Introduction by Bob Higley: Randy Weiss is a PhD. He's also a founder and president of Cross Talk International, a weekly TV ministry airing since 1994. This show goes all over the world. He's been in ministry since in 1973 and was actively involved serving the Underground Church in Communist lands for many years. He has served as Chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) TV Committee and currently serves on the NRB Board of Directors--the largest religious broadcaster association in the world.

Randy is Co-Executive Chairman of Edge Spectrum, Inc., a next generation broadcasting spectrum technology company. Randy is a minister, a businessman, a TV broadcaster, and a Lifetime Member of FGBFI.

   My name is Randy Weiss, and I want to thank you for coming tonight. I don’t want to talk about our ministry or our business. I want to talk about Jesus and what Jesus did in my life. And I want everyone to know how they can go to heaven. I happened to spend the day yesterday with a good friend who is the president of the one of the largest television transmitter manufactures in America. At one point we did get to talk a little bit about heaven. You know a lot of people don't know how to go to heaven. And some of them are in churches. Yet they still don't know how to go to heaven. Well my friend was explaining to me that Forrest Gump had died. It was a tragic story. But when Forrest arrived at the pearly gates, St. Peter said, “Forrest it’s good to see you.” Forrest said, “Thank you. I’m here and I want you to go to heaven.” St. Peter said, “Certainly Forrest. But first there is a little test.” Now for the audience, you do need to know that there really is a test to go to heaven. And so St. Peter said to Forrest, “I’m going to ask you three questions. The first one is: How many days begin when the letter T?” Forrest thought for a moment, and said, “Uhh two.” St. Peter said, “That’s right! Which two Forrest?” And Forrest said, “Uhh, today and tomorrow?” St. Peter said, “Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind, but Forrest, that’s a good answer too.” Next St. Peter said, “Forrest I want you to use your math skills. How many seconds are there in a year?” Forrest thought for a minute and said, “12?” St. Peter said, “12? Okay Forrest, how did you arrive at 12? I was thinking more like 31,536,000. But okay, why 12?” And Forrest said, “Ahhh there’s the second of January, the second of February, the second . . .” St. Pete stopped him and said, “Well, you know Forrest, I might have not asked that question quite right. So I think your answer is perfect. Now there’s just one more question Forrest. And this one is easy” So he asks Forrest, “What is God’s name?” And Forrest said, “Oh that’s a simple one,” and Forrest says, “God’s name is Andy.” And St. Peter just shook his head and asked, “Forrest? Andy? Really? How did you get there?” And Forrest said, “Well I learned it in Sunday School.” Then he began singing, “Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me. Andy tells me…”

   Now I want to clarify. There really is a test to get into heaven. You must be Born Again, and I want to tell you how that happened for me. I am a child of the 60s. Sex, drugs, Rock and Roll. I’m Jewish. I was born into a very observant, traditional Jewish home. But being Jewish is a lot like being Catholic, or like being a Lutheran or a being Pentecostal. Being a part of any religious group isn’t necessarily sufficient to keep you from sin. Sometimes there is just no power in a religion to keep you from sin. Though I love Judaism and Jews, my religion didn’t keep me from sin.

   In 1965, as a young teenager, I joined a Rock and Roll band. Music had a very bad effect on me. By 1968 I had started using drugs like LSD. In 1970, I was going to Indiana University. But in short order I quit college. I had already tried everything from marijuana to black tar heroin. I was living a pretty pathetic life. I am ashamed to say that I am responsible for an abortion. I’ve had to carry that knowledge. It’s a difficult thing to say. But I am forgiven. I’m forgiven!

   My mother used to always tell me, “Remember where you come from.” Of course she was really telling me, “Remember that you are Jewish.” But God also wants me to remember from where he brought me. I was lost. I had overdosed on drugs numerous times. I was a coke freak. I will not go into details because I didn’t come here to talk about bad things. I just want everyone to know that God loved me when I was very unlovable.

   And the Church did not love me very much. No one reached out to tell me. The only thing I’d ever heard from Christians was, “Stay away from my daughter.” So I didn’t have a real good experience with Christianity before coming to know Jesus. I didn’t know anything about Him. And Christians just didn’t seem to have time for me or much interest people like me. I became a drug pusher. But I must also say that a lot of my friends were Christians. At least they came from Christian homes so I assumed they were Christians. But they were doing the same things I was doing.

   I was a musician. I began doing solo gigs playing in bars, clubs and coffee houses. Even churches would call me to come and sing in their church coffee houses. I guess some churches were run by very foolish people. I’m not saying all of them, but some of them were misguided. They should never have let me into a church to influence their youth. Maybe they thought that bringing young people into a church building, even for a non-Christian performance, might give the youth a reason to come to church. Maybe the leaders didn’t know who was wooing their youth. Nevertheless, being in church is only a really good thing if the Gospel is preached.

   In 1972, I made my first record. It was in Hollywood, California. I was going to be a Rock and Roll star. Then an amazing thing happened. I fell in love with a beautiful little Italian girl. I asked her to come and live with me. And she said, “No!” I didn’t understand that. It didn’t make any sense to me. So I asked, “What do we have to do to live together?” And she said, “Well we have to get married.” I said, “What!? Are you serious!?” So I took a bunch of drugs. The TV was on. There happened to be a TV preacher talking. I said, “Okay, let’s get married. We’ll get married if he marries us.” Well, there was an address on screen at the end of the program. It was up in Northern Minnesota. So we drove all the way up to Northern Minnesota. By the time we got there, it was the middle of the night. It could have been two o’clock in the morning. I found the place that was listed. It happened to be where he lived. I went and I knocked on his door. I made lots of racket but he never came out. However, the neighbor came out and yelled, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m coming to see Reverend so-and-so. He is going to marry us!” The neighbor asked, “Does he know that?” I said, “No.” We had come all the way from a town near Chicago. And this fellow says, “He is in Chicago!” I said, “Oh no!!!” So I had to get back into my little painted up 1964 Volkswagen Bug. My “wife” Adrienne asked, “Now what are we going to do?” I said, “I don’t know.”

   By the way, throughout most of my life, some people would say nice things about me. They seemed to think I do important stuff. But most of the time, I really don’t know what I’m doing. Really, I don’t know much. I mean I know a lot about a little, but it really is not about stuff people are interested in. And most of the time I’m doing stuff, just taking the step that the Lord tells me to take. I just take one step. There is so much I don’t know.

   Well, she asked again, “What are we going to do?” and I said, “I don’t know.” So I just began driving our little Volkswagen right through the middle of the night. I thought I was just driving back to the Chicago area. But we drove into a Northern Minnesota blizzard. And we got stuck out in a deep snowdrift all the way up to the running boards of this little Volkswagen. She then asked, “Now what are we going to do?” Well, I knew I had to get us towed out. And she asked again, “Now what are we going to do?” The next day I finally got her back to her parent’s house. They had already alerted the police. When I pulled into their driveway, her father came out. I didn’t know her parents. You see I was always afraid of parents; I stayed away from parents. Well, her father came out of the door and stood on the steps. He said, “Where have you been!” So I told him. “We went to get married.” And he said, “You’ve made me the happiest man!” And we moved in with her parents.

   Oh my poor wife, who wasn’t really yet my wife. She was very uncomfortable with this arrangement. As you might guess, she asked, “What are we going to do?” And I said, “I don’t know.” But she just couldn’t take it. After a while, I suggested, “We’d better go elope.” So we told her parents we were going to go on our honeymoon.

   At that time, I had a total of $600 to my name from the last drug deal I had made. And we started life on that $600 dollars and my ‘64 Volkswagen Bug. It was paid for as were my guitars. So we headed out on a combination honeymoon/record promotion tour. And, eventually, we did get married on our honeymoon. The first place we tried refused to marry us. But we got to Yankton, South Dakota; we were officially married by a judge. It was scary. All of the sudden, very unexpectedly, I was married. And I didn’t know how to be married. I was an unkind man. I was rude. I was very inconsiderate. And I don’t know why she stayed with me . . . well, actually, she didn’t. She left me on our honeymoon. But I got her back before too long.

