Myron Selzler



  Myron Selzler is from Bemidji, Minnesota. I was born in 1949 into a German Catholic heritage.  I searched for the true Jesus Christ for the first 30 years of my life.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1979 while trying to sell a man a water purifier; however, he told me about the living water in Jesus Christ instead.  I served and honored the Lord with my musical talents that He has given me for the past 41 years.  I have always sensed the Love of God in my life.  At the age of 70 years old, it was the first time I have been honored to watch before me, the move of God's almighty hand through the Journey Outreach Ministry.  I come with great humility and am honored to share my story with the Full Gospel Business Men.

Dave:  Myron is an example of having faith and works.  But you can't do works to get to Heaven.  You have to have faith and that will result in doing what God calls you to do. 

Myron: Thank you Dave for the introduction and I thank You, Heavenly Father.  Thank You for Your wisdom.  Thank You for Your peace.  Thank You for Your glory.  Thank You for these men, Lord.  I was born in Charlesbourg, North Dakota to a German Catholic family in 1949. As you look at me, you see a short heavyweight, German man.  

   But you know, born into that family didn't make me born into the Kingdom of God.  So, I spent the next 27 years of my life actually searching for the true Jesus Christ.  I'm going to jump ahead to 1973. I was led by the Holy Spirit to a man's house.  I bought a bunch of water purifiers and was going to sell them and make a million dollars.  But I went to this man's house and this man had a different plan for me.  I started out trying to sell him a water purifier and by the end of the night, I was on my knees and he led me to Jesus Christ, the true Jesus Christ.  He led me in the prayer of salvation, and then he invited me to come to his church. My wife and I went to his church and my wife came out of the Dutch Christian Reform. She knew the Books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

   Well I was not getting enough just by going Sunday mornings to church.  They had an evening service too, so I went by myself to the evening service and I remember a lady behind me and they were going from verse to verse and I'm struggling to find the verses in the Bible and this lady behind me, she says, (whispering) "he doesn’t even know how to find it," and I went home and I said to my wife, "How do you find these things in the Bible?"  And she says, "It's easy." "There's an index."  I found the index.  When I was with that church, I actually started to play the drums in worship for r that church, but at the same time, I had come out of like for 6 years before that, I'd been playing in a country band and I was still playing in a country band and one day, just as clear as could be, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "You cannot have one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom."  And I knew exactly what the Holy Spirit was saying to me.  And that week, I contacted the members in the country band and said, "I'm done.  I quit.  I cannot play for you guys anymore."  And I've never turned back.  For the last 40-some-years, I've been playing worship for the Lord, and I still play worship today for the Lord on my drums, and when I'm playing on my drums, worship to the Lord, I cannot be in a better spot than that.

   But in going on and doing that, I found myself…in 1975, I met a man and he introduced me to the Businessman's Full Gospel Group and in that group, we'd done a lot of Bible studies.  It was structured maybe, I don’t know exactly how you're structured here, but we had a time when we did a half-hour of study and we had homework we had to do and we would come back the next week and we'd share our homework and we'd do some more studying.  And I had my greatest growth in the Word of God through Businessman's Full Gospel, and I always give them credit for that yet to today.  It was a group in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that I was with, and one night as I was doing my study at home at the table, it was late at night, I did a lot of times I did my study at 10 or 11 o clock at night, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "I want you"…He didn't say He wanted somebody else.  He said, "I want you."  That I couldn’t figure out because I thought very little of myself at the time, but He said "I want you to organize a concert in Sioux Falls at Terrace Park," and "I want you to gather worship groups from five other churches in the area and you will do worship and worship Me at Terrace Park," and I said, "Lord, how do I do this?"  And then He went further, He said, "And on top of that," He said, "I want you to do this with excellence."  And I knew inside of me exactly what He meant by the word excellence.  By the word excellence, to me, He wanted it done on the same scale as if we brought the Gaither Brothers in and they were going to do a concert for the city. 


   So now, when we're doing that, we're talking about full-scale equipment, staging, everything.  I had no money in the bank to pay for something like that, and I told God that.  But I knew inside of me that He was the one that was going to work it out and it wasn’t me.  So I did step one.  I stepped out and I started meeting with these worship groups at these different churches, and they were excited.  They were excited about what Jesus wanted to do and they all wanted to be a part of it.  But when they went back to their home churches and they talked with their pastors, their pastors did not have the same excitement.  Matter of fact, several of the pastors told them they couldn’t do it.  But worshippers are different people.  They said to their pastors, "We're doing it.  We're being called by God and we're doing it."

     And this my first adventure into people getting out of their seats, out of their comfort zones in their churches, and going out into the streets.  God was trying to push at that time, in the 70s, He was trying to push people out of their seats, out of their church seats, their comfort zones, and into the streets where He wanted them, where the lost were at, you know.  I still had the issue of I didn’t have money for what I thought God wanted for a setup.  This one-man introduced me to a man in Sioux Falls who had all the equipment, had everything.  Matter of fact, he did most of the big shows that came into Sioux Falls.  He set them up and did all the sounds for them.  So I'm talking this man had truckloads of equipment, lights, the whole thing, and when I talked with him, he got excited.  It's amazing how the Holy Spirit works.  He got excited. And he says, "You know," he says, "I want to do this for you.  I just ask one small thing."  He knew that I was a mechanic, and he says "I have a van that needs spring work done in the back.  When I put the load in there, it's too heavy." He says, "I need the springs beefed up on this van."  I said, "I can do that."  So I went out and I went to a junkyard and purchased I think 75 dollars' worth of springs and got permission from my boss that I worked at, the business I worked at, to work on a Saturday and it took me I think 2 hours to get his van done and he comes and done all the work for the concert. 

   I'm talking about this was a wonderful, wonderful something that the Holy Spirit was proud of type concert, big equipment, full-type sound and then all of the people that were in the music, they brought their guitar amps and keyboards, and the drums and we had three drummers put all three sets of their sets of drums together to make one spectacular set of drums, and the concert went off without a hitch. 

   The day of the concert was forecasted rain.  Clouds were coming in and we got together out there and we started praying, and to no surprise, the clouds split at Sioux Falls, they went north and they went south, and we had clear skies that day for the concert.  So the concert was going to happen.  It was great.  I still am in bewilderment of what the Holy Spirit and how He put this all together, the five groups came up, they all done their slots.  I gave them complete permission to pick their own songs, what it was that they were going to do, what they felt the Holy Spirit was leading them to do.  I could not have put it together that well.  In the last song, all five, the five groups all got up on stage at the same time and we closed it out with Amazing Grace, one of the most beautiful Amazing Graces I've heard in my whole life. 

   But what I didn’t know was during this concert was I had a friend and this friend, behind my back, organized a set of soldiers to go out and work for the crowd while the concert was going on and talk with people and offer them tracts of salvation and prayer and salvation prayers.  They came back to me - I only found out this the next day - they came back to me the next day and they told me that that night, we had about 2000 people at the concert in Sioux Falls that night, and they said about 250 people gave their life to the Lord that night. 


   God has a bigger plan.  Sometimes we don’t…when we're given a plan; we don't even see the complete plan.  God has a bigger plan.  So, I'm going to skip forward quite a bit because you know, life didn’t quit after that concert and what I'm going to tell you about, there was no life in between that.  There was a lot of life.  I could sit down with you, and if you want to take me out for coffee some morning, and you have a couple or three hours to spend, I can tell you stories of what God has done in my life for 40 some years because he doesn’t start something and then just quit on you.  It's every single day.  I wake up every day and I go, "Thank you, Jesus.  I'm alive today.  What do You have for me today?"  That's been my life for 40-some years. 

   But in 2020, skip ahead to 2020, that's quite a gap and we had a pastor at River City Church, Adam Molina, a lot of you probably knew him, and he decided he was just led by the Lord one day that people in his church were supposed to start getting out of their pews and start getting into the streets and he was going to, he was leading, he led the way.  One Sunday, he just decided… they cooked up a roaster full of barbecue, went and bought some buns, bought a box of chips, a few cases of water and we threw a couple of tables in the back of the pickup after church and we went into town and we set up behind the old Pamida building out on the grass and we just started feeding the homeless, anybody that wanted to come and have a meal.  I think we fed about 20, 25 people that the first day.  So about a month later, he decided he was going to do it again.  So I think he'd done this in like September and I think some in October I think or so, he had done it again.  Except for this time, the few of us, we actually gathered some clothing and some blankets and some things that when we talked to the homeless the first time, some needs that we knew that they had.  And so we gathered some things and we done the same thing, and we fed about 25, 30 people, handed out some clothing, handed out some blankets. 

   Well, then it started getting cold, but in about January, my wife got it upon her heart that she was supposed to relieve pastor Adam, that this wasn’t…he had so much going in his ministry, that this was something that he didn’t need to continue to do, that she felt on her heart that she wanted to do.  And she talked to him and so actually, she took the ministry over as of January.  We had a good winter that year and in March, it already started turning fairly decently warm, the snow was gone.  And so, we actually done our first feed in March, and it was a little chilly but boy was there a need out there.  By that time, we were gathering more clothing and our meals were becoming a little fuller and stuff.  And a Native American man pulled me to the side one day and he said, "You know," he said, "I was going to tell you about a Native American way," he said and he said "That's that," he said, "When somebody comes to our house and they're hungry," he says, "we don’t have them leave until they're full."  And that became kind of a catchphrase that we started using continually in our ministry, and that's that we feed them until they're full. 

   So I know that, as we were doing the feeds, we started realizing that the needs were bigger than what we thought.  And somehow miraculously, COVID hit in March and when COVID hit - my wife and I still sit down every once in a while and we try to remember how did this happen - here and I got invited by the City of Bemidji and the county to the COVID planning meetings through Zoom, and to today, I cannot tell you how we got invited or how it happened but we became part of the planning committee for the city for COVID and we came in there with grace.  It was about this time that this man, sitting right here, done something extraordinary that I have not seen very many people do.  This is Tom I'm pointing at.  We had a need for a cargo trailer and this man gave Journey Outreach a cargo trailer to use for the ministry.  Free of charge.  There's not too many of these men around.  I know, and I praise God that you had a heart that listened to Him, you know.  So anyway, we started using this trailer.  We set it up with…we put racking in it.  I could go on and on about how God had done things.  We got into Menards, and wouldn't you know it, they had racking, you know, at less than half price.  They had a generator that we needed.  It was like a $600 generator; they had it for $200, you know, I mean, just on and on and on, and we set this trailer up completely.  We were portable.  We cooked the food at home.  We put everything in the trailer.  We had tables with us in the trailer.  We had chairs with us.  We had purchased 2 tents that we set up, you know, one for where they ate and one over the food, you know so that we could keep it cooler, you know, so it wouldn’t spoil in the summertime.  We would just pull in and we had helpers. 

   Another thing that the Lord birthed during this time was He birthed, there were some other churches that came alongside of us and started serving with us on a regular basis.  It is almost…it was unheard of, you know.  But God was going into these churches, in different churches here in the area, and kicking people out of their comfort zones, you know, getting them off of these comfortable chairs that we sit in every Sunday in our worship services, and getting them out into the streets.  We have, to today, never asked or set up a list of like "You will work this Sunday" and "You can work this Sunday" and "You can come this Sunday," and "You can come that Sunday," and "We need you, four, for this," you know.  We just trust in Him every single Sunday, and every single Sunday, 20-some volunteers show up like clockwork and serve, every single Sunday.  

   We had BFA, Bemidji First Assemblies.  They came alongside us through Matt Bengrimzen and they actually serving like two Sundays a month, where they took the whole thing on to give Joan and I some relief because we were going to do it once a month.  We were going to feed 25 people, 30 people once a month.  Well, this turned into every single Sunday.  During the summertime, our numbers, got as high as that we served as high as 180 meals a Sunday out of that trailer.  With volunteers, I mean, if it isn't God, it surely isn't us, you know, because we couldn’t do that. 

   So we continued to run the ministry and because we were a part of the city planning committee, we had favor with the planning committee.  We were able to do things that they as a government organization could not do.  They would have to go through unbelievable amounts of red tape and this and that and even then, they would not be allowed to do some things, but because we were a private organization, we could just go do it, and they just gave us a blessing to do it.  They even allowed us to use one of them, and this is really strange; we used the administration building's parking lot.  The administration's parking lot is actually, the county has it but the city owns it, and they actually lease it from the city.  So it's a joint venture again and we used this parking lot all summer long to do our feeds because on Sundays there is nothing going on there and the parking lot is totally empty. 

