Rick Holt Story

RickHoltMy name is Rick Holt. Since January 1, 2001, I have been a self-employed independent sales contractor with one major client, R & D Marble, Inc.

In 2002 the owner of R & D Marble, Inc. and I determined to expand into the chemical distribution business. R & D Distribution was formed and for the past 14 years my primary source of income has been from selling chemical products into the composite industry.

I began my sales career in 1982.To be brutally honest, the first 14 years were far less than stellar. My personal life and my professional life were filled with anger, massive amounts of alcohol, sexual perversion, and total disregard for relationships of any kind. All that coupled with a driven personality made me appear successful in the work place.

All that changed in November, 1994, when at the tender age of 51, I fell head over heels in love with Jesus and made Him my Lord and my Savior. I say November without a specific day in November because I was so far gone to the wickedness of the world. I actually walked the aisle of the same church on three different Sunday mornings. I was attempting to be sure that I really had been saved and that I now truly belonged to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit was immediately present in my life directing me to begin attending Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, where I was blessed by the teaching of Pastor John Osteen. I wish I could tell you that I began to be transformed immediately but frankly I was like the deer in the head lights. I had a 51 year old earthly body and mind, but the spirit of a new born baby. Spiritual seeds had been planted, and I was hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. He immediately showed me the number of specific times I was on the verge of accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior only to turn and walk away.  In 1975 in Jacksonville, Florida, I attended several Full Gospel Business Men Luncheons where I heard wonderful testimonies from men who had their marriages healed. Their businesses prospered because they had chosen to follow Jesus. Good spiritual seeds were planted, but I chose to walk away and continue to follow the devil. Then in 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona, when a beautiful woman crossed my path, I tried with all my strength to get her to succumb to my fleshly desires only to be combated by her attempts to convince me to invite Jesus into my life. Once again, I chose to walk away with a flippant thought, her loss, not realizing how dangerously close I was to eternal damnation.

It was in early 1995 that I met Alan Clayton while attending a class at Lakewood. Alan was teaching and after class I walked up and introduced myself to Alan with this bold statement, "My name is Rick Holt and I want you to teach me everything I need to know about God." Alan became one of my early mentors. Among the many things he taught me stood out: learn who you are in Christ, be confident in your relationship with Jesus, know that daily you are being transformed into His image, and through Him you have become a child of God.

In June, 1996, Alan and his wife Joy left Lakewood to start The Ark Church in Conroe, Texas. I began attending The Ark church during their third service the third service when the attendance was less than 40. I am still attending and serving as teacher and have become an integral part of the Men's Ministry and the Prayer Ministry with our weekly attendance in excess of 6,000.

It was during my early walk with Jesus in early 1997 that I asked God this question, "What would You have me do?" The Holy Spirit answered with these words, "Rick for the first 51 years of your life you were pretty much a jerk, I want you to try doing things My way, be nice to people, treat them with respect and dignity, love them as I love you." My walk with Jesus has been far from perfect, but I am maturing spiritually, and I can boldly confess that the last 21 years have been far, far better than the first 51.

In late 2009, I received a small book in the mail entitled "God's Promises for You" and inside the book was a 2010 calendar with a scripture for each day of the year, I showed the book to my lovely wife, Linda, with the comment that we should look the scriptures up each day in 2010 as a part of our Bible study. Then I casually flipped the book onto a pile of others to do items on my desk. But God had a better plan and He said, "Why don't you send My promises to some of your friends!" On January 1, 2010, I sent the first Promise out to 25 of my friends. From this meager beginning I now send out God's Promises to approximately 600 each day and many of them forward God's Promises to others in their address book. This obedience has fostered many spiritual relationships as well as wonderful opportunities to pray with others. I invite you to visit the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Training website www.fgbt.org where God's Promises can be found on the tool bar.

In closing, I give you these words, in John 10:10. Jesus tells us that He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly while the devil is purposed to steal, kill, and destroy. Each of us has the ability to choose Jesus and stop the lying, deceptive, and destructive tactics of the devil. We can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. With God it is never too late, I urge you to choose Jesus today.

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