Phil Robertson


   Phil Roberts: It could be the first time ever. [Blows duck call] I just did that for the ladies. Because I know they're sitting on the edge of their chair saying, "Oh, I hope he blows those duck calls." Always remember this, guys. Do not practice your duck calling inside the house. There's something about a duck call that offends women's ears.

   I was born of a woman, like you. That's how we all got here, at first birth. That first birth gets us on the Earth, right? That got you on the Earth. That second birth gets you off the Earth. Pretty cool. The mother of all stories. Now look, you take a look at me, you say, "He's got his Bible. He's a Godly Man. He has the pulpit. Look out, he's a preacher." Do I look like a preacher to you? Here's a news flash. You think I look a little rough around the edges. John the Baptist looked worse. And he was paving the way for the savior of the world, right? God does work in mysterious ways. Before I became a child of God, I own a beer joint. My little sister Janice told one of the brothers at a congregation there in West Monroe- I'm up in Arkansas. My little sister told that guy, one of the brothers, "If you could convert my brother, if you could convert him, he would bring many, many people to Jesus." And she kept on after him and he says, "I don't know. Going how far is it – seventy-five miles? I don't know about going way up in there. You know. You know going to a beer joint. Is that where we're going? Do you have to go to the beer joint? That's where he is."

   Finally, she talks him into it. So they come in, unbeknown to me. My little sister goes around to the front of the bar passing out tracts. Everybody's getting drunk, "What in the world does a religious Bible thumper doing in here?" They started getting a little hostile toward my sister. So I had to go in and break that up. The guy walks in, she brought- the preacher. And the first thing I asked him was, "You some kind of preacher?" He said, "I am." I said, "Let me ask you something. You ever been drunk?" He said, "I have," I said, "So, why are you up here telling me about getting drunk because you've been drunk just like I'm getting drunk right now. All right?" To make a long story short, that first meeting, he walks outside and tells my little sister when they get in the car, "I don't think he's ready."

   A year later, I ran Miss Kay off and Alan was there. I think Jase was too, a little baby. I ran them off. I was getting high, getting drunk, and getting laid- pretty well in that order. I was a scumbag and a heathen. What's amazing is a year after the initial meeting with the preacher, my loving wife that I'd run off said, "Why don't you talk to him? Just sober up a little bit and talk to him." So, she talked me into it, and he shared with me what I'm fixing to share with y'all.

   To make a long story short, I decided- since I didn't even realize who Jesus was- I was too busy smoking, doping, getting drunk, and getting laid. I'm thinking how did I miss that? I have a couple of college degrees? No, they didn't say anything about God or Jesus when I was in college. Did you at your college? Never brought him up? Father, Son, our Holy Spirit. The only time I heard the word God mentioned when I was in college was they would use his name in vain. So, I decided having been a heathen for twenty-eight years, and I put on my brakes, the preacher didn't have to tell me to repent. I knew what repentance meant. He didn't have to say, "Phil, look, you can't go whoring around once you become a Christian. Let me explain to you what repentance means, Phil." Old Phil knew that. And you know what? All of you know that, don't you? Do you know what doing good is? Do you know what love is? Joy? Peace? Patience? Kindness? Goodness? Gentleness? Faithfulness? Self-control? We all know what that is.

   So, well, I didn't need a big long explanation. I knew it was time and I was motivated by the Gospel of Jesus. And I said, when I served the evil one all this time, now I'm fixing to serve God. So, I go from this way to about-face, and I'm going that way now. And I was committed to God and made a pact with him. I said I'll run wide open for you God, as fast as I ran wide open for the devil for 28 years. So now I've been at this for 42. I was a heathen for twenty-eight years, a son of God for the last 42. Trust me when I tell you, this last 42 has been way better than the first 28. The rarest of commodities has come my way. You say, "What is it, Phil? What's the rarest of commodities? What is it that came your way?" Peace of mind. I finally got it.

   Texas, you're never going to have peace of mind without Jesus Christ, ever. It ain't going to happen. Having fits of rage, sexual immorality, hatred, discord, factions, envy, and jealousy. You know the list of sins. I gave you the list of the fruit of the spirit about 5 minutes ago. Now you're hearing the list of sins. You want to keep that up thinking, "Boy, laugh a turn one of these days. I already know God, know the Bible. Tell me about it." Now, all I work with is people who are getting high, getting drunk, and getting laid. I'm dealing with them. There's a will. If you just understand what I'm going through. I said; trust me, honey, when I tell you I know exactly what you're going through. I've been there. I didn't realize it was such a trap until I got out of it. I get out of the trap- that's what Satan had me in and I look back and I said, what was I thinking? The truth is, I wasn't thinking. So, I've been delivered from Satan, so now, I went from getting high, getting laid, and getting drunk to being a son of God. And now shark of shocks, I'm rich and famous. And you say there is no God?