   Our honeymoon was mainly visiting musicians and radio stations while living in VW bug. When we got near Phoenix, Arizona, I saw a big tent out there in the desert. And this big tent had a sign on it. It said, “CHRIST IS THE ANSWER!” As I drove by that thing, I looked and I said to myself, “Christ is the answer!" WHAT’S THE QUESTION?” Well, we ended up at a Jewish friend’s house in Phoenix. Now I need to mention that before we left town on our trip, I had bought some books. One of them was The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. There have been a lot of people who have read that book and it affected them. I knew nothing about Jesus. And when I bought that book, I did so because I thought it was going to tell me things about the end of the world. To me, the world just seemed to be going crazy. I had gone back to college in 1972. I was studying ancient Greek and Hebrew civilizations. That certainly wouldn’t equip anyone for a job in anything. But the book title had gotten my attention. As I read the book, a miracle happened. I learned that I was a sinner. I didn’t know that. The book explained things about Messianic Prophecy. Nobody had ever told me these things. As I was reading and learning, I would go and tell my wife, “Did you know?!” She had been raised Catholic, so she would respond, “Yeah I knew.” And as I kept reading and would reach the next truth, I would go get her and ask, “Did you know!?” and she would say, “Yeah, So what?” To me this book was explaining the most amazing things. And as I read, God did a miracle! The Bible says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” In that moment he showed me that I was one of them “all.” I was a sinner. And I learned that the wages of sin is death. Until then, I didn’t know that! Nobody had ever told me. And at that moment, I would have done anything to get free of the guilt I felt. You see, the Holy Spirit of the living God convicted me of my sins. It was a miracle.

   Listen, to me. It doesn’t do a lick of good for anybody to tell someone, “You are a bad person.” Because until they know in their heart that they’ve done wrong, and they are guilty, it means nothing! You don’t judge somebody. You don’t convict somebody. It is the spirit of the living God Who convicts a sinner of his or her sinfulness. God convicted me. I became a desperate person. I would have done anything to be free of the guilt that I felt. And I didn’t know what to do. But the book showed me. I read the book and at the back of the book it contained directions. Essentially, it said, “Say this prayer” . . . and I did. You know the difference between a coke freak and a Jesus freak? A miracle, a second, a twinkling of an eye. Deliverance! I was delivered. God changed me, in a moment!

   I told my wife and I told my friend. I know what we have to do. That tent out there in the desert! It said Christ is the answer! And I said we're going back to that tent tonight. And my wife said, “No, we're not.” And my friend said, “You know, you are on a drug trip. You know?” And I said, “No, we’ve got to go back to that tent. Come on, we’ve got to go back to that tent. I dragged them out to that tent. And man, there were long-haired people just like me with long beards, singing, playing music . . . they were carrying on. And it felt a little bit like I had found a home. I was saved the moment I asked God to forgive me.

   The moment I depended on the sacrifice of Jesus, I was saved.

   But it was a great opportunity to be amongst the people of God. And these were God's people. These were Jesus freaks. So when it was all done . . . well, I’d never really been to church. I mean, I’d been to a wedding or a funeral or something. But when the preacher was done talking, I could tell they had reached the end of this thing. And there was something happening. People started going forward. I told my wife, “Let's go. This is the time we’re supposed to go up there.”

   And I told my friend, “Come on now. We’ve got to go.” He said, “No way I’m going up there.” I said, but this is what we're supposed to do now. Can’t you see, what we’re supposed to do?” You don't convince somebody else.

   I said that, “I’m going.” And I knew that meant something very different. I knew I was going alone. And when I got up there, I was kind of doing what the other people were doing. I didn’t know exactly what was happening. But the preacher came and he talked to me afterwards. Now you need to know they had given me a newspaper--a printed thing that was part of their ministry when we had arrived. At the top of the little newspaper, it said, “You shall dwell in tents.” I think it was a text from Jeremiah. So I told the preacher, I said, “I’m going to be coming with you.” He said, “Oh that's wonderful!” But he was a bit puzzled. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Well I saw on your newspaper, it said “you shall dwell in tents.” I’m going to come with you.”

   And I said, “But look, my wife's not going to come. “And he said, “Excuse me? “I said “My wife, “and I pointed to her. “She's not going to come.” And he said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Well, she didn’t want to come up here and I’m sure she’s not going to come and live in the tent.”

   And the fellow said, “Are you married?” I said, “Well, yes sir I am and we're on our honeymoon.” And he said, “Son, you have to dwell with your wife.” I said, “No, she’s not coming.” And he said, “No, son. Have you read the Bible?” I said, “No sir, I read the Late Great Planet Earth.”

