type of cancer as my dad. On Sunday, the day before the surgery, I opened my Bible for an answer and by God’s will it fell opened to Psalm 23. I knew that I had nothing to fear. The room filled with light and the Lord shook me and said, “I am not through with you yet.” The light remained from 5:00 PM to 6:00PM. I knew I was healed.

The surgeon did a biopsy on Monday morning. My body was swelled, and the fluid left. The doctor said, “Everything I removed was black and smelled awful, and I wouldn’t have given you a plug nickel to live.” However, the biopsy was negative. From that moment on I experienced the full power of God. That day Satan found out who Ricky Sanders was. My witnessing power grew every day. 


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