   Do you know something, Texas? The problem with fame, one, and it’s a big headache. Two is fame can't remove my sin or yours. It can't do it. And on top of that, you say about failure, you said you were rich. It's not going to help me when it comes to being raised from the dead. All the money in the world is never going to be able to raise me from the dead, Texas, right? Better keep first things first. We have humanism, and atheism, and agnosticism, and post-modernism, and materialism. Ism, ism, ism, ism, ism, ism, that's all I heard in college. This ism, that ism, this ism, that ism. One day I finally said, I think I'll write them all down.

   Look, I filled tablet after tablet after tablet. This ism, that ism. Do you know what they're all about? They're all trying to get around this story right here. And none of them have succeeded. If there's no God, Texas, you're never getting off planet Earth alive. They're going to have your funeral and mine. You can go, "Yeah, they're going to have my funeral one of these days and they're going to have Phil's too." You can go like that or you can say, like the guy told me one time, "You're not going to put that on me. You're not going to tell me I'm going to die." I said, oh, you're going to die. He said, "No sir, buddy," he gets up, he said, "No way." I wanted to tell him the good news about the resurrection of Jesus but he was saying, "I'm not going to die." I say, oh, you're going to die.

   So we're arguing about it. I said, well, everybody else has and so are you dude, live with it, and face it. I argued with him for 30 minutes, trying to convince him he was going to die. He left my house saying, "Ain't nobody telling me that kind of junk." Six weeks go by and the guy that brought him, he said, "You know the dude who was arguing with you about dying, Phil?" I said I remember him. He said, "He just did." I said, what happened to him? He said, "He was knifed to death in a bar right up the road." I just wonder. When the blood's spurting forth from him, when he hit the ground, hit the floor, I wonder if he thought about our conversation. God had spoken to him through me 6 weeks earlier. No takers. He said, "Nope, I will not die." I said he's the only human I've ever run up on. I've run up on a lot of them saying they didn't sin. Of course, they were lying, which is a sin.

   But he was the only one I've ever run up on who said, "I'm not going to die." I said, oh, you're going to die, face it. So do all of you, Texas. If in the beginning, God did not create the heavens and the Earth, if that's not what happened, you're not getting out of here- unless you have some information that I'm not privy to. Medical technology, you think that's going to help you? Maybe you can go with Obamacare, may that help you with the grave. It ain't going to help you. Not going to lift you from the grave. Nope.

   You are like, "So what's the scoop?" You have two problems you cannot fix. You can't fix them. One is you came out of your mother. I mentioned that earlier. You know what? You weren't a sinner because you didn't know what the law said. You didn't know what lying was. You're about 2 hours old. You're in a little crib or you're at your mother's breast. You don't know what stealing his. You don't know what getting high is, getting drunk, getting laid. You have no idea what that is. You're an infant. This stuff about pouring water on your head, like you remember that? You sinful little booger you. Give me a break. However, you were a toddler good to go. But when you hit those teenage years along in there somewhere, something happened. The commandment started coming and you did understand. What you inherited from Adam, what you inherited from him, was the ability to know the difference between the- you had the knowledge of good and evil. Remember what God told Adam, "Don't eat over there because if you, you eat at that tree you'll know not only what good is but what evil is. You don't want to go there. Because if you do, you're going to die."

   Well, every last one of us found out what evil was at some point, right, Texas? Some of you started being sexually immoral, early, early, and early. So, you violate one of God's commands. You say, "How many does it take?" Just one. And you've been dead in your sins ever since. You used to be dead in your sins and transgressions, in which you used to live for the saved here. When you follow the ways of the world, and you followed this ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who works in those who are disobedient. You're like, "Oh my goodness." So, when physical death comes along and you're already spiritually dead in your sins, you're cut off forever, eternally. God's not like our government can't pay him off. Can't rope-a-doping, get around him. You say, "God is just." So, for the saved here, I'm like, "Be thankful and you were blessed because your sins have been forgiven. Your sins are covered. No sin will never, ever be counted against you." It'll give you peace of mind knowing on top of that, you can be raised from the dead. How did it happen? What year is it, Texas? "2016," the man said. Walk it back. 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012- walk it back, Texas. You're going to get to year one.

