Rick Moreau,

Rick Moreau     My name is Rick Moreau, and I’m here to tell you how much Jesus loves you.  I know that He does because I know He loves me and believe me, if He can love me He can love anyone, and He does.

     First a little about me and how I got to the place I’m standing today.  I was raised in a military family, mostly right here in Eastern North Carolina. My mom and dad were both WWII veterans and after a brief stint with several civilian jobs my dad went back into the Marine Corps shortly after I was born in August of 1950.  So, I grew up, basically, at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, with my mom and dad and over the years my three sisters were added.  Eventually, when I was a teenager, my older half-sister came to live with us.  We were a pretty typical military family just growing up with love and care interspersed with lots squabbles and issues.


     As children, we were encouraged to attend Sunday School and as we got older, church on base.  My parents encouraged us, but they didn’t attend themselves or talk about faith at all.  Of course, that meant that when I turned about fifteen, I chose not to make church part of my life.  The funny thing was that I always felt like church was a good thing, but I just didn’t understand that it wasn’t church I was missing, it was Jesus.  When I graduated high school in 1968, due to my parent’s divorce and some other uncomfortable family dynamics I decided to forego college and went into the Marine Corps.  It was while I was attending my military technical school in Millington, Tennessee, that through a group of what I thought were random events, I came back to a point of wanting and getting Jesus in my life.  Of course, the truth is that the events weren’t random at all, but fully orchestrated by the Lord to bring me home.

     I wish I could say that once Jesus found me I stayed found but that would be patently untrue.  I knew I loved Jesus, but because my support system was non-existent and my own weakness, I really let my relationship with the Lord slide.  I spent the remainder of my twenty one-year military career unable or unwilling to give it all to Jesus.  The real tragedy of that is that I didn’t encourage or influence my children to have a relationship with Jesus.  I was blessed because at the end of my career, after a divorce and some other devastating events, my current wife Anita and I gave our lives fully to the Lord and it has been an amazing journey since then.

Richard and Anita with Missionaries     Anita and I are both fully retired from Federal jobs now and spent as much time as we can, traveling, visiting and helping others in whatever ways the Lord presents.  We share my two children and our five grandchildren and a life of service.  We live in Newport, NC, are both Rotarians.  We attend the Crystal Coast Church of the Nazarene in Morehead City, NC and volunteer with Wycliffe Bible Translators as advocates for the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, NC.  I am the National Director for North Carolina in Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America and also on the Executive board as the National Administrator.  We both consider ourselves blessed beyond measure to have the privilege of serving our Lord by serving His children.

   Richard and Anita are with two missionary families that they work with and support at JAARS. They are Wycliffe Bible Translator Missionaries.  


Richard Moreau Hearing His Voice Testimony

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