   And he said, “Son, you have to dwell with your wife.” He gave me a Bible and I said, “Okay, I didn’t know what to do.” But he said I had to stay with my wife. And I finally had a Bible. And I just stayed with my wife like he said. And I knew what I was supposed to do next.   I had to tell people. When God saved me, he called me to tell everyone that Jesus Christ changed my life!

   And everyone who is saved is called with the same very simple call. Tell everyone that Jesus changed my life!” If you’re not telling people, I want to ask you, are you sure you're born again? Are you sure you know the Living God? Because how can you know something so marvelous then keep it yourself?

   So I knew I had to go to tell my best friend what had happened to me. We drove out to California to see my best friend. I told him Jesus changed my life, “I’m saved. I’m born again!” We were friends since I was about eight years old. His parents were Pentecostals. He was not saved. And he said to me, this is kind of classic, he says, “You're saved. “I said, “Yes.” He then asked me, “Have you been baptized?” I said, “No, what’s that?” He said, “Oh, you have to be baptized. If you died today do you know . . .?” And it’s like, oh wait, I didn’t know about that.” He says, “Yeah, you have to be baptized.”

   My friend passed away some years ago. I preached his funeral. But anyhow, I said, “Okay I need to get baptized and that’s what I want to do. How do I do that?” He said, “Well if it was me, I would go to the little Pentecostal church nearby.” I said, “Okay, well let’s go do that.” He said, “No. I’m not doing that.”

   And I said, “I’m going to go do that.” And I told my wife I said I’m going to go get baptized. I asked her to come to church with me. I had learned this news on Saturday night, Sunday morning; I intended to be that little Pentecostal church. But Saturday night was a terrible night! I was afraid. I was confused. And I was alone. I knew that there were strange things happening to me. I knew that I was going to lose my parents, my sisters and my friends. I knew that there could be no turning back if I went to that church and got baptized. I opened up the Bible that the preacher had given me. I turned to Psalm ninety-five. It was sort like Bible bingo I guess. But I have to tell you this, I opened up the Bible and I read “For He is our God and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand.” And I began crying. I said, “Oh God! Please! Let me be Your people. Please God, accept me. Please God let me be Yours. Let me be Your sheep. Please God.” When I read that I begged God. I was so afraid and so alone. I didn’t have anybody to explain anything to me. But God loved me. So I went to that little church and I sat in the back. There was a nice little old lady sitting in front of me. She turned around and saw this real long-haired guy with a long beard. And she was nice to me. She greeted me. She welcomed me and an amazing thing happened. It was amazing. The preacher said, “It’s testimony time!”

   And this old guy walked up on stage and he said, “I have a testimony! The greatest miracle that ever happened to me. And it happened to me thirty years ago. God saved me!” And there I was, sitting at the back of a church, and it was like, “Oh my God! Nobody ever did anything like that in temple; I promise you we never saw anything like that! I was just dumbfounded!

   Now I want to tell you something. If God ain’t done something for you in thirty years . . . if the greatest thing that happened to you was thirty years ago . . . you need to get a little bit closer to God. Because God wants to do stuff in our lives! But at that time, I was just astounded. And then the next incredible thing happened. The little old lady who was sitting in front of me, she stood up. She was facing the stage. And she just started talking . . . and not in any kind of language that was from those parts. I didn’t know what was going on. But then a more amazing thing happened. The Spirit of God spoke my prayer back to me!

   From Psalms 95:7. He answered my prayer. I want you to know, in retrospect, knowing a little about how the Spirit of God works; let me tell you that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real! What really was happening with that old lady, but nobody explained to me, was that I was given the gift of interpretation of tongues. In that moment, God wanted to tell me what I needed to hear so that my heart would be at peace and I would know I was accepted!

God wanted to comfort me and tell me that I wasn’t alone. I heard Him. And I understood some of the message she had given in tongues! Then she sat down and I stood up. I bolted right up to the front. I told the pastor that I want to get baptized!

   That night I went back and I got baptized and I’ve been telling everybody that I can since I left that tent that Jesus changed my life. Jesus is alive! And I’m born again!