   Something rather large must have happened in year one because we're all saying it's 2016 years since it happened. What could have happened that your calendars based on it? You say, "Well, what do they call all the years before Jesus showed up?" That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6- 6 years since Jesus showed up. 7, 8, you get to 2016. You say, "You call all the years before he got here, all the years before he got here," right? Do you know why you're counting time by? The creator of the cosmos has become a human being, coming forth out of a woman's womb, just like all of you, the same kind of birth. The difference between this one and all of you? He got to the early teenage years, and he grew in wisdom and stature and he never made one mistake. He never violated the law. One hundred percent God, 100% human and he never made a mistake. That's why this Bible says, "Everyone who sins breaks the law." That's you. But not Him. "In fact, sin is lawlessness but you know that He appeared, God becoming flesh."

   If you could speak a cosmos into existence, at a word, by faith, we understand the universe was formed at God's command. Something like, "I'm a redneck." Something like, "Do it." The cosmos there, you're like... And that God becomes one of us and walks on the cosmos' one little bitty piece- Earth. He's walking on it. You talk about a story; you know what you call that? The mother of all arrivals. The creator of the cosmos becomes a human being. I've never heard of that. Do you know why? There's no one like Jesus Christ? No one. God becoming flesh, the creator of the cosmos. Through Him, all things were created. He appeared to take away our sin and in Him is no sin. Jesus is rehab, right? You say, "I get in Jesus. Rehabilitation has come my way." No doubt about it.

   Redemption has come your way. Holiness has come your way. You have to stay in Jesus. You have to walk as he did while you're on the Earth. You say, "And no sin can touch me." No sin can ever touch you. Under law, you have to be perfect. Under grace, you just trust God and try. And when you stumble, there's provision for your sin- the blood of Jesus. It'll give you peace of mind. It'll get you off the planet Earth alive. Because you're going- don't be like that guy that said, "Oh, I'm not going to die." Okay, you admitted you're going to die. Are you Texans going to die? You can go like this or, no, I'm not going to die. Are you going to die? Everybody said yeah. Have you ever sinned? Well, yeah, I've sinned a few times. Now if you say, "I haven't sinned." They're sinning, they're lying, see? You say, "We're not getting out of here unless Jesus became flesh." He took a cross for your sins. For God in flesh to love Phil Roberts and being the scumbag that I was. I told you, filthy language coming out of my mouth. It was pathetic. I didn't know any better. I was dead in my sins. The guy who wrote most of the New Testament was a murderer.

   We converted a guy because he was running dope across I-10, African-American guy. He was a brother. He went to college in South Louisiana. Started running with the dope heads. Haul a load of dope across the great State of Texas. The laws caught him. His mama, one of our sisters, asked me to go down there and plead for mercy with the judge of Huntsville, Texas. I said I'll do it. So, I drove down there on the day the old judge sentenced him. And I got up, and I made a plea for my brother who was fixing to be sent to prison. "Please cut him some slack." "Mr. Roberts, you have any problem with dealing with a drug dealer, the state of Texas dispensing justice against a drug dealer?" I said I have no problem with that. I know what justice is. I'm asking for mercy, judge. He gave my brother none. So 13 years later, after they sentenced him, I was there when they sent him up and Willie was there when he walked outside the prison gates. Do you say y'all stuck with that brother? Every step of the way. He walked out of prison. Willie said, "Was it worth it?" He said, "No, it was not worth it, not at all."

   So 12 and a half, 13 years he spent in prison, I said, "Paul, you come to my house. You stay there. No charge. You live with me. Miss Kay, can you get him on his feet?" He married a girl who was half black and half Latino. We married him in my yard, and the local rednecks were driving by, launching their boat down the way and they were looking over there. And they saw Mexicans, blacks, and rednecks, eating cake, and singing songs to God. And the rednecks arose and when I pulled by [inaudible] my boat, and I looked over and I saw all of that going on. He said, "I knew right then, there got to be a God. They ain't shooting, they ain't cutting. They're all loving one another and singing songs of God, thanking God." Old Paul was there after being in prison all those years.

