Rex Whitton, III

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My name is Rex M. Whitton, III. I was raised in Kansas City Mo… in a “Leave-it-to-Beaver” style home environment with church going parents. I had a great heritage, being the grandson of the Father of the USA interstate highway system under President Kennedy and Johnson.

I was 3rd generation civil engineer from the University of Missouri and became quite successful in the commercial construction business building major projects all over the United States for two of our nation’s largest General Contractors. 

In college and beyond I lived the life of the typical “Animal House” frat rat party boy. My life was primarily devoted to selfishness. I was driven by the desire to become wealthy, to party as much as possible and pursue as many women as possible. But, I had no interest whatsoever in spiritual things because I was spiritually dead.

On May 18, 1985, at the age of 29 years, I was invited to a Robert Tilton banquet by an old girlfriend who had recently caught fire for Jesus. Afterwards, I picked up one of Tilton’s books and took it home to read. I was alone in my Dallas, Texas, apartment late that evening when I prayed the prayer of salvation from the back of that book and asked Jesus to come into my life. Jesus laid hold of me and made me into a new man….I was born again.

I knew He was real because His entrance into my heart came with unmistakable feelings of peace and joy such as I had never experienced before.

A few days later I prayed the prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit from the back of another book and I started speaking in tongues.

I knew He was real because He immediately took away all of my old selfish evil desires of drinking, drugs, smoking and carousing. He replaced them with new desires that I had never experienced before. Desires that I knew were pleasing to Him. Among other things, I became a man of prayer and developed a voracious appetite for the word of God.

Today I am one of the happiest people on earth because God is using the gifts that He gave me to accomplish the purposes for which He created me.

Within a year of my born again experience, I attended a meeting of the North Dallas Chapter of Full Gospel Business Men and Gene Ellerbee (a Proctor & Gamble Exec.) was the speaker. Gene called me out for a word of prophecy and from that moment until today I have been hooked on the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.

That first meeting spurred me on to start a chapter that saw hundreds birthed into the Kingdom.

Next was a private meeting I had with Founder Demos Shakarian in 1993 in his Boston hotel room during the last world convention he would ever attend. Demos prayed a full gospel businessman anointing over me.

This anointed prayer bore more fruit for the Kingdom through me such as being on staff for the yearly FGBMF Conventions and starting the State Fair of Texas Gospel Outreach where over 15,000 have been birthed into the Kingdom through the preaching of the gospel over the last 15 years.

One of the purposes for which God created me was to preach the gospel. The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship has given me a unique opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. I have been entrusted by Him to lead thousands into the kingdom through the preaching of the gospel via my personal testimony at chapter and convention meetings and via one-on-one gospel proclamation at local outreaches such at the State Fair of Texas and Operation Care Dallas, while at the same time running a very successful and prosperous construction consulting practice.

I know that He also created me so that He could enjoy a Father-son relationship with me. I am enjoying that relationship on a moment-by-moment basis. It is the farthest thing from man-made religion. There are blessings that come with this relationship that I could never have imagined. Every day is an exciting adventure as I walk close to Him.

On the other hand I have discovered the realities of a real war with a real enemy (named the devil) who wants to destroy me and my family.

I recently came through a 16 year season of suffering, testing, training, trials and tribulations that featured felony charges against each of my 3 sons related to drugs and lawlessness, a difficult marriage of 22 years that ended in divorce and the accumulation of $2 million in debt.  But I learned obedience through the things that I suffered just like Jesus did.

Since then God has begun the process of restoration, my sons are doing well, my debts resolved and the Lord has brought a woman of good understanding and beautiful appearance into my life.

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