Rick Rigsby

Rick Rigsby    Rick Rigsby is being interviewed by James and Betty Robison on Life Today TV/ Life Outreach International

   James: Do you think it is too late for the church here and around the world to begin to reveal Jesus and the Father. So I want to hear what God has put on your heart. You had some pretty moving experiences in your life, even though you were taught from a third grade dropout, a father that told you the truth. I want you to take us on a journey and hopefully it will help inspire us to fulfill the Father's assignment.

   I want you to listen to Rick’s testimony. Would you welcome Rick Rigsby?

   First of all, I would like to say what a thrill it is to be with you both. I listen to you James and Betty every chance I get. I love it when you start preaching and that inner black man comes out of you. You just can actually start turning darker. It is amazing. You are a blessing to the body of Christ. Thank you for having me here. You know, what is interesting is that we live in a time that is just simply void of common sense; because it is void of God and it is not too late.

Hear O Israel. The Lord Is Our God. The Lord is the one you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might, and then do what? Teach it. Start in your home then model it. The Harvard Business Review in September 2004, talked about the worst kind of teaching method is lecturing. If you want to get the intended message across, model it. Jesus Christ was the greatest model on the face of the Earth.

   I had a mother and father who modeled it. I had a third grade dropout daddy quoting Michelangelo. I am in the sixties. I am going to come on and he is saying, "Son," "Yes, sir." "I am not going to have a problem son if you aim high and miss it, but I am going to have a real issue if you aim low and hit it." My father was not interested in rearing black man. He was interested in rearing Godly man who would impact the world so there was a standard every single day. My dad was a simple cook. He was not college-educated. He never made it past the third grade. Just because he left school, it does not mean his education stopped. Mark Twain once said, “I have never allowed my schooling to get in the way of my education.” He was filled with God's wisdom.

   Thanks for the opportunity to share. I am sixty-three years old and the first forty years of my life, I made life about me. I have nothing to show for it, and I was a Christian. I had a charm life. I was not just a reporter. I was an award-winning reporter. I was a graduate student after my years in television, and I was told by a high school counselor I would not make it to college. I am graduating with a PhD with a 3.77 Quality Point Average (QPA). I did not realize until I was in my thirties that I had a photographic memory and then I can start going to different universities. My last employer was Texas A&M at College Station, and I was teacher of the year, but the tragedy was that I had made life all about me and my accomplishments. Watch this, there are many people that are listening right now that want to serve God on their terms and so what do we do? We reduce His word to little bite-size morsels, or we ignore Him altogether. That was Rick Rigsby great speed and everything rolled out his favor, everything. I could remember Him saying "Will you trust me?" Not really. "Will you follow me?" Only to the point that I can fit you in my day.

   I fell in love with the most beautiful woman I had ever met in my life in college. Back in my day, we would have called her a brick house. You all know what I am talking about? I mean, you know what I am saying here? And I eventually convinced her to fall in love with me. We got married and have a couple children, two little boys. We started our respective careers. Trina was a registered nurse and I was a television reporter. I grew up Baptist, but I got born-again serving God in a spirit filled church in Chico, California. But I was still living on my own terms, but God was whispering to me over and over and over. I was successful to the world and received many accolades. All of a sudden Trina finds a lump in her left breast - breast cancer. Six years after that diagnosis in a little town called College Station, Texas, me and my two little boys walked up to mommy's casket, and my life at age forty-one was over. I went to my third-grade dropout father, and I said, “I have no hope.” He goes "Son, you cannot lose something God gave you. You have lost perspective, but you have not lost hope." It was at that casket that my life literally changed. My father, I have never seen him cry before, strong Texan like you, James, and my father was crying. Trina was not his daughter-in-law, she was his daughter, and he turned to me and wiped his tears and put his big arms around me and he said three words, "Son, just stand, just stand, and do not quit." If he was on this show today he would be saying, "James and Betty you go. You do not quit, and you get an army of volunteers around you, and let us deal with this real issue that God's heart is to reconcile families. That was what Jesus told me at the casket. He did not say to me, I am going to fix it. He did not say to me I am going to answer your prayers the way you want them answered. He did not say to me, I am going to raise her up. He asked me a question. Can you trust me? I remember saying, you know, I am not real happy with you. But I trust you. In fact, I can give you a visual illustration. I am raising one hand to give it to Him, and with the other hand I am holding on to everything. I get it folks. And I heard Jesus say, “If you will trust me with your pain, I will use it to display my glory all over the world. That was twenty-four years ago, and I am watching the Lord do the impossible. And I want to tell you the presence of a Father at a casket, the presence of a dad at a casket is only second to the presence of the Father at the casket saying, "Trust Me, bring everything to Me You may feel no hope, no reason for which to have hope, but I want to ask you a question. Do you trust Him?" You still can trust Him regardless of how you feel. Take it from a man who stood at the edge of his wife's grave clutching the hands of two little boys. You can trust Him. His word is true regardless of whether He answers your prayers or not. I am here to tell you, you can trust God so it becomes imperative that we start building up men and point them to God Almighty. It is not just a James Robison initiative. It is not just a Betty mandate. Think about that scripture that I shared a few minutes ago. We are charged by almighty God to love Him with all our heart and then to model it and to teach it.

James: He wants so much to hold our broken heart.

Rick: Yeah.

Rick's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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