   Do you see what the family of God is like? We are known for our love for one another. God became flesh, died on a cross for the sins of the world. Jesus is his name. Three days later, he solved your grave problem. All of your problems have been solved. God did every bit of this. You can't earn it. You can't work for it. It's all been done for you. It's free. And the bottom line is you're not getting out of here without it. Don't kid yourself. You're arguing with your wife and cursing and carrying on. You're like, "What am I doing?" Repent. Turn to God. Believe the Gospel. Obey it. They'll baptize you in a few days. The old you will disappear and the new you will come forth. God will seal the deal. "Now that you've purified yourself by obeying the truth," Peter said, "Love one another deeply from the heart for you've been born again." I told you the first birth gets you here. The second birth, being born of God, of water and the spirit will get you out of here which we got one shot. Look at our culture. Are you telling me running with this bunch in America? The cops are the problem. We're the problem. Why don't we repent and turn to God and show our culture what real love is all about? And our government, and Hollywood, and all the news media, why don't we just get out there and show them what real love is, Texas?

   I love you dearly. The clock on the wall says 3 minutes and 49 seconds. I'm going back to Monroe. I've enjoyed my stay with you. If there's no God, we're done. We are done if there is no God. It's like Jim Carrey when he ran up on that little fox in that movie. He said, "What do you think my chances are with you? Maybe one out of a thousand?" And the little fox said, "More like one out of a million." And Carrey smiled, "So you're telling me there's a chance." Well, we got one chance from my viewpoint to get out of here alive. One thing is for sure. You're not getting out of here alive. You have no chance if you keep getting high, getting drunk, and getting laid and walling around and filth coming out of your mouth. You'll probably die an early death. You say, "I have no shot to get out of here alive. None." I'm saying, "How could they have dreamed this story up?" Jesus is at the right hand of the Father constantly cleansing us from any sin. He's given us imperishable seed, implanted that marks you for the resurrection. I pray that you respond to that if you haven't.

   Father, we love you. We got one shot from my vantage to get out of here alive.
It's putting our faith in the death of your son on a cross back there, 2000 years ago. And 3 days later, raising him from the dead, guaranteeing ours. Father, you have told us plainly as in Adam, I'll die. That is a fact, regardless of that guy that challenged me on it. But in Christ, all would be made alive. Each in his own turn, Christ the firstfruits, and then when He comes all of us. Father for our loved ones, who have gone on before us- the saved. They're still alive. They're just separated from their body right now. Their bodies are in the cemetery, but their spirits, their souls are with you. And Lord when you come back, Jesus, you're bringing them all back with you. That's why you have told us, Father, 1st Thessalonians 4:13, you told us we shouldn't grieve like the rest of the men who have no hope. We believe Jesus died and rose again. So we know Father, he's going to solve our grave problem when he comes back. If he comes back before we die, he'll change us on the spot and we'll live forever. Thank you for that great hope. Help us grab a hold of it with both feet. Stand on it. Not budge on it. And live happily ever after. Thank you, Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

[Audience clapping]

Speaker: That was powerful. I want to ask you to just bow your heads and close your eyes for a moment. So, every person here on every campus, every overflow room, I just- I don't want you to leave. Please don't leave. Let's all have just a personal moment with God. So that's the reason I'm asking everyone to close their eyes so you can have a personal moment with God right now. I relate to Phil. Some of you've heard my testimony. I was doing all those same things and got saved in a motel room. It's because I gave control of my life to Jesus. I'd like to ask you if you relate to Phil, maybe you didn't do the same things but you know you need to give your life to God, you can do it right now, right now in your seat and I'll help you. What I'd like to do is just lead you in a short prayer where I pray out loud and you pray in your heart. If you would like to give your life to the Lord, no matter which campus you're attending, or if you're in an overflow room, I appreciate you coming and staying even if you're in an overflow room. But you're not here by accident. You're here because maybe you came to hear Phil because you've seen him on television. But you're here because God loves you. God's been drawing you. Some of you could share with me how God has spared your life. That's the grace and the mercy that Phil's talking about.

   So I'm asking you at every campus, every overflow room right now. If you would like to give your life to the Lord, will you just simply, in your heart, pray this prayer after me? All right, as I pray out loud, will you just pray this in your heart? Just- dear God- just say that to Him in your heart. Dear God, I ask you to forgive me for all of my sins- just tell Him that in your heart- for all of my sins. And I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and as my savior today. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me today.

   And for some of you, I know you're coming back to God, that you've gotten away from him and that prayer for you is, "God, I need to come back to you." Now, again, no one's looking around, but I...

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