Terry Chesbrough Story

My name is Terry Chesbrough, and I teach International business principles. I have provided training for leaders. Many of these businessmen have prospered in their local communities.

Some of the countries where I have taught leadership business principles were in Mexico, Brazil, China, Romania, and additional counties throughout Asia. I now reside in Fort Worth, Texas, with my lovely wife, Lynn, of 38 years. We continue to thrive with new businesses globally.

I have a history with the Full Gospel Businessman. I love Full Gospel Businessmen. When I first met the Lord Jesus Christ, I was living in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a Texas transplant. I attended a Full Gospel Businessmen convention in 1972. There were 5,000 men at the convention in Dallas, Texas. I got excited about the Holy Spirit. I saw tremendous things. There were people running, walking, and jumping who had been healed by God. They were all good men, and I had a love for all of them for the last 40 years.

I would like to tell you my story. I grew up in a broken home with much domestic violence, in Jacksonville, Florida. I will never forget seeing my dad walking across the patio with a 5 pound bag of flour. He walked over to my mother and broke the bag over her head. Flour was everywhere. It was in her hair and on her face. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. God protected me.

 Leaving at the age of 4, with my mother and 3 siblings, we fled to Atlanta, Georgia, seeking stability and safety. We lived under extreme poverty conditions for the next ten years with very little parental supervision. The most serious problem of all was a severe identity crisis having no male role model in our home.

At age 15, I had a very bad relationship with my mother in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to go visit my dad in Cleveland, Ohio, but she held me hostage. After days of crying, she changed her mind and let me go. I went to live with my father. During my high school days in Cleveland, Ohio, I never met anyone called, a believer in Jesus, or I surely would have listened and received.

I sought that acceptance as a teenager through the party life. At age 18, I listened to a powerful message from Billy Graham on television, about the Lord Jesus Christ. The hunger to know God on a personal level was birthed in my heart. Within weeks, while working late one night selling Kirby vacuum cleaners, I knocked on the door of a youth minister on June 28 at 10:30PM. Cody and Whitney invited me inside their home, and I noticed a Powerful Peace that filled the whole house. I was curious and started asking questions. How does Jesus Christ fit into a person’s life? What a great question to ask a youth minister. That was like a person going fishing and the fish start jumping in the boat. They shared the love of Jesus using the four spiritual laws. By the time they got to the third law, I heard the audible voice of the Lord Jesus Christ calling out my name. The glory of God filled the house, and I called out the name of Jesus and made Him Lord and Savior. Instantaneous peace, love, and power flooded my heart, and I was transformed miraculously into a new young individual! They looked at me and said, "I think he just received Jesus." They told me not to speak about the Holy Spirit, and avoid at all costs what is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and avoid people who spoke in tongues. The Lord told me to go to Dallas, Texas.

When I got to Dallas, the first five people I met started telling me about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that funny? I was told that speaking in tongues was not real, and these people are telling me that it is. How amazing is our God?

I met a young lady at a Billy Graham crusade. She was baptized in the Holy Spirit and lived around the corner from me. When I went to her house she was not there, so I asked her mother about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She showed me scriptures and laid hands on me and prayed. I went back to my house and shut my bedroom door, and asked Jesus to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. I received the power of God and spoke in tongues.

While attending Christ for the Nations, the Lord told me to go to Mexico. I finished school, and bought a train ticket. I had $25.00 in my pocket for an apartment and rode the train to Mexico City. I found a really nice house and thought I had it made. After seven days, my roommate said, “Get out of here.” I was forced to depend on God. I started a business in Mexico with God as my senior partner. We started to add employees and the business prospered. I sold the business after ten years. Today it has thousands of people working there, and the owners invited me to come back for a visit after 35 years.

The Lord sent me on a trip to China 1982, with a stopover in Seoul, Korea. I met the mother-in-law of Pastor Paul Yongu Cho. My life was changed forever on Prayer Mountain. She prophesied over me that I would go to many nations and she gave me a hundred dollar bill as seed money. All of her words have come to pass!

From that moment in June 1972, I have followed the Lord Jesus Christ all over the world raising up businesses that have produced strong leaders in the community.


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