Mike Bond


My name is Mike Bond, was born in a little Southern Indiana coal-mining town called Sol Macaulay Creek. It was also called Kryptonite back then. When I grew up, I went into the military for twenty years. I went into part-time in sales and later into management after I retired from the Air Force in San Diego. I had been kind of wild; but three years after I was saved, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, after I had gone to Transcendental Meditation. I've been realizing that I was seeking something, after we moved to Phoenix, there was a UH seminar in California. During one of the exercises the Lord intervened. I didn't know it was the Lord. We were supposed to walk up to this treasure chest, open it and see if there is a prize in it for us, but when I did, a sign came up that said LOVE. The power of love overwhelmed me. It was more than I could handle and couldn't close it.

   Right after that episode, the instructor told us that we needed to be silent and not to speak to anyone, even our wives for sixteen hours. It was a good thing, because my wife didn't know I was going through it. It was an eternal thing and there was a video of my wife that I kept playing over and over.

   What you need is time and it got to the point that I didn't order it in, because I wasn't feeling cleaner. I wasn't the kind of person that appeared to be mean, or vicious, or unfriendly or anything else.  First, stop going in the inside, I haven't been right and the Lord revealed to me all the hardening that occurred in my life.

   Six weeks after that, I watched a broadcast network, where the main hosts share a testimony. I like sharing blessings, but I don't know what the message is.

   He said, "Get on your knees. Turn to your living room and say this prayer after me."              

   I did and didn't have any emotional experience at all; but when I got up from my knees, I knew that something was different and my wife has never been the same since then. The Lord led me into the mainline denomination of the church and it was growing to about six-thousand members. After about six weeks, the pastor came and stayed one day. He said, "We need people to be involved for Monday night outreach, you don't have to be trained. You just have to able to lead them to the Holy Spirit."

   I can do that. It’s absolutely amazing what God did during those events and what they experienced. It was before noon when we went out and had an appointment. 

   It wasn't just an appointment with people, because the Lord showed up every time. After about six months, the Pastor said we need people to counsel on the phones, and you don't have to be qualified. You just need to go by the leading of the Holy Spirit. So, I thought, I can do that. It was automatic switching, so we didn't know who was going to answer, since no one picked the person that was going to be on your phone. It was ironic that a Spanish-speaking lady who filled in, hadn't had a Spanish-speaking call in six months, and took two calls and both of them God saved, and my wife laughed.

   A lady called in that day, and talked about a broken relationship. I said, "Lord, I don't understand what happened to my relationship with my wife. How can I help her?"

   I was reminded what the Pastor said, just pray until the Holy Spirit tells you what to do. I did that and the Lord showed up. He told me exactly what to tell her and she was so relieved. It was incredible to be able to help her, with the Lord’s guidance.   

   That was the beginning of my counseling experience and after two and a half years, the Lord asked, in my twenties to be a Bible study teacher. Most of the people that came in, transferred into the area in Phoenix, were from other similar denominational churches. When I started teaching and leading that Bible study class, I kept talking about being led by the Holy Spirit and wasn't very well received. But within a year and a half, several who did, were showing up on Monday nights and going out. The same kind of experience that I was in. Because none of it could have been done without the Holy Spirit.

   Along about that time, I was introduced to a Foursquare pastor that actually worked for me, and he led me into the bathtub to the Holy Spirit. I received the evidence of speaking in tongues and then shortly after that I was transferred to Timber, Colorado. They were involved in Full Gospel Business Men, so it grew even more. The church I was in, as a Bible study teacher, was easy for five years. Then, the Lord told me that I was being transferred to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to open a chapter up there and I couldn't have done it because I didn't know anybody.

   I would prepare for a year and a half, to start the chapel and everything falls flat. So, I kept praying for a year and a half and then the Lord said, "Have a meeting." The first meeting we had, sixty people showed up. God's timing, in his purpose, not mine. Not long after that, one of our members told me we needed a Bible study teacher on Sunday night in the local jail. I went up there and again another miracle, because the man I met earlier, with a background of Full Gospel Business Men was the head Chaplain. I didn't know how, but the next day he called to me and had me at the jail.

   The lady said, "How soon can you start?"

   For four years, we're going into the Cheyenne Jail and it was an incredible opportunity because there were a lot of Spanish-speaking people. There was a crossroad in America, with I-25 and I-80 and they were transporting drugs and getting caught. Sometimes, in that jail on Sunday night, there would be as many as twenty. Some of them didn't even know how to speak English. Sometimes, there was an interpreter and sometimes not. But regardless, I would do the invitation to pray and there will be tears. They would be flooded with tears and received Christ. 

   Knowing that there was help from God and many miracles in that Bible study, we saw a lot of healings again by the leading of the Holy Spirit. With the word of knowledge, or wisdom, the Lord had me to go among them, and started the ministry up there. It turned out to be a really powerful experience, an eye-opener. We think we got to form a conference to help them. We don't have lots of slots for most parts.

   Facing, a successful ministry there for about a year and a half and the Lord told me, "Return to the land of your father."

   I was from Indiana, so I questioned it and the Lord confirmed it. In 1996, I moved back to Indiana to the land of my father and the Lord had me busy in the Evansville, Indiana Chapter. We started two prison ministries. The ministry started and now again the lady of Orangeburg, where the boys would hang out with pure delights. I can't emphasize enough the importance of believing in the Holy Spirit, because without Him, we can do nothing and it's absolutely a joy to give Him credit. I encourage everybody if you don't know the Holy Spirit find Him, know Him, and He's right there in Jesus name.

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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