Michael Neal


   If you don't say out loud you believe in Jesus, “You are going to hell in two minutes!" Those words, given to me by the Holy Spirit, caused me to repent; and to see my life totally changed! My sinful life flashed before me. I thought to myself, "This really isn't happening. This is a trip (drugs). But I hadn't taken any drugs in a week. God miraculously changed this hardened life....

   I grew up in a large family in Beaver, Ohio. My mom wanted her kids to love God, even though it was based upon "working our way" into heaven. My dad was the complete opposite; he was the town drunk. My dad participated in several of the Japanese invasions during World War II. As a direct result, he turned to drinking to forget the fighting. Whenever he got drunk, I would start asking questions about the war. I could see that the war had a tremendous influence on him; he tried to cover his feelings and bitterness.

   Typical rebellion was my lifestyle. My life revolved around marijuana, drinking, and getting into fights. Drinking was against my mom's rules. I remember outrunning her as she tried to chase after my brothers and me because we had a case of beer in the car. Somehow that Oldsmobile 88 would always outrun her Volkswagen!

I met my wife Nancy in high school in South Bend, Indiana. She was from Quito, Ecuador. On the last day of school, I asked her, "How about going out on a date with me on Saturday?" Shockingly, she answered, "Yes." It was love at first sight.

   Unfortunately, the only thing we had in common was that we both came from a family of six children. We hit it off in spite of the fact she didn't know English and I didn't know Spanish. The communication was more spirit-to-spirit. In 1971, we were married. Married life was great, at first.

   We soon moved to Tampa, Florida, where I worked as a salesman at a Ford dealership. I was a hillbilly from the sticks going to the big city. I got involved with drugs and women, which, obviously, quickly caused our marriage to be on the rocks. My life went further downhill when I started driving a whiskey truck owned by the mafia.

   During this "enterprise" in my life, I ran into a fellow truck driver by the name of Cruz. He was from Cuba. Cruz became my best friend, which eventually led to betting at the dog track. His son had received Jesus Christ into his heart, and had an experience with the Holy Spirit called "speaking in tongues." I remembered laughing about that experience before when I had seen it on television.

   When Cruz's son invited my wife and me to dinner, I quickly said, "Let's go! I want to laugh at this guy because he will speak in tongues." I wanted to laugh at him, but my wife's upbringing told her not to laugh. At that time, in spite of our problems and shipwrecked marriage, we both felt that we believed in Jesus. However, we sure were not living for Him or following Him. While I stepped outside to have a cigarette, my wife miraculously got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. She spoke in tongues just like those other "wierdos". I thought, "How in the world am I going to handle that?"

   When we got home, she said, "Honey, we're going to be the happiest people on earth because I am going to go to work. I am going to help you with the bills."

   My reply was, "You're going to go to work? That's good, because I hate you. I don't love you anymore. I have plenty of women that want me, so good-bye!" I partied non-stop for the next two weeks. In spite of the devil within me, when she saw me again, she quietly told me, "No matter what you do, I will always love you!" She also prayed. In fact, she had people at the Cuban church praying for my salvation. I'd laugh at them and say, "Come on, lay hands on me. Cast the devil out of me." I actually wanted them to show the power of God against what was within me.

   Nancy interceded for me for two years. The sinning got old and stale. The money was running out, and so were my supposed "friends". So I said, "Jesus or the devil, whoever is strongest, you can have me. I am not going to serve a weak God!" I said that prayer from my heart. The next day my wife had the church to pray over a handkerchief, on behalf of my salvation. She brought it home and stuck it under the couch where I watched television. That night, the movie "Jesus of Nazareth" was on television. Sarcastically, I called out to her, "Hey baby, this is your kind of flick. Do you want to watch it? It's about Jesus!" The Lord told her to leave me alone. She went to bed and I watched the movie by myself.

   When I got into bed, a voice said to me, "Say you believe in Jesus!" When I heard that voice, I had a quick vision of seven devils coming out of me. The Holy Spirit said to me again, "Say out loud you believe in Jesus." My reply was, "If I say out loud that I believe in Jesus, I would have to be a Christian and I could not sin anymore."

   The third time, "If you don't say out loud you believe in Jesus, you are going to hell in two minutes!" I jumped out of bed and declared, "I believe in Jesus. I believe in Jesus. I believe in Jesus." Nancy commented, "I know you do, honey. I've been sitting here praying for you that you would come to the realization that you believe in Jesus."

   After a night of sleep, I awoke and decided to show Jesus just who was the real boss. I decided to get drunker than a skunk. I tempted God, "You are not going to stop me!" So I made a bee-line for the bar with the full intention of getting drunk, just to see what God would do. As I sat down with my beer, another fellow at the bar started blaspheming God. Before I could catch myself, I said, "Hey Joe, what the matter with you? What's God got to do with this conversation? His reply, "When did you get so holy, Mike?"

   I jumped up, walked outside and pointed in the sky, shouting, "Hey God, You did something to me buddy. If You want me, I want You!" The next day I went to church and walked down the aisle to the altar and found Christ as my Savior. When I got back to my pew, the Holy Spirit filled me. I could hardly drive home. I was on my motorcycle, crying and weaving all over the road.

   I was later baptized in water in the Gulf of Mexico in Tampa Bay. I started speaking in tongues at the beach.

Mike Neal was now a totally changed person. It started a whole new miraculous life. Immediately, I got off of drugs and alcohol.

   When I went back to the car lot, I told them I had gotten saved. People began to run from me, shouting, "Beware of the preacher!" I went from car lot to car lot preaching. I wