Mike Lewis


   My name is Michael Lewis. It's what a five-year contract is for states. I guess my mission failed, I was homesick for four and a half years. I used to go to Palm Beach and the University of Florida, and Yale as well. I married a beautiful girl from there, but I wasn't found by the Lord during those early days.

   I started my own construction company, and one day, I beat one of the men on a construction site. You understand really fast about the bad wolf. I was not a good person, with an ill-treated temper. We drank a lot, and we ran to the nearest bar, and I had a filthy mouth. The guys that worked for me in my construction company were afraid of me. Because if things didn't go right, I would get upset and mad at them, yelling and screaming and jumping up and down. That's who I was. I was very selfish and was very self-centered.

I was in the Growing magazines those days, which probably are considered porn these days.

    Now, I caught myself being the hell-raising jerk. I didn't see any of that, but my wife did. After five years of being married to a self-centered and selfish jerk, if she walked in front of me while watching a football game, she was going to catch my wrath.

   I was one of those guys that she'd say, "Hey come on down for supper."

   I'd say. "Sure, I'll be there."

   Knowing that we were going to work late, we're going to stop by and have a beer on the way home. After a few beers, I'd still tell her I was coming home. I'd get home she'd be mad; but I didn't care.

   She told me she was leaving me; but I didn't think anything about it, because I owned her. She's my wife. Just like my pick-up truck, she's mine. She's not going to go anywhere. That was my attitude and after five years of that, she had all that she couldn't stand it I guess. She came home one night and was going on a date with another man. It did hit me, it hit me hard, and I felt a pain in my chest.

I called my mom, and she just kept on telling me that I had to get right with the Lord and straighten everything out.

   I told her, "Mom, I don't want to hear that," and got off the phone.

   Two or three hours later, after midnight, my wife still wasn’t back home from another date with another man. I got down on my knees beside the bed and made a deal with God.

   I said, "God, put my wife; and myself back together; put my marriage back together. I'll serve you."

   I know I'm supposed to repent. I didn't hear anything, I didn't feel anything. I didn't know that anything had transpired. I get back into bed and when I woke up the next morning, my wife was back.

   From that day, I no longer cursed. I no longer drank: I no longer had an ill-mannered temper. I was no longer that self-centered jerk, and became a man of my word. It was at least a week after that occurred, that one of the suppliers I did business with asked me, "What happened to you? You don't curse anymore."

   It dawned on me that I wasn't cursing, and the guys that work for me were afraid. They told me they feared me, because I had a fistfight with an employee and beat him up, which was back on earlier days. They were afraid to ask me why I wasn't cursing anymore. They were afraid to ask me why I wasn't drinking anymore either. We drank while we took a break and would have drinks after work.

   Most of the time, I was drinking two 6 packs a day and then I chased that down with some liquors sometimes. I was pretty much an alcoholic, but a couple of weeks later I looked in the refrigerator and saw a beer. I didn't want it.

   The desire of it left. I popped that beer open and tried it; it tasted so terrible I stopped. Ever since then, for the past thirty-five years it's been that way. People were partying here, and partying there. God took it away supernaturally. I didn't think about it, I didn't know what was happening.

   But over the next few weeks, my wife noticed it big time. I started coming home for supper and spent time with her. It was a new me that she hadn't seen before, but I didn't know I was new. I began to understand after a while. People kept telling me there was something different about me. God had supernaturally changed me without my understanding of it. I have been promising her for the past five years that we're going to take a vacation.

   We never took that vacation. I worked my crews seven days a week. Sometimes, I'd have to pay them 60-70 hours a week, and I worked by their side.

   I said, "We need to take a vacation. We need to go and enjoy our life a little bit."

   I told my guys that we’re taking off for a week and they couldn't believe that. They thought I was lying and I told my wife, and she thought I was lying too, because who I was before.

   Anyway, I packed up my suitcase and put it in the car, and said, "Are you coming with me?"

   I guess she figured out that I'm going to do it. She packed up her suitcase and we took off on a vacation. God put us back together in a way we had never been for five years. We had never been in a kind of unity and oneness that God had brought together on that vacation. We came back with a new marriage and a new relationship. It was wonderful and it was all Him. I didn't tell her that I got on my knees beside the bed. I didn’t tell anybody. The strangest thing happened a few weeks after our Bangkok vacation. She woke up on Sunday morning before noon, which was really unusual because Sunday is her day to sleep in.

   She said, "You know, I think we need to go to church."

   "Oh, okay I hadn’t thought of that. We’ve never gone to church." That was a new revelation, so I got up and said, "Okay, this is good."

   We went to church and she walked down after church and talked to the choir leader, so I could sing. I was not saved. I don't even know about Jesus. She's never been into the church; and didn't know anything about the Lord.

   He just said, "Yeah, come on."

   She started singing in the choir. The girls there invited her to the once-a-week meeting. She came to understand that she had to repent, and asked the Lord to be saved.

