Norman Carson Story

NormanCarsonMy name is Norman Carson and I was drawn to the Hunt County Shopper as a sales account manager because they used scripture as filler in their paper.

They didn't run when I spoke of Jesus in my interview. They thought my planner was a Bible. My clients appreciate honesty. I don't try to over sell them. It's exciting when Jesus comes up in conversations with customers.

I am the founder of Tinder Ministries. Our initial mission is to go into churches and organizations and provide encouragement. This will ignite their ability to spread the word of Jesus Christ in their communities. We hope for the ministry to grow in such a way that we can help provide physical needs along with spiritual needs.

I grew up in Dallas, TX as the youngest of 6 children. I had loving parents who made sure that I went to church, was involved in church activities, and went to a church sponsored school. I had a great childhood. I was involved in sports and started playing the guitar when I was 10. I was part of a denomination that didn't allow musical instruments, so I was not using my gift to glorify God.

At the age of 20, I was told that my sins were so severe that I couldn't possibly enter Heaven. That statement from a church leader helped shape the next 28 years of my sinful life. This 28 years of extreme sin unknowingly prepared me for the ultimate victory I would have in Jesus.

God blessed me with four children, my youngest two with my wife, Amy. We started occasionally attending a church. I was happy to see the children get involved in church. While attending Vacation Bible School, the girls accepted Jesus as their savior. We were asked to come speak to the children's pastor about their decision. When asked about our own salvation, my wife who was raised Catholic, accepted Jesus. When I was asked, I very simply stated that I was going to spend eternity in Hell. With tears in her eyes, the children's pastor opened the Bible and explained that that wasn't the case. I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive my sins and enter my life. At that moment the entire focus of my life changed.

Although the road was bumpy, full of doubts, and fears, and Satan did everything possible to stop this journey; Jesus' arms and His love never let go of us and kept us moving down this path. Immediately, we were tested and tried and were forced to put our hope and trust in Jesus Christ and not ourselves. Although I had been a successful salesman all of my life, I was shown that financial gain was not my answer. I initially started writing love songs to Jesus and playing the guitar again, not thinking of it as a ministry at the time; just filling a hunger inside of me.

I started occasionally playing with a praise band at church and eventually leading worship at times. I fought this calling because it wasn't what I wanted to do, but God didn't let up. When I eventually started to come around to The Norman Carson Story Finding Joy in the Marketplace the idea of leading worship at church, God revealed that that wasn't all He had planned for me to do. I didn't consider myself a singer or musician, and certainly didn't consider myself a preacher. It doesn't matter what we consider ourselves to be, He equips us to obey Him. God will never ask us to do what he hasn't prepared us to do.

Now we go all over spreading hope. We minister the message of the cross. We are extreme fans of churches and church people. We see church after church trying to fill the pews, instead of trying to fill people with Christ's love.

We are equipped to go out into the world and tell people about Jesus. As stated earlier, our initial mission is to provide a spark to people who know what we are commanded to do. God's greatest commandment is love. As long as I am breathing, my job never ends. The job is for every single person to hear about Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that this testimony has provided you with the courage to carry this message to the next person you come in contact with.


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