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   Tony Perkins is going to interview Congressman Randy Weber a Christian leader on Capitol Hill. On Randy’s 20th birthday on July 2, 1973, Randy saw a group of Christians who he described as having something he did not have, and he wanted it. His conversion experience coming to Christ that followed, turned his life completely around. After college, he married his wife, Brenda, in 1981 and started his own heating and air company. He said building his business required what his grandfather called, "Good old-fashioned Texas horse sense and a strong work ethic."

   The same year, Ronald Reagan became president, and the Iranians immediately released the hostages from the US Embassy in Tehran. President Reagan's decisive leadership inspired Randy to get involved in politics. He worked hard for years in the grassroots level of politics serving as a precinct chairman, elections clerk, elections judge, and city councilman until 2008. He won election to the Texas State House. In his first year at the office, the Texas Conservative Coalition named him the most conservative member of the Texas House of Representatives. Then in 2013, Randy became a member of Congress when he was elected in the 14th District of Texas which is south of Houston. During his whole life, he has lived within a twenty-mile radius down by the Gulf Coast.

   In 2020, he received Faith Research Council (FRC) Action's True Blue Award for defending faith, family, and freedom. Congressman Weber serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology where he is the ranking member of the energy subcommittee. By the way, this is the committee where a lot of the life issues come through, so it is an important committee. He is also a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus and the Values Action Team which FRC set up many, many years ago. Representing Texas' 14th Congressional District, Randy lives with his wife, Brenda, of forty-four years in Pearland, Texas. He and his wife are active in their local church. They have three children and eight grandchildren. Randy, welcome back to the program.

Randy Weber: Well, thank you, Tony. It is an honor and a privilege to be back.

Tony: I just want people to hear your story. Can you share with us your conversion experience of when you came to Christ and the influence that it has had on your life?

Randy: I would say that Jesus is an awesome God. He is and only true God. The scripture John 14:6 says, "He is the way, truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except through Me." I did not grow up the a church,

Tony. I grew up in a strong work-ethic family, as you eluded, my grandfather, and my father had the same work ethic. By the way, my grandfather came over by boat to Germany in 1903. My grandmother, too, came over from Germany in a different boat.

   But anyway, so I was a good guy, as far as my work ethic was concerned, but I got into drugs in high school. In first Corinthians 13, Paul writes, "Bad Company corrupts good morals." So, I began doing drugs. I was a flower child of the 60s. Unlike some elected officials, I actually inhaled. At least I will admit that. I took pills, acid, LSD, uppers, and downers. On July 2nd, as you talked about 1973 on my twentieth birthday, I came face to face with Jesus Christ, who turned my life around. I have been attending the Church Redeemer which is located in Houston, Texas. Those people have the fire to the Lord. It is something that I did not have. My girlfriend was with me doing drugs, and we were selling drugs - marijuana and pills.

   Anyway, a friend of ours stopped by and said, "I want to try something and I said, "What is it?" His name is Jeff Wilson. I said, "I do not want to go to church." I said, "Jeff, you are crazy." But my girlfriend that I was living with at that time got saved and kicked me out of her apartment, Tony. I wanted to investigate this and thought something is powerful going on here. I was working as a welder's helper in a construction company. So, I began to play church, I quit smoking, drinking, cussing, telling bad jokes, and cussing for four months. I started this in February to May of '73.

   My job at the construction company was just dragging me down. My friends at work said, "You got to go out have some beer with us. You have not had any alcohol in a long time, you quit smoking, and you quit cussing. What is wrong with you?" Well, I caved in to their pressure on July 2nd, 1973, and went back to the beer joint with them. We were drinking, cussing, and telling bad jokes.

   I came home for my birthday, Tony Perkins, Barbara was with my mother fixing a birthday dinner and my mom gave me a little Bible for my birthday. I never had a Bible. I walked down the hall toward my bedroom and the Lord said, "Read Ephesians 4:2-3 and receive the bond of peace." Now, Tony, I did not know the scripture. I never read the Bible. So, I had to lookup Ephesians in the table of contents, and also read chapters five and six. While reading chapter five I saw my sin - adultery and sexual immorality, coarse jokes, dirty stories. The Lord said, “These are not for you.”

