Phil Harrison


Honor Man or Honor God?

Living to serve Christ, by putting Him first, brings the blessing!  I’ve learned this by pursuing Him and staying obedient to His call while holding a career in the Information Technology (IT) field. The Lord has used my Programmer/Analyst and IT Project Manager credentials to open doors in contract work for Fortune 100 companies, such as General Electric, Pacific Bell (now AT&T), Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Anderson Consulting (now Accenture), and Charles Schwab, Inc.

As I look back at my professional career, the “favor of God” has put me in the right place, at the right time. He has protected me during times of recession, corporate layoffs, and seasonal unemployment for IT professionals. I give Him all the honor and glory!


Prior to the start of my professional life, I did not live for Christ. I was raised going to church learning Biblical history, facts, characters, and stories. But I never asked Christ into my heart. My freshman year in High School I played football and our team went undefeated and unscored upon. My sophomore year I lettered in varsity football and then the track coach recruited me. At age 14, I was introduced to partying. I started drinking beer on Friday and Saturday nights as I would get together with fellow athletes. I rarely attended church in my teen years, and I found myself yearning to be part of the “in crowd.” In my mind, I was hanging out with the partyers! I cared more about what my peers thought of me than God. I was a man pleaser.

I attended college at Virginia Tech University. There I joined a National Fraternity and the partying continued. Almost every weekend was an opportunity to binge drink. And that we did! At age 19, my parents took me to a Billy Graham Crusade in Baltimore, Maryland. There, I had my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit actually called me by name, but I fought the Spirit and did not go forward. I felt I had a hook in my heart, but I fought to stay in my seat because I thought about all my party friends and what they would think of me. Again, I was a man pleaser.   

At 22, I receive my B.S. in Business Management with a concentration in Computer Science. I started my first professional job in Greensboro, North Carolina. My Spirit-Filled grandparents would call me from Bakersfield, California, on occasions and tell me they were praying for me. This convicted me, as I was spending my weekends in bars and partying. So, my plan was to go to church on Sundays, after partying Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I did this for one year. Then the Spirit spoke to me, asking me to choose the narrow way. Matthew 7:13-14 talks about “entering by the narrow way.”  So, this time I yielded to the Spirit and became born-again in December of 1982.

In 1988, I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit after receiving a teaching on the subject at a Christian lunch gatherings at Bank of America in Concord, California. Immediately, after this experience, the Holy Spirit called me into Prison/Jail ministry. In addition, the Spirit lead me to “Full Gospel” in Walnut Creek, California. And to this day, I continue to serve Christ through these ministries.  

In 1993, the Lord enlarged my territory with an open door through “Full Gospel” to Russia and the Ukraine. I went on an airlift with 17 “Full Gospel” men, and we witnessed over to 1,000 people who came to Christ. I continued for another 12 short-term mission trips to Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. We not only saw God do many healing miracles, we saw Him use us to start “Full Gospel” chapters all over the former Soviet Union.

Living for Christ, I’ve witnessed thousands coming to Christ at “Full Gospel” events, in prisons, jails, evangelistic meetings, and at Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America (FGBMFA) Godmobile™ outreaches. So I’ve learned, as Psalm 118:8 states,  “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man,” and that my relationship with Christ comes first!     

Phil Harrison Hearing His Voice Testimony

Philip is preparing to minister at the Cinco de Mayo         

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