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Myles KilbySID ROTH: Whenever my guest, Myles Kilby, speaks on the fire of God many have their own encounters with the fire. I'm here with Myles Kilby and Myles says as a young boy your godmother took you to church and someone prophesied over you. What was that?

MYLES: Sid, when I was seven years old my godmother would regularly take me to church and I really remember it very vividly. I can see it like it happened yesterday. But I received Christ in that moment at the age and the women around me began to start prophesying about my calling and how I was called to preach the Gospel and how God was going to begin to use me. And so they would say, "He's a preacher. He's a preacher." And so I'm stepping into that.

SID: Well, he got started early but at 20 he received what's known as the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He was immersed in the Spirit of God and this was not just a normal thing. Some strange wonderful things started happening to you. Tell me about the time you were immersed.

MYLES: Yes, when I was immersed with the spirit, baptized in the Holy Spirit, there was an impartation of fire in my life. I immediately began to speak in supernatural languages and tongues, which was an incredible experience but experiencing the power and the presence of God just in an incredible way and it was like everything from my past or through my teenage years that I experienced that was difficult, it was like that was completely washed away out of my life, removed from my life and so really the Holy Spirit was breaking things off that needed to be removed. He was filling me with his presence and it was really a life changing experience.

SID: But it got even better than that. All of a sudden you started really hearing God's voice clearly.

MYLES: Yes, Sid, I began to really hear God's voice with great clarity. My focus during that time was developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit, spending time in his presence, cultivating that in my life and as ... Sid, as I began to cultivate that in my life, praying in tongues, really seeking God's face, worshiping, I began to hear God's voice just with great accuracy, great precision, just sensitivity is how I like to describe it, becoming sensitive to the voice of God.

SID: But then one year later, you think that's something, I mean, that would have been enough as we say at Passover. That would have been enough but then a year later another supernatural event.

MYLES: Yes, and so a year later, then I began to ... the experience that I had in that encounter was the baptism of fire. It was a complete immersion—

SID: And in the Bible it says you'll be baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. Most people don't notice that, and fire. Is it like literally a real fire? What does it mean, and fire?

MYLES: Exactly. So the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire, it's like a complete immersion. The Holy Spirit, God is an all-consuming fire and so when he comes and manifests through fire he consumes everything about you and it's a purification. He releases his passion. So you're passionate for the Messiah. It releases a purifying presence but God really sets you on fire and for prophets he imparts that fire to prophesy.

SID: And God spoke to you about the fire. What did he say?

MYLES: Yeah, the Lord spoke to me. He said, "I've called you to bring the fire of God to this generation." And he said, "I've marked you with this specifically because I'm going to use you to bring this to the church, to the body of Christ." And he said, "The purpose for that is for purification." He said, "I want to purify my bride from every spot and every wrinkle before the coming of Messiah."

SID: I'm going to have you pray for the fire of God a little later in the program, if that's okay. But you had an encouraging word and boy God knows we need encouraging words for 2021. What did God tell you because we've been through all the divisions, political, racial, protests, all that. We survived but it's been a tough couple of years. What did God show you?

MYLES: Yes. Going into 5781 on the Jewish calendar the Lord began to speak to me and he said, "I want you to add the numbers up." So I did, that equals 21. Well in the scripture that reference in Daniel 10, Daniel waited 21 days for the angel to bring breakthrough and bring the answer. And so in the spirit the number 21 always represents supernatural breakthrough.

   So God, he releases the supernatural breakthrough to Daniel. He overthrows the prince of Persia and then he releases to Daniel the most significant end time revelation I believe recorded in the scriptures. And so the Lord continued to speak and actually he gave me a vision during this encounter and what I saw, Sid, was like a concrete barrier.

   2020 was a year for us to decree and to prophesy, to speak the word of God and so the enemy tried to close our mouths. He tried to shut us up. He wanted to shut our mouths. He wanted to stop our decrees and so because the scripture says, "You shall decree a thing and it shall be established."

   And so the Holy Spirit began to show me this barrier in the spirit where these decrees had gone forth but it was like they were hitting this barrier and each decree was piercing through this barrier and then what I saw in the vision was that it finally broke through and the Lord said, "I'm releasing the breakthrough. Everything that you have decreed in 2020 I'm about to manifest it in 2021."

   Many people have gotten discouraged because they haven't seen anything come to pass that God has promised them, prophesies they've received, decrees that they've released, but the Lord said, "The manifestation and the breakthrough, the 21, is here this year for us."

SID: You were speaking before a group of teens and you heard an exact date, but the significance of the exact date that he heard, explain.

MYLES: Yeah, that was a powerful word of knowledge that the Lord released for this youth group, it was a large youth group, probably 100 youth at a very powerful church that I was ministering at and the Lord gave me the specific date. At first, many times when we receive words of knowledge we don't immediately know what they are related to but then God continues to unfold and so that specific date was the day that a year before a teen in their youth group had committed suicide.

SID: So all those teens knew that date.

MYLES: Yes, they knew the date. The pastor came up too, he, he confirmed that. He said that was the date that this young man committed suicide and the Lord spoke in that moment. He said, "I am breaking the spirit of suicide off of this youth group and it will never happen again."

   And so when God speaks he means what he says and says what he means. It will never happen again. It's a done deal. He broke that off of the youth group and there were probably five to seven people that responded in that moment that were battling with the spirit of suicide that we began to minister to and break that spirit off of them.

SID: I want you to break the spirit of suicide off of people watching us right now. Look at the camera and do it.

MYLES: Even now there are people that are watching right now and this is a kairos moment. This is an opportune time. God is moving. He's breaking the spirit of depression, the spirit of heaviness. I rebuke you now, In Jesus name. I rebuke the spirit of heaviness off of you. I break that harassing, demonic, suicidal spirit off. Right now it's leaving you. Just renounce that. Tell it it has to leave and we break that off now. It would no longer harass you. You are being freed and loosed from that, in Jesus name.

SID: That's powerful. Look, let's be candid. You got a gift when you were a young man from God to hear his voice so clearly but what about the rest of us, are we Swiss cheese? What about all the viewers, myself, everyone?

MYLES: Yes, Sid, the will of God is for all believers to hear his voice. The main mark of every believer and Christian like Abraham ... Abraham didn't have a Bible, Sid.

SID: He did pretty good though.    

MYLES: He did great. Well, why did he do so great? Because he heard the voice of God and so the most important thing for every believer, Sid, just like Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice and a voice of a stranger they will not follow." So it's the will of God for all of us to hear God's voice with such great clarity and intimacy because God wants to be involved in every detail, every decision, every moment of our lives.

When Myles Kilby learned to see the world from God's perspective....

SID: You teach and the thing that is so wonderful about Myles' teaching is, his teaching will build your faith because everything is transacted in the kingdom by faith. Will build your faith to receive what he teaches about. You teach on many areas. One was the five dimensions of prophetic people. We don't have the time for all five but the one that's my favorite is you teach on prophesy in the glory. Teach just a bit on that.

MYLES: Yes. And that's my favorite as well, Sid. The prophecy out of the glory or in the glory is where I believe it's the most powerful. It's when we enter in to the presence of God or the presence of God manifests in our lives and we begin to hear God's voice but when we prophesy out of the glory it's like the weight of his glory is on our words and so how does that make a difference? Why is that so powerful?

   It's because it supernaturally accelerates everything that you speak and prophesy. And so things begin to manifest instantly. That means no waiting. I like the sound of that. And so instant manifestations of the words that God speak to you. That means creative miracles, healings, angels coming forth and ministering and it's so powerful, Sid. It's just on a whole different dimension and level. And so the increase of power in the glory, the weight of his glory, is traveling on your words. And so to me it's the preferable method.

SID: And here's the good news, in the past there have been a few anointed men and women of God that have operated to this degree. However, this glory that's coming is going to be throughout the whole world and every believer that has the faith to receive and you receive with faith by hearing the words of God, by just listening to us talk about the glory.

SID: It's going to begin to impart upon you. Now Myles had a direct impartation from Jesus of my favorite subject, his compassion. The compassion of God releases the miracles of God. He will pray for that same compassion that Jesus had to come upon you as well as his fire.

SID: Myles Kilby is an anointed teacher of the word of God and another thing he teaches and we're making this available in our resource is six things to do to move into and develop our prophetic gifting and of the six the one that is absolutely my favorite, I'm going to ask you to talk about and that is speaking in supernatural languages, speaking in tongues.

MYLES: Absolutely. Yes, speaking in tongues is, I believe personally, the most powerful gift that Jesus has given us and my experience with speaking in tongues is that God supernaturally empowers us. It's the gateway that ushers us in to operating in the gifts of the spirit, operating in the supernatural. So there's an activation of every gift of the Holy Spirit when we begin to pray in tongues.