   I got on my knees by my bed and said, "Dear Lord, You are speaking directly to me. Please come into my heart. Forgive me for my sins, be my personal Savior." I got up and cried and walked into the kitchen where Barbara and my mom were fixing dinner. The phone rang in the kitchen. It was an old rotary dial phone in my parents' house. Jeff said in his deep voice, "Randy, I am just calling to tell you how glad I am that you just got saved." You cannot make this stuff up. I spun around to Barbara and I said, "Barbara, did you call Jeff?" She said, "Jeff? Who is Jeff - Jeff Thompson or Jeff Wilson?" "This was Jeff Wilson. He knows I just got saved." She said, "Well, praise the Lord."

   In the Gospel John chapter three, Nicodemus came to Jesus by night and Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God?" Well, for Randy Weber, I was born a second time. I was born again on my regular birthday. I was born the first time on July 2nd, 1953, and born the second time on July 2nd, 1973. I have never been the same.

Tony: Wow, what a powerful story of the redemptive nature of God, the power of His grace and of His mercy, but also the power of friends being just persistent in sharing faith and just modeling that. That is a powerful story.

Randy: Absolutely. When the church will do what Jesus leads us to do, commands us to do, and wants us to do- He lives to intercede for us every day while we seek His will. The church will grow. He will be glorified and honored, and the church will grow.

Tony: It sounds like a radical change in your life when you came to know Jesus Christ. How did Randy Weber change after that? What became your focus?

Randy: Well, a couple of things happened. My old friends that I had not seen since high school would say, "Hey, man. Do you have any good stuff? "Yes, boy, do." I said, "I have got something that everybody needs, and we will share the Lord with him. But what happened was my old girlfriend, Barbara, went in into the ministry, and I decided to go back to college. I felt the Lord leading me back to college, and that is where I met my bride, Brenda Gail. Of course, we got married. I met her in November of '74. She lived in Lake City, Texas, and I lived in Pearland. By the way, we live in Friendswood, Texas now.

   Anyway, so we dated for two years and got married. Of course, as you already pointed out, I was going to go to law school. We were going to wait five years to have kids. I met her at Alvin Junior College. I failed out of my first two years in college because all I did was drink and run around, do drugs, and all that party kind of stuff. Before I made Jesus savior, my first year of college, I had four Fs and a D on my transcript because I forgot to drop classes. I just was not interested. I was not engaged at all, but I wound up with a 3.2 after graduating from the University of Houston at Clear Lake, because I made straight As after I got saved.

   Brenda and I got married in '76. We were going to wait five years to have kids because I was going to law school and I would tell people we were going to wait five years. We were married eleven months, three weeks, and one day when Ms. Kristin Nicole was born. So, God had a different plan. We have three kids and eight grandkids.

   I started at this company and was very active. When I saw President Reagan on TV, he talked about freedom. He believed in smaller government, lower taxes, and individual freedom. Tony, here is what people forget, he also believed in individual responsibility and people forget that. They want freedom, but they do not necessarily want the responsibility that comes along with it.

Tony: That is right.

Randy: I told my bride, Brenda Gail, "You know what; I am going to work for him when he runs for re-election." So, in '83, I got involved as a precinct chair, court election judge. Then I ran for city council in Pearland and served from 1990-1996. I was a Texas State Representative from 2008 to 2012. I was a grand jury commissioner for Brazoria County, president of the Brazoria County Cities Association, and chair of the Pearland Area Republican Party Headquarters.

   When Ron Paul announced that he was retiring in July 2011, my chief of staff called and said, "Randy, have you heard the news?" "What’s that?" "Ron Paul is retiring." I said, "Well, good for him." He said, "No, no. People are calling up here and saying you need to run." I said, "For Congress? Have you lost your mind?

Tony: Randy, I want to hear about how your walk with the Lord and your Christian faith shapes how you approach your duties as a member of Congress. Congressman Randy Weber represents Texas' 14th congressional district. He was serving in the house there in Texas and Ron Paul announced his retirement and he was contacted about running. He has dismissed it at first, but then said, "Let us pray about it."

Randy: Well, thank you, Tony. So, we met and talked about it, I said, "The last thing I want to do one those inauguration talks and talk about myself." My bride taught fourth grade; she gets to twenty-seven years. I can get away for the summer, she was out of school, we could get in our travel trailer, we could go camping anywhere in Texas with the grandkids and we were just having a good time doing it when this came up. I said, "No way, Jose. I do not want myself. Do I look stupid?" But anyway, I said, "Well, we will have dinner, we will talk, we will pray." Then so Bren and I began a prayer journey probably one to two weeks with the Lord, "Is this your next step for us? Do you want us to do this? We have a secure seat in the Texas House of Representatives, I feel like we are making a difference there, and is this where you want us?" I got to be honest, Tony, I said, "Someday are going to- no, I just do not think that- I am just not getting that message" and Brenda said the same thing.

