Newman Smith, Jr.


My name is Newman Smith and I am from the state of Georgia. I went to prison four times, one time with an alias name and three times under my name. I smuggled marijuana and sold it most of my life unless I was in prison on a State or Federal government imposed vacation.

   My first federal indictment 1988 was in the Northern District of Georgia for 3000 thousand pounds of Marijuana and ninety-nine Ar-15 rifles. I was sent to the Federal Correctional Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, which was a drug rehab prison. Upon my release in December, 1982, I had no desire to change and would return to a life of crime. In 1984, I was returned to the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta until I was sentenced on the new charges and assigned to the Federal Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, with a seven year plus five more years running concurrent.

   I knew I would be in prison for a while and started to read my Bible and go to the Chapel. I knew that I needed a change, because I could get a life sentence if I ever came back on Federal charges, with the help of a prison guard, he called himself “Shotgun” in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, where I was in the AWB cell house. I started to talk with him about the Bible. Shotgun had picked me to stay out of my cell to clean up at night, when everyone else was on lock-down. I had the run of the place at night and he would let me use the phone after I mopped and waxed the concrete floors. We would talk about Jesus Christ since he was a Christian man.

   The time came, when I was in transit to Leavenworth, I went from Federal Prison to federal prison on hold-over status. I decided to give my life to Jesus at Atlanta, and the first stop was at the FCI in Talladega, Alabama. I ended up in a prison cell with a Christian man from North Carolina that was Holy Spirit filled. We talked about Jesus and one day he said to me, that God spoke to him and that God wanted to fill me with the Holy Spirit. He I didn't understand and I knew nothing of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I only knew I was saved. He taught me from the Bible about the Holy Spirit. He was the first man that ever told me God was talking to him about me receiving the Holy Spirit with the gifts.

   We prayed for me to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking in other tongues.

  After we prayed, he said to me, “Don't you hear any words coming up out of your spirit?” I looked at him and said hey man, “I was raised in a certain family denomination that didn't teach that, and I heard no words coming up to me.”

   He said, “Let’s pray again, for God had spoken to him and said I was to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.”

   We prayed again and in my natural mind, I was thinking the same words, “Hey man I don't' hear nothing,

   I was about to say that, and the presence of the Holy Spirit fell on me and I began to speak in other tongues. It scared me at the beginning, because I felt the power of God for the first time in my life. I wanted to say something to him about this event and all I could do was keep praying in the spirit. I had received a fluent language at that time and it flowed out of me like a river of living water. It was the powerful and wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit. I knew I would never be the same again.

   I finally arrived at the Federal Prison in Leavenworth. I became involved with the Prison Fellowship Ministries that came in each week for two years. I was there until I received a transfer back to Atlanta, so I could get my family to come see me, Leavenworth, Kansas, was too far from home for regular visits. I was released in 1989 after almost five years on that sentence. I had done seven years fed time on the two times I was in Federal Prison.

   After my release, I went back to what I knew best and again receiving loads of Marijuana even though I was filled with the Holy Spirit my mind wasn’t renewed and I didn’t really know who I was in Christ. I knew no one to help me in my journey. I went back to my old friends and the wrong life style. Then in 1992, some people tried to kill me and rip me off. I had a shootout and I had a machine gun, and managed to get away before the law came; because of the gun fire. They found what they said was close to 300 pounds of high quality Sinsimelia.  I was posted on the FBI Most Wanted and after a few months, I was placed on the TV program America’s Most Wanted and was captured a few days later. Someone that I was seeing at a place in Miami, Florida, knew me by Lee Taylor and turned me in.

   Now I’m in the Dade County Jail on 13th Street, awaiting extradition back to Georgia. I repented and cried out to God for help. We started a Bible study in the cell and everyone called it the Den of Iniquity, for the worst of the worst was on the 13th floor. It wasn’t long before God gave me a night vision that I remember to this day. I saw the ceiling melt above me and something like liquid golden light poured into my spirit. I could see my body of flesh asleep on the bunk bed. I heard a voice of that I believed to be a man, called my name.

    I said, “I’m down here.”

   The person came down the cat walk where the guards usually walk and stood in front of me. I reached through the bars and placed my hands on each side of his neck. The same liquid golden light that was coming down from Heaven and upon me, went into him for he started to glow with the liquid golden light that was coming out of me. I didn't understand this vision, until many years later. That's when I was anointed for prison ministry. I started to pray for people in jail, so that they would receive the Holy Spirit. Many years have passed, and I’ve had some setbacks, but the victory I walk in now does not compare to the glory that shall be revealed. I tell people I went from America's Most Wanted to Heaven's Most Wanted. I am involved with FGBM and going into prisons to declare what God has done for me. I love prison ministry, and the greatness of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

 Hearing His Voice Testimony

Newman Smith's Testimony