   I don’t want anybody in this room to even think about leaving this room if they are alienated from God. If you need the power of the Spirit of God to direct your steps, God will guide you. I admit that most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing. But I don’t think that bothers me. I don’t let that hold me back.

   God is faithful to show me the next step He wants me to take. I just have to be obedient to take one step and you just need to be obedient to take one step. I want to tell you God can do great and amazing things in the life of anyone who’s willing to just say yes and take a step. I’ve done things in the ministry. But it would be ridiculous for me to stand up here and tell you of the things that you might think I’ve done because you’d be very mistaken. I am just a helpless guy willing to just let Jesus be my Lord, my King!

   Let the Spirit of God guide you one step at a time. I want to encourage you to be willing to let God direct your steps, one-step-at-a-time. And if He asks you to do something impossible, it’s His problem, it isn’t yours!

   I will ask you to pray for us. There are two real important things that are taking place in that we’re powerless and helpless. We’re facing the impossible. We need God in the ministry and one in business. One project that we produced that was mentioned is called Today With God. We’re taking four books of the Bible, in theatrical release, dramatic presentations. We licensed them . . . God allowed us to have access to them, and we’ve created an episodic format for them on television and for evangelistic use. There are thousands of pastors and seminary students in Cuba that are using our Cuban Spanish version. And there have been thousands of people that had come to faith . . . through what God has done. We’re just along for the ride. God has done it. And God has been doing it in the nation of Cuba. Pray that Cuba will be won for Christ.

   They need the Gospel and they’re hungry for the Gospel. The second part of this is that the same project is being used in India. There are a billion people in India. And the project has been being used in India with great effectiveness. One of the pastors in India was telling us there was a church with twenty people attending. And since they began using the project, the church has grown to five hundred! The Archbishop of the Church of India has asked us to produce the project in the top ten languages of the nation. When complete, 100% of the population of India would be able to understand it if they had access to it. And he has personally committed to take it to ten thousand churches.

   And the ten thousand churches will take it to the people of India. We pray for the project in India.

   On the business side, pray for Edge Spectrum, Inc. You’re aware of the consolidation of media, the mergers and acquisitions. Our nation’s ability to communicate is going to be monopolized. There’s going to be a half a dozen gatekeepers left that will be deciding what’s fit for the airwaves. That’s what it’s going to come down to . . . unless somebody does something. We’re trying to do something. God gave me an assignment about ten years ago to capture the bandwidth and lay it at the feet of Jesus. We have about a hundred and forty-four Christian television stations that we built or bought or expanded around the country. And hope to build two hundred and eighty-seven. We have been granted Construction Permits by the FCC and we must do this. I don’t know how we will do this. But I know what we are supposed to do. We need God! We need a miracle. But if we don’t do this, I’m telling you, the time is going to come when there will be horrible censorship of the Gospel. And we can’t let that happen. I’m done. I said what I came here to say.

   If there’s anybody here that lacks the knowledge that they’re saved, they’re born again, they’re going to heaven, don’t leave here without making a commitment to the Lord and finding the peace that so many of us in this room have found. And if there’s anyone in this room that is unaware about the moving of the Spirit of the Living God in your life, and you want God’s Spirit to be resident and overflowing in your life, I will pray with you. There are people in this room who will pray with you. And if you have needs that you want to be prayed for, we want to pray for you.

   Can I do two minutes? Because I want to declare something to you so there’s no misunderstanding. I don’t want anybody to think or to misunderstand why I came here, what I believe, or why I believe it. I just want to be clear. I have encapsulated my confession into a very simple little song. This is what I believe. I really believe this. [Singing] I’m blessed, I’m blessed, and I’m blessed! Hallelujah! I am blessed! I know Christ Jesus died for me. I’m blessed, I’m blessed, and I’m blessed!

   Randy: [singing] By grace alone, I’m free!

                             Christ has atoned for me.

                             By grace alone I have a home with God eternally. With confidence I say, His spirit will guide my way. God will empower me every hour to live and serve today. By faith I’m saved today. By the Life, the Truth, the Way, my faith in Him now hides my sin. That faith allows me to say. I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed! Give thanks and proclaim I’m blessed! Salvation’s mine by God’s design. I’m blessed, I’m blessed I’m blessed!

All: I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed!

Randy Weiss Hearing His Voice

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