Reiner Huss Story

I was born in North Germany between two oceans.  I was raised in West Germany and I lived the last five years in Berlin.  I was very involved in history and it was very fascinating for me.    My parents took me to a Lutheran state church in Germany.  I always noticed there was someone above everything, and it fascinated me.  I came to youth services, and I sang the songs, but there was never a point that I said I was in connection with God.  I always thought He was there and that He had His ten commandments, and I just needed to do my best because at the end I knew He would make some kind of choice.  

At the age of 14, I went to a service at the Lutheran church and confessed the words that the pastor said before me.  When I did it, suddenly a voice spoke to me and asked, “Do you believe that?”  I was shocked and I opened my eyes and there was no one speaking to me.  The next Sunday, we came to the same place and we confessed our faith and we came to a passage where we confessed belief in the Holy Spirit.  The same voice asked me, “Do you want to have My Spirit?”  I said, “Yes,” and opened up my eyes but there was no one there.

From that moment on, I loved to pray.  I’ve had no teaching about prayer, but as a young boy I would be on my bicycle riding around joyful and praying.  I had no clue what was happening to me because I was taught nothing about the gospel.  At church we learned when you pray you bow your head, close your eyes, and put your hands together.   I tried doing this on my bike, but ran into a parked vehicle and decided to pray with my eyes open while on my bike.

At the age of 19, I couldn’t handle that everyone at the church was criticizing me.  My parents, teacher, and pastor were unpleased with me.  I couldn’t figure out how God, who was full of color and depth, could have character like these people.  I went out of church and said I would not be back.  I finished my job education as a butcher and went to Bavaria to learn more, thinking I would open my own shop.  There, I got together with charismatic believers in the Lutheran state church.  They had the traditional service early in the morning, but at 11:00 AM, there were people standing and singing joyful songs, raising their hands to God.   I wondered if this was OK, but I liked the joy and trusted my friend so I came Friday evening to a church that was hosted in that same building.  There I saw people who had great families that were successful in life.   This was a totally new picture for me.  In my neighborhood, there was not this kind of joy.

I started seeking God, and I started asking the questions. My friend encouraged me not to worry about the questions, but just to find God.  I started seeking and while I was at a conference was asked, “Who wants to go 100% for God?”  I gave up all my plans and went to Bible school in Berlin.

I went on to raise my family, and pursued my job as a butcher.  Later on, I started a small business selling sports goods and God opened up my mind for international trade.  Within two years, the business had grown tremendously to the point where I couldn’t handle it.  The blessing from God became slavery, and I was becoming a workaholic.  I feared picking up the phone early in the morning because I knew I would not get out of the office until it was dark, and I was totally tired.

Being a workaholic, I lost my family.  The market got weak and the business went down.  God pointed out very clear, “You give up.”  I said, “God I trust You, and I want to give up.” I lost tons of friends.  I was totally burned out.

God visited me with His presence, and over four weeks, God spoke to me about the original calling He had on my life.  The presence was so intense and for the first time in my life, I really experienced comfort.  God brought me back to the very first moment my father rejected me, and healed my heart deeply.  

I moved to the United States as a missionary and asked God, “What is my mission?”  His Spirit was drawing us toward a convention center, and it was the first time I had seen things like this in the States.  What I saw there has really brought my heart on track.  What I want to keep in my heart is how God created me, trained me, and formed my heart.

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