   Finally, after about a week and a half, we said, "You know what? We think this is the Lord's message after having spent time praying together over it." So, we said, "Okay, we will invest money and we went to a lot of our own money running." We went there, there were nine people to replace Ron Paul in the Republican primary and the former Congressman, Nick Lampson, on the Democratic side and the five, Tony.

   So, we said, "Okay, Lord, if this is you, then this is what we are going to do." Tony, we stepped out in faith, we did not live in the district. We live three miles from the district line, and our good republican friend said, "Hey, you know what, we are thinking about carpet bagging. We want you to live in the district." We sold our house what I have built for Brenda Gail in 1992. The one that was her dream home and we move into the district before we ever won the primary.

Tony: Wow.

Randy: We were just totally all in. We felt like it was the Lord, He could use us there and that if it was His will. We would be there and will not really overly concern about stepping out of the house, the house I have built for Brenda. So, we won, we got to runoff, and we won that runoff. That was the election season. It was postponed because of a lawsuit back in 2012. The primary was supposed to be March, it was April 29th, the runoff was July 31st. Tony, when we were out knocking on doors and shared our message, and man, was it hot. Can you imagine walking and knocking on doors on July 31st?

Tony: Yes. I did it in August in Louisiana when I ran for office. So yes, I know exactly what you are talking about.

Randy: Oh, yes. So, we come up here to Washington, DC and find that there are believers up here. You find that there is a lot of policy; obviously, Texas is a very conservative state as Louisiana, and I think is too. So, we want family values. When I was in the Texas House, we passed probably one, if not the strongest anti-abortion laws in the country. This was certainly, the strongest anti-abortion law in the country. No tax dollars spent. Planned Parenthood went berserk, obviously.

Tony: I remember.

Randy: You all, yes. So, when you come up here, you would look, we want to bring those same Texas values up here, and you find that it is even a tougher battle up here because there are fifty states, most of them, not conservative. So, it is okay. We want to come in where we stand strong for family values, for the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, less debt, less government control, freedom of religion, and the freedom to worship however you want to. So, it has been a battle up here but I think as long as I am doing what the Lord would expect of me, as much as a human possibly can, it does not mean that sometimes I do not get tired or "Gosh, what was I thinking?"

Tony: Well, Randy, I want to talk about the kind of the motivating factors that brought you here. Now you are in Washington, bringing those same values that obviously are at your core of who you are in Christ and those things that are important but let us talk a little bit, in the few minutes we have remaining, about the role your faith plays as a member of the Congress. Because you talked about religious freedom, there are many that would say "You should check your faith at the door of public service, it should have nothing to do with the decisions you make." What do you say to that?

Randy: Yes, it is very simple. I have a very simple scripture for them, Tony. Jesus said, "Whoever is ashamed of me before men, of Him, will I be ashamed before my Father who is in heaven." As you know, Jesus paid way too much of a price for Randy Weber, for me to ever let that happen. I tell people, "I am unashamed that I am actually Christian. I follow Jesus. He is the only true God. Read your scripture. It is pretty simple. Mohammed died. He is in the grave. Who wants to worship a fake God who hides us in the grave? I can die and be in the grave." But of course, Jesus conquered death, the last enemy to be destroyed all while he is dead. Now, no great words that are saying, "Where is the victory?" So, I am never ashamed when people say that to me. I said, "Oh, I am sorry. I just cannot go there."

Tony: Yes. I think it is as important as believers, and it is one of the reasons we share the stories of so many men and women here in Congress that our men and women of deep faith. So that other people across the country see Christians in Congress, and so we can have Christian plumbers and not be ashamed of Christian policemen who are not ashamed of their faith, and Christian bankers who are not afraid to display their faith. I think it is extremely important that whatever we do, we do all for the glory of God and that is a part of religious freedom. That is, as we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, four hundred years ago the pilgrims came here for that very concept to live our lives according to our faith, poured concept.

Randy: That is right.

Tony: Randy Weber, I want to thank you for joining us. It is great to be with you and thanks so much for your leadership on Capitol Hill.

Randy's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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