Miguel Angel Escobar


   Message given at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America National Conference on July 5th Friday evening session in Atlanta, Georgia. Please see video at the end of Miguel’s introduction.

   Miguel Escobar was known as a Man of Fire by the British Church and around the world. Many people do not yet know who Miguel Escobar is. He is from Santiago, Chile, where one of the greatest revivals in modern history has been going on for almost 100 years. His testimony is essentially the story of the Latin American Pentecostal revival that is changing the religious landscape of the nation.

   Miguel’s wife, Irene, had been praying for eleven years for her husband to be saved. Miguel was reborn in the famous Jotabeche Pentecostal Methodist Church in Santiago in 1985; Miguel grew up in the fires of Pentecost. These fires were unleashed when the Holy Spirit fell in the Chilean Methodist Church in 1909 under the leadership of the American Methodist missionary Willis C. Hoover. After coming under indigenous leadership, the church grew to number over 2,000,000 members, including 3 separate divisions of the original church and countless churches branching out from the Methodist Pentecostal Church of Chile.

   Much of Miguel’s recent ministry has involved telling his story in over three thousand churches in some eighty nations over the past twenty-five years. In addition, he has traveled ten times around the globe for Jesus, sharing the story of the Chilean Church and Revival Fires. Dr. Vinson Synan first met Miguel when he served as an interpreter when Miguel preached in the Jotabeche Church in 1988. Dr. Synan invited Miguel to attend the great Charismatic International Conference in Brighton, England in 1991. There he was immediately pressed into service as an interpreter from the platform for several of the main speakers. He was so good that everyone wanted him to interpret for them. What made Miguel unique was his willingness to represent the Pentecostals of Latin America in a large ecumenical conference that included Roman Catholics as well as Protestants. By default, he became an articulate representative of the Chilean Pentecostal movement to a church world that was anxious to learn more about that dynamic movement of the Holy Spirit. After the Brighton Conference, invitations poured in from all over the world for Miguel to speak in all kinds of conferences and churches. He soon developed his own anointed ministry that has blessed thousands of people from many nations of the world. These people have experienced signs and wonders, healings and deliverance in the same manner as Miguel’s Chilean Church.

   Fifteen months after I said yes to Jesus, I was doing ministry. When God decided to call me, I wondered why because I have no qualifications of any type, none whatsoever. Now, let me give you some very simple facts. When God called me to serve Him, I have not ever been a church member. It does not make sense. But I don't think Apostle Paul was a church member either. I think we and I'm not Paul, I'm Miguel, but I believe God wants your heart and this idea of saying, “Hello” to say, “Yes, God. Whatever you say, I'll do it.” So, that was very impressive for me because I have never had traditional skills.


   We are living in an amazing time of God's presence. We are about to experience a great move of the Holy Spirit in the United States of America. I've been in many places. I've been around the world, but I know that God has a special thing to do in the United States of America. We're going to have the spirit of God move freely in our life. Allow him to do things that we have never done before. The prophet Isaiah said, “Send me.”

   Friday night we saw a great move of the Holy Spirit. Men were being filled and restored. Our men were experiencing great joy. Many were healed and delivered. Many of our men received a healing anointing as Miguel transferred his anointing to the fellowship. He proclaimed that Jesus was speaking to His own disciples and told them, "You do not know how to pray." But I will say something today. In Matthew 7:7, I say, “We do not know how to ask. We do not ask enough.” If you want something and you really want it, you're going to pursue it, and you’re going to do whatever it takes until you get it done. We saw the anointing on our evangelism team on Wednesday as many citizens of Atlanta, Georgia, received salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

   We are receiving a recommissioning assignment. This indicates that we can do incredible things. We can raise the dead. We can minister to the lost and they will be saved. We can heal the sick. God that is what we want to experience. We must ask and ask and ask until we begin to receive it. Father God, you are a real. You've got something and we've got to have it.

   God has really forced me to learn that there isn’t any good excuse not to serve Him. As believers, and I'm speaking to the church, I'm not speaking to people that are not believers. God in His mercy ask me a couple of questions. He said, “Do you want my glory?” I remembered when God told Moses and I said, "Yes, God. I want your glory." Then He said, “It's not free.” Nothing is free in America. You've got to pay for everything. I said, “God what do you mean that it's not free?” Through the voice of the prophet, He said, "You are going to suffer for seven years." I said, "Lord, I don't like prophets." They're not good people. I need someone to tell me I'm a good looking guy. I need someone to tell me I'm going to be a wealthy millionaire tomorrow. But don't tell me I'm going to suffer for the cause of the king. Well that's what God told Paul. He is going to suffer for the sake of My name. So, I said, "Well, God make the seven years go fast.

   So, God gave me an incredible challenge, but I lived it to understand that His presence is with you and with me all the time. He never forsakes us and every time He permits something to happen, it is because He is rebuilding you up into His image. We, one day will look like Jesus. My old self will disappear and Christ will come upon my life.

   The church that we attended in Miami, Florida, was full of demons. I said, "God, what shall I do?" This is what God put in my heart. Call people for deliverance. They have made a covenant with Satan. Let them come forward. I have never prayed for deliverance. I don't know anything about the subject, but I said, "Lord, my people live perfect.” They could never make covenants with Satan. I'm going to make the call, and I'm going to stand at the altar because nobody is going to stand up. When I made the call, nine people stood up. If we have made a covenant with Satan, we need freedom. They were running toward me, and I'm looking for the sign exit.

   This short guy says, "Sir, look I'm a paid killer," and he takes his pistol from his holster and pointed at me. He said, I want to be set free and I said, "Yes, but don't do that." I looked at his pistol and said, "God what in the world is he doing?" God is trying to remind me that He is with me, but I'm shaking."

   I don't feel good, God. God, it doesn't look good. I had one only choice, but to ask God. I remember saying, "God, can I hit him with my hardcover Bible.” God replied in English, and I thought God only spoke Spanish. The guy looks at me and I said, "God wants you to know that we are different and the difference is God inside of you. You are not the same, you a representative of the most powerful God.” So I said, "God, what do you want me to do and He said, "Use my name." That is so simple God. He says, "Use my name," and I was not too really comfortable, but I had no choice and every time I use the name of Jesus, people would fly back, hit the floor, and were set free. I had never seen this before, and I'm a nervous wreck. I said, "God, you killed them all."

Please watch the video and receive God’s wisdom and power as His servant Miguel Escobar tells us about His plan for America.


Miguel's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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