   So we have been blessed, you know, to do that.  Well now, wintertime comes and it gets a little cold out in that parking lot.  And so Calvary Chapel stepped up and said, "We will allow you to use our facility to do the feeding in our facility over the wintertime," and that has been an unbelievable blessing.  And so now, we have another church that is… we have people from their church that come, that help, you know, all the time.  We have people from BFA that come and help.  We have people from River City that come and help.  There are individuals from other churches that come alongside of Joan and some of them, she just, she just, she comes out, get food from us and she cooks a meal, a complete meal, and brings it in.  We just take care of bringing the clothing into Calvary Chapel on Sundays. 

   And so, you know, we have all these people - the organization has grown to be huge.  We have all these people doing their thing and Joan orchestrates it, you know.  I know we had a little bit of confusion about the First Assembly.  They thought, for some reason…you know, Satan always tries to get into good things that are happening, and they for some reason thought that we didn’t need them or want them doing it twice a month anymore.  So they cut themselves back to once a month, and we ended up with a phone call and a talk with Pastor Paul and we went out for supper and we go, "Oh my gosh, this is just a miscommunication."  We didn’t realize, and so now they're back to twice a month again, you know, and they actually have developed a church budget, a separate church budget just for Journey Outreach because they want to, continually want to be such a part of this outreach, you know.  So, it grows and it continues to grow. 

   So then, we got into clothing and we started out by somebody who gave us a name of an organization, a Christian organization, over in Remer that had clothing.  And we went over there.  We called them.  We went over there.  They had two buildings.  They had one building, it was about 30 feet wide, 100 feet long and they had clothing in black garbage bags, like a swath along both sides of the building, the length of the building, 100 feet long, about 5 feet high.  If you can imagine how much clothing that is.  We went over there and filled our pickup as much as we could get into it and you didn't even know that we touched the pile, you know. 

   But that was the beginning of our clothing.  We brought back clothing.  We started, you know, giving out clothing and that was the last time that we had to go over there for clothing because area people started hearing about what we were doing, and pretty soon clothing was showing up on our doorstep, all the time.  We'd go to town and we'd come home and there'd be a pile of clothes like this sitting in front of our garage, you know.  And we just, we have, to this time, never gone to Remer again and got clothing. It continually keeps coming in, all the time.  And because we are part of the Zoom, the city, and the county planning committee, there are organizations that are coming to us and asking about can we do this, can we do that. 

   We found out that a couple of years ago they lost their ability to get bread for the food shelf in Cass Lake and in Bemidji and the soup kitchens and that was purchasing bread on their own.  Well, God is so good.  He turned around and He brought a friend of ours that we had who had lived, used to live up here, moved to Brainerd, had a job down there for about six years, and He brought him up here and he became the regional manager for Country Hearth Bread.  And he says, "Can I help you out with, Journey Outreach, with any bread?  I said, "Absolutely."  And then I talked to him and I said, "You know," I said, "The city, Cass Lake and Bemidji, the food shelves, they don’t have any bread.  Can you help them also?"  And he says, "Absolutely."  And I say, "There's one stipulation with me.  You have to call your boss and talk to him and get permission or I won't take the bread from you."  And he called his boss and he told him and his boss says, "You give them whatever they need."  So the bread ministry was born into Journey Outreach.  We go in once a week and I pick up bread from him and there are some weeks we distribute as much as 1500 either loaves of bread, buns, you name it, what they have, about 1500 pieces a week.  We completely take care of the food shelves, the soup kitchens here in Bemidji and Cass Lake, and we take care of about six other organizations and completely Journey Outreach, everything that we use - we take care of in bread.  So it's another whole ministry that got born, you know. 

   My wife has always wanted a commercial kitchen and in 2020, we started, the Lord just started providing ways for us to get pieces for this commercial kitchen together, and if you come out to our garage, you will be probably blown away because you'll see two commercial, you know, there's a great big three-door commercial freezer in the garage.  There's a great big two-door commercial refrigerator in there.  There's a commercial stove in there.  There are commercial sinks in there.  There are commercial stainless steel tables in there.  She has her commercial kitchen.  We had a stove, commercial stove that we purchased.  This lady had it on Marketplace.  Does everybody know what Marketplace is?  FaceBook?  You don’t see commercial stoves on Marketplace very often, and actually, the refrigerator and the freezer were all on Marketplace also.  Never seen them again since. But this stove, we did not…we were so busy in the ministry, we did not have time to go to Lake Park, which was right outside of Fargo, to look or pick up this stove for over a month, and I kept writing ahead and back to this lady, yep, she still has it.  They advertised it.  It said it was advertised as it was natural gas, but I called the company and they said "Well, it comes with both sets of orifices.  You can use natural or propane," because I needed propane.  So I knew this and I had no problem with that.  The Lord held that stove for a month.  People called them and they said "natural gas."  They didn’t want to see it.  The guy explained to them, I have the orifices so I can change it to propane.  They wouldn’t come and look at it.  The Lord just covered their eyes and held it for us for a month.  This was a $1400 commercial stove and we went over there and we picked it up for $700 from them.  Brand new.  It had never been installed and how it came about was the lady, they were going to serve meals to go over there, and then they found out that the city got in the middle of their plan and said, "You have to have a sprinkler system in the building.  You have to have a commercial hood for the stove."  It was like in the $20,000 to $30,000 they would have had to spend on a building that they were renting, you know.  It didn’t make sense.  So they bought the cart before the horse and so they had this stove that they could not use.  So we picked it up, you know, and it was exactly what we needed.  So that's just another story.  The refrigerator has a story.  The freezer has a story.  The stainless steel tables, everything has a story, and it's all a Holy Spirit story, every single one of them, you know. 

   We continued to do the ministry every single Sunday.  We're planning on going into do ministry again out in the open.  It's amazing.  I just had some people from BFA and they're going, 'We can't wait until summer comes again that we can get out there and do it out in the parking lot."  They love it and it's more work because we have to unload all the tables.  We have to hook up the generators.  We have to bring out the tents and they love it.  They absolutely love it, you know. 

   And Tom, I hate to, but I'm going to say, Tom gave us a second trailer that we needed and we're turning that one into our summertime on the parking lot feeding trailer because the white trailer now, our bread ministry's gotten so large I have to use the white one for the bread ministry because I fill it up completely every single week delivering bread, you know.  The ministry just keeps growing. 

   We got into the clothing and then, as I said, the clothing keeps coming in all the time.  I purchased this last summer a 7 x 40-foot container and a friend of mine gave me racking to put in all on one side and we started getting calls.  We got people, you know, feeding them is one thing and you have to feed them for a long time before you get their trust and that, and you can move them into a next level and a next-level is moving them into where they get self-supporting on their own and into apartments of their own and get out of, you know, the Wolff Center or the, you know, people's church, Park Place or whatever that they're in and we got some now that are starting to move and migrate.  They're getting jobs.  They're getting into apartments and we're able to supply them with all of their kitchen needs, towels, bedding, and a lot of beds.  There's an organization in town that gets people into apartments and that they have and they came out one day to our place with the largest U-Haul truck that you can rent and we filled it with mattresses and box springs for them.  I had a garage full of them that were brought to us. 

   And so we’re; now we're into where we're also setting people up and getting into being self-sufficient, into homes and that.  We had one lady that we prayed for at the Outreach.  She was homeless.  They took her children away from her.  She had no job.  And after praying with her at the Outreach, within about two months, she came out of a business place on Sunday and she says, "I got to tell you."  She says, "I have a job.  I have an apartment.  I got half of my children back with me."  She says, "God is good."  That's what we're really out there to do, you know, but it's in steps that everything has to happen. 

   You know, we have some future things that we, that we're looking at, that we want to do.  We took, we have a heart that we'd like to put some clothing on all of it, you know, we're living around by four reservations around us, and I'd like to set up stations on each of the reservations where we can take clothing to and somebody runs it there and we can get them the clothing.  I have, I have no problem getting them the clothing, but to get clothing onto these reservations for these people.  We were invited by a pastor who deals on White Earth and he said, "Can you bring us some clothing over?  We're going to do an outreach out over there."  And he said, "We got a semi load of food coming in and we're going to do worship and we're going to give away clothing and food."  So we took that 16-foot cargo trailer and I loaded it with clothing, completely full.  Also, some clothing racks were given to us and we took them over there and I dropped them off to them.  This was on an early Friday morning and on Saturday, about 6 o'clock, I started getting a guilty feeling inside of me and I thought, "I took them too much clothing over there."  And so I gave them a phone call and I say, "You know, I just want to tell you that if you got a lot of clothing leftover, we will come over and pick it up.  We're not going to burden you with that."  And he says, he was quiet for a little bit and then he says, "No," he says, he says, "We're just wrapping up here," he says, "We're just putting the sound equipment away," and he says, "The semi load of food is all gone," and he says, "Your clothing is all gone."  I couldn’t believe it.  I mean, we took them a lot of clothing over there and it was all gone.  So that just really shows you the need, you know. 

   So God is good.  God is good.  And I, Joan and I have a saying, there are so many things that we do and they almost seem impossible for us to do in that and then we've got two words that we say all the time - But God - when we can't do it, then, but God.  He can do it.  You know, it is just a pleasure to walk after Him. 

   Went down to a BLN meeting.  It's been about a month ago now and in that meeting,, one of the talks was about dreams, you know, and how the Lord gives dreams.  And so we got in groups of three and we started praying and the Bible actually uses the word "trance" and while I was praying in that, I basically went into a trance and I saw a vision and I was following this blue and white ball and it was, this road was kind of going around the mountain and just following the mountain around, and this ball was rolling down the road and then rolled around the curve and I was just slowly walking behind it, you know, just following it.  I knew I had to follow it.  And I was just slowly following this ball going down the road.  So then I, I come out of that trance, and then he said, "Now break up," and he said, "Find three other people that you absolutely do not know and go over and pray with them."  And so I found some people way over on the other side, you know that I did not know.  I found out later they were from Wisconsin, you know, so I really did not know them.  And we started praying and the one lady in the group, she says, "I don’t know what this means," she says, "but the Lord just gave it to me," and says, "you're following this blue and white ball down the road."  And she says, "The Lord wants you to know one thing - the ball is getting bigger."  What a word, what a word! 

   You know, I thank the Lord every day for guys like Tim Pomp that have a vision and hear and see from God and I know that the things that you're doing right now around the country with your worship ministries and that are exactly what you're supposed to be doing right now, exactly what you're supposed to be doing.  I thank you for Businessman's Full Gospel because they've been a big part of my life.  They've been a big growth in my life, and I just want to challenge you to go as men here or back into your churches and start getting people off of their comfort zones.  Start getting them off their comfort zone because that's what the Lord is doing right now. 

   This COVID thing that we have, that's getting us, that has really gotten us off our comfort zones, and there's a reason for that, you know.  And you know, I was talking with Tim, the hunger that's out there, and I'm not talking about the belly hunger, I'm talking the spiritual hunger that's out there in people is unbelievable.  You know, we have seen today, three of us, and I know at least three of us, we have seen like you know how you see a shooting star - we've seen a like a shooting star came down in this place here today and fell to the floor and three of us seen that.  Nothing's burned down in here, so I'm going to have to blame it on the Holy Spirit.  You know, He's at work.  He's at work on each and every one of us.  He's at work here.  He's at work in this city and He's at work in this region, and I hear it going on all the time, and I say, "Just open your hearts up and just start following that ball that He gives you," and I'll tell you, He will make that ball bigger for you. 

    So with that, I just close and I just say, Lord Jesus, I just ask, Lord, that You just touch the hearts of these men, Lord.  That You give them vision, Lord.  It says all men will have dreams, Lord, and just give those dreams, Lord, and let them know, Lord, the things that they are to do.  And for the men that we prayed today, Lord, continue to finish, Lord, the healing process in all of these men and those God is not a God of the limit of space.  He can touch the ones that we prayed for that weren't here and that He just touches them, Lord, and bring them to fruition, Lord.  And I just thank You for Your Holy Spirit and Your love in all these men.  In Jesus' name.


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