From the Streets to Success - Neil Leary

My career in enterprise software sales began at a Dallas, Texas based company.

A pioneer in the inter-networking field,we produced a protocol gateway which tied together legacy IBM computer systems with the nascent TCP/IP based systems which would soon dominate computing worldwide. Later I worked for several other leading software and technology companies and I continue to enjoy success, and meeting and learning from people who are at the top of their professions.

The society I used to keep was not so well appreciated: murderers, thieves, drug dealers and the like. My parents were good hardworking people, but I was caught up in the hippie movement that swept the country in the late sixties and seventies. I was soon a slave to drugs and alcohol. Before this is was co-captain of my high school’s freshman football team, class vice-president and a high honors student.  As the downward spiral into drugs and booze sucked the life out of me, l was kicked out of six high schools before finally graduating. Through the love and intervention of my father and the prayers of many godly friends and family I managed to stay alive, though many times my life hung by a thread.

Although I was an atheist since the age of 11, I began praying again at 18 because of the faith of my fiancée and dear mother, hoping that there might be a God who could save me from my self made hell on earth. I thought my prayers were merely rising a few feet above my head and dropping to the ground. Being alone almost all of the time for the next two years I had plenty of time for conversations with God. One night I set out on a cross country trip that would change my life. In the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night while hitch hiking I met the God I had been hoping was real!

A new day dawned and I now had a reason to live! A glorious reason! Moments before I was beaten and ready to give up.  I was even considering stepping out in front of the next semi-truck coming down the highway. Now I knew the God of the universe! From that day until this I have lived to tell anyone who will listen the wonderful Good News of my Savior Jesus. For reasons I did not understand at the time, it was almost 10 years before He broke the chains of addiction which held me in bondage. It’s been over 22 years since I was set free, and since then He has sent me to work with some of the most hopeless addicts and alcoholics in the world – those who no one else would have the patience or perseverance to continue with. By allowing me to suffer for another decade He equipped me to love the unlovable, the untouchables of our society. I have seen miracles and more than one come to the cross.

You too can have a new life. Whether you sit in the boardroom or the bar room, whether you went to Yale or jail, Jesus Christ is right next to you with His hands out stretched!



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