MYLES: And so if you want to hear from God what I tell people is to pray in tongues. What I do is I pray in tongues a lot. I read the scriptures a lot and I worship a lot but the more that you pray in tongues, Sid, the more that God is going to speak to you. There's going to be a supernatural activation. Something also very interesting that the Holy Spirit revealed to me is that there have been times when I've been praying in tongues and I was actually praying in the tongues of angels.

   And the Lord spoke to me in that moment and he said, "Myles, you're speaking their language right now. You're dispatching them and releasing them on assignments and they're going forth and accomplishing those."

SID: Boy, I've read about that but that is amazing revelation. The art of listening, the art of hearing, teach just briefly on that, please.

MYLES: I have four children and as a father I'm always trying to get my children to listen to what I say. And the art of listening, one of my favorite examples and teachings from this is from early on in King Solomon's life when Solomon was coming in to his kingship and he has this powerful encounter with the glory of God and he asked the Lord for something. He said, "Lord, I ask that you would give me ... really the scripture says, "A hearing heart." That means a heart that hears the voice of God. "So that I might be able to direct this great people of yours, Israel."

   Solomon asked to have a hearing heart. What does that mean? A heart that is sensitive to the voice of God. A heart that hears his voice with great clarity and receives revelation and wisdom directly from the father. And so God wants that for you as well and you know what? God even said to Solomon in that time, in that moment, that, "Solomon, because you asked for that I'm going to give you many other things because you asked for the right thing, to hear my voice, to have a hearing heart." So do that, ask him for that, to develop that hearing, that listening and you're going to hear his voice.

SID: Just before you pray for ... I want him to pray for the fire and compassion of God and hearing God's voice. Very briefly tell me the encounter you had with the eyes of God.

MYLES: Yes. This was one of the most powerful encounters, Sid, I've ever experienced and during this encounter I was doing a live broadcast and so I was in my studio where I record that. I was teaching on the seven spirits of God or more specifically, the seven eyes of the Holy Spirit. Many people don't realize or understand that there are seven eyes in the prophetic realm. Seven eyes of the spirit, which equals perfect perspective or perfect prophecy.

   So during this encounter I'm teaching on this and then suddenly from my right side I feel a wind and the spirit of God comes upon me and rests down upon me but then my eyes began to start burning with intense fire and it was so intense, Sid, that my eyes began to water and it was just an extremely intense burning like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

   And the Lord, in that moment, began to speak to me during this manifestation and he said, "Myles, I am imparting the eyes of fire to you, my vision. I am imparting the eyes of fire to you. I'm purifying your vision. You're going to begin to see from my perspective. You're going to begin to see people with great compassion. You're going to see them like I see them and as you minister to them—

SID: ....time I need you to pray, right now for those watching.

MYLES: Absolutely. Right now, right where you're at, just receive this. I want pray a prayer of impartation for you to receive this same fire upon your eyes. Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, I release a supernatural impartation for the eyes of fire. Father, I release that now, in Jesus name. I release it, the eyes of fire, the impartation, receive it right now. Many of you, your eyes, you're going to begin to feel a burning sensation come upon your eyes.

MYLES: The Lord is going to begin to manifest that, just receive it right now where you're at. I release that upon you right now. I see someone, God is healing many people's eyes that even in the natural you wear glasses. Some of you wear contacts. You're not going to need them any more. People with, there's someone with a detached retina. You need to be healed. God's healing that right now. He's healing that. That's on your right eye. The Holy Spirit's healing that right now.

MYLES: There's also people that you need God to clear your vision. You've had very blurry vision, maybe you have cataracts over your eyes. God's breaking that off right now. But the fire is going to begin to burn and you're going to feel the burning sensation come upon your eyes like nothing you've ever experienced before. But the Lord says, "I'm imparting the eyes of fire to you now." Right now I release the compassion of God to come upon you. I release an impartation for the compassion of Jesus to be released upon and God to fill you with his compassion right now. I release that impartation, receive it right now, in Jesus name.

SID: I'll just tell you one more thing. In this presence tell God you're sorry for every sin you've ever committed, that his blood washes it away and ask Jesus to be your Messiah, your savior and your Lord. Amen.

Myles' Hearing His Voice Testimony

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