   One Sunday morning, she went down and became born-again. We were baptized together and started our Christian life together. For the first time, she started talking about having children. We never talked about having children before. We were blessed; and went to little church, where the pastor had been a professor of mine in college. I managed to get through college with more classes compared to Religion class. I heard it was an easy A.

   She said, "Let's go to church." I thought at his church so we went.

   We spent two years in a Bible-studying church and then we went a free church. They were very heavy into Bible study, which was really good for me, because I never picked up a Bible and read it before. We started doing that, and then somebody started inviting me to a businessmen’s luncheon. I had no idea what that was. I was still a very hard-worker and It just took once. But, after about a year, he invited me again and again and again and finally, I decided to go out with a free steak, and was saved by that steak lunch.

   I went there and what I saw really impressed me, because these were business owners who were actually praying for each other’s businesses, families, their physical problems, and their needs. They really cared about each other and were giving testimonies about the things God had the answers to the prayers that they received.

   That first meeting so impressed me and made a commitment not to miss another one, and became a part of their group. Three or four months later, they had four events coming up and everybody told me I had to go. I had no idea what that was and had no idea what was going to happen there; but I took a chance and went that weekend. There was a pastor teaching about being filled with the Holy Spirit, and being a warrior for the Lord. At the end, he asked if there was a moment that they felt the Holy Spirit, and I had no idea what that was. Basically, I understood a little bit of what they are saying.

   I said, "Lord if that's you, I want it."

   I got up and walked down the aisle and was gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit. It felt like my feet didn't touch the floor, when I turned around and walked away from the altar. It was a marvelous and incredible experience while feeling the Holy Spirit. One of the guys from our group has a gift of reciting Bible Scriptures.

   He approached me and said, "Listen I've got a couple of scriptures for you. Can you sit down with me for a minute?"

   I sat down and the Bible he had was his son's, because he had forgotten his. He found that Bible on the back row, where I had that BAANB, which I really wanted about being a warrior for the Lord.

   The pastor cannot give you the inkling, but the scripture says, "I have raised up a warrior from a young man. I will do this right with armor and power."

   I thought, "Wow that's really cool. Okay, Lord, I know what that really meant."

   Looking back, I see how God's hand was all part of that, almost two months to that day from my birthday, February y 13th, 1983. We had changed churches to a spiritual church. They had a night of praise and worship on a Friday night, on my birthday, which I never did before and never did it since. We had praise and worship for the whole night.

   In the middle of that service, God took me out of that room and up to Heaven. When I came to realize what was going on, I don't know what I was standing on; but I was standing something up to the middle of Heaven and looking at all the galaxies. You see stars here; I saw galaxies, thousands and tens of thousands of galaxies. As far as I could see, there were galaxies. I saw the power of God holding each galaxy in place.

   You asked me, "How did I know that." I just saw the power of God holding them in place. Then, God spoke to me, "This is the Father, Yahweh, this is the Holy Spirit speaking."

   I totally understand why the Israelites ran from the mountain because when God speaks, it is overwhelming. There are no words to describe the intensity and the power that you feel when He speaks. I felt like my physical body, whatever body I was in at that point, was being disintegrated when He spoke. The voice of God is very powerful.

   He spoke to me at that point and said, "You will be a powerful warrior for me."

   When He said that, I'm on the ceiling at the church, looking down at the people praying and I asked, "God what are you doing to me?" The second after that, I'm back in the floor there. My heart's jumping in my chest like out of control. I was overwhelmed and not knowing what to do, but I saw God and lived to tell the story.

   For the past thirty-three years, I've been a warrior in training, and it's been incredible. I've seen the dead raised. I've seen blind eyes opened; I’ve seen miracle signs that have been a part of the training. I've been bankrupt and totally broke. I've seen food when there was no food. I've seen supernatural gas in my vehicles. I've seen it happen, and it's real. If you pray for gasoline, and you believe, He's going to put something in there. God has shown me so many things, and its part of the warrior training. I've been privileged and honored to be a part of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship.

   It’s really good for me to have a place that I can minister and love people and encourage people, and pray for friends and unsafe friends, co-workers and other businessmen I know, and to hear testimonies of things God's doing in their lives. I’ve seen many lives changed and souls saved, and many miracles. We saw miracles every week in our weekly luncheon.

   God has continued to move even now. A few weeks ago, I prayed for a man that had psoriasis from his knees down. He'd had it for thirty years. God healed him with brand new skin and he’s so excited. I prayed for a couple of men I had back in Draws, one of them was on disability; God healed him and set him free. I am blessed that Jesus Christ is real. Today is the day to get right with Him. Today is the day to repent and give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the King of Kings. He is the Lord of Lords.

MikeLewisShofarMike is blowing the shofar at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America national conference in Atlanta, Georgia, 2019.


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