Nathan Cole - Forgiveness Leads to Freedom

When I was a child, I loved to play soccer. When I was just a few years old I was diagnosed with Legg Perthesis Disease, which prevented me from being able to run and play like the other kids.

We traveled back and forth to Shriner’s hospital for crippled children in Houston, Texas for treatment. When we first went, they showed our family x-rays of how my hip socket and hip had deteriorated nearly 40%. They put me into traction for two weeks and then fitted me for braces and a wheelchair. Over a two year period of time, friends were constantly praying for me. I can remember many moments when the power of God would cover me and I knew that His hand was at work. Even though I was young, I remember making a commitment to follow Jesus and being empowered by His Spirit to be a witness to my friends. In April of 1992, when we went for a final check up, the doctors showed us new x-rays that revealed a complete healing! There was no need for a surgery, and I could play soccer again!

Because I knew that God had the power to heal, I was not worried when I found out that my mom had colon cancer.  She loved Jesus with her whole heart and was the strongest positive influence in my life.  At the age of 16, when I was on a choir tour in South Carolina, I received a phone call that my mom had passed away.  I was in such absolute shock that I literally asked God to bring her back.  It was at this pivotal point of my life that I made a conscious choice to draw nearer to the cross, instead of letting this push me away.  In the eleven years since my mother’s death, I have seen God use that circumstance to propel me into greater ministry for His kingdom.  Without her death, my wife and I may not have became close friends and married.  We both graduated from Texas A&M University Commerce and served there as campus missionaries for seven years.  God’s grace has allowed me to earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I am now working on a Master’s in Theology. 

Since deciding to follow Jesus, I have had the opportunity to introduce many others to the hope and healing that can only be found in Him.  Whether on the university campus in Commerce or in remote parts of India, the life changing message of Jesus is the same.  He is calling men back into relationship with him through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Recently, I had the incredible privilege of leading a team of college students to India to share the hope of the gospel by combating the horrors of modern day sex slavery.  Our students in Commerce heard about the terrible lifestyles of those forced into prostitution around the world as early as ten years old.  Instead of denying the issue or choosing to be apathetic, we decided to do something about it!  We decided to host an event on campus in the spring semester called “Rescue the Girl.”  Rather than focusing on the 30 million enslaved around the world, we started with the idea to just rescue at least one.  In our very first event, we raised enough money through donated artwork, live music, and selling creative merchandise to rescue two girls and provide housing, food, medical attention, rehabilitation, and discipleship for an entire year!

Little did we know in the planning of this first event that God had much more in store for Rescue the Girl. Within a couple of weeks after the event, we received an invitation to visit India to hand deliver some of the artwork that students from Texas A&M-Commerce had created!  God miraculously provided three plane tickets in the first three days of the trip planning without any fundraising!  By His grace, we became connected with some amazing organizations on the ground in India that were experts making an extraordinary, long term impact in this vital area.  We fulfilled a long term dream of shooting a documentary while we were there and we are currently in the post production process.  While we were there, we had the incredible privilege of meeting many girls that had been rescued straight from brothels in Mumbai, India.  To see their faces of hope, joy, and peace after leaving an incredibly dark and difficult lifestyle was a true testimony of the healing power of Jesus.

Throughout the last few years, I have seen firsthand how God is using Full Gospel Businessmen to invest in the lives of young people like myself.  As a young father and businessman working with college-age students, I am extremely aware of how desperate our generation is for true spiritual fathering.  I believe God will continue to raise up men like those in this organization to follow the scriptural mandate to make disciples of all nations.

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