Paul Morse


   Paul is the son of an Assemblies of God pastor. He became a Christian at an early age. His father prayed with him to receive Jesus as Lord.   Paul has been active in church ministry while working for the US Postal service.   Paul is currently a zone pastor for several home groups for Gateway church. He is active in the altar ministry at Gateway church. He has been married for more than 50 years.

He has helped churches set up evangelistic ministries. He has personally led many people to the Lord Jesus with the Soul Patrol street ministry which is an interchurch evangelism ministry based in Irving, Texas.   He has ministered also in neighborhood evangelistic crusades, the Texas State fair and outreaches to the homeless at the Dallas convention center. Calvary Temple in Irving used to have a gospel truck was used in crusades where at times over 100 people prayed to receive Christ in neighborhood outreaches.

   Paul became a Christian at an early age. He grew up hearing his father preach and singing familiar songs such as ‘Jesus loves me this I know.’ One Sunday at church he went forward and prayed to receive Jesus into his heart. Paul’s father had started three churches.

   Paul has continued to live for Jesus. At over 70 years of age, he tells people that Jesus saves, heals and delivers.   While Paul doesn’t recall straying away from God, he is thankful every day for God’s saving and keeping grace.

   Paul was in the facility management business and then started working for the US Postal service. He continues to share the gospel and lead people to the Lord while going about his daily work.

   His wife Darlene worked in the corporate world. One of her assignments took her to Atlanta, Georgia. They were there for three years and then successfully moved back.

   Paul was active in the Assemblies of God and learned to pray and to witness. He was filled with the Holy Spirit at age 19 while working in a church bus ministry. He is thankful for God’s enabling power to witness.

   Paul is a strong soul winner. He is also an excellent leader and mentor.   He has led the Irving Soul Patrol for over 19 years. He has been blessed to be able to relate to many kinds of people.   God has given him discernment to recognize strengths in people. He is adept at helping pick and form teams that then go out and witness.   Paul is also adept at helping people learn to witness who have not witnessed before.

   On a typical weeknight evangelism outreach, the group meets for prayer at 7:30 pm. After introductions and prayer, the groups are divided into teams. The teams then go in to apartment complexes where the gospel is shared to people who are out and about. That is, doors are not knocked on. Rather, people who are out visiting, getting mail, returning from shopping are approached with love, a tract and a friendly conversation starter.   After an hour of witness, the group re-gathers to give a count of people who have prayed to receive Christ, give specific testimonies and then pray for the new believers. Usually over 30 people have prayed to receive Christ. On the occasion there have been as many as 70 people in one evening. The Soul Patrol group meets throughout the year when the weather is good.

   After I had been in the Calvary Temple street evangelism ministry for two years, the director stepped down. I was asked to be the director of this ministry. I immediately asked one of our soul winners to keep records of souls saved, locations and date. Not long after I became director a man gave me a book about praying effectively for the lost. The Holy Spirit, the Word of God and that book equipped me to go forward on this evangelism ministry.

   The is the meat of spiritual things of soul winning. There is spiritual blindness upon the unsaved. The scripture says they are spiritually blinded to the gospel and are the children of the devil. The Bible clearly teaches that Satan has blinded the minds of the lost to keep them from understanding the gospel.

   A famous preacher once said that sharing the gospel with a lost person is like encouraging a blind person to view the beautiful sunset with you.   It is hopeless unless they receive their sight. Things of God are foolishness to a lost person. Because of the strong man, that is the devil, a lost person has a negative attitude towards the gospel.

   It is important to pray for lost people. We can learn how to better pray for them.

   Praying effectively for lost involves their eyes being opened to the light of the gospel and loosing a Christian laborer sharing the gospel with them. We pray that we will have love and compassion for the lost.

   The rich man in hell prayed for someone to tell his brothers not to come to his place of torment. He loved his brothers even though he was in hell.   We are in the land of the living and can tell people about Jesus.  

   We can bring people to Jesus just as the four men in the Bible open a roof and lowered a man to Jesus to be prayed for.   Jesus saw their faith and said their sins were forgiven.

   I exhort therefore that first of all supplications, prayer, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men to be saved and come in to the knowledge of the truth.

   Being members of God’s holy priesthood makes us responsible for others.   We can represent and intercede for others.   All Christians have the responsibility to intercede for the lost. If we don’t, they will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

   We have to be persistent, determined and diligent in prayer for the lost, loving them and weeping over them. We can even fast to see the strong man that is the devil, broken off people’s lives.

   Prayer is warfare. Therefore, we have to have the good kind of violence in prayer.

   In prayer, we plead the blood of Jesus and we speak the name of Jesus over these divine appointments. We take authority and loose and release them. We also speak the name of Jesus over the location we are going to and command the enemy to leave the property.

   We use the Roman road as our Word source to lead people to the Lord. We pray with our understanding and we pray in the spirit.

   We divide into teams of 4. Each team has a leader, a female, a male and someone who speaks Spanish. We had a tract to the divine appointment.   We ask a conversations opening question such as ‘why would God let you into heaven?’ If they don’t have a clear answer they are born again, we ask the share four short Bible verses with them from the book of Romans.

   Three example stories of people being saved at the Irving Soul Patrol:

   One evening at a set of apartments, there were a group of 8 men with their motorcycles. My coworker, Cindy, who also spoke Spanish, asked if we were going to approach that group. I replied yes and then went over to talk with them. At first they were asking why we were there in their area. There was a lot of smoke. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit and starting the share the gospel with them. All of them were looking directly at me. When I finished sharing the gospel, I asked them to pray with me to receive the Lord Jesus Christ and all of them prayed with me. After the prayer they all stood up and were friendly toward us.

   Another time in an apartment playground, I called the children that were playing together. I said, ‘hey kids, come over here.’ Soon there were 10 to 12 children gathered. I knew I had to keep it short and asked if they knew Jesus. One of the children responded and said yes, Jesus is the Son of God.   I then shared the gospel with all of them and led them to pray to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Some of their mothers were close by and looked happy afterwards.

   Another time I was sharing the gospel with the two mothers with two little girls.   After sharing the gospel, all four of them prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   After I moved on to talk with another group, one of the little girls came and tugged on my pants and said ‘mister my brother wants to receive Jesus.’   I shared the gospel with him and he too prayed to receive Jesus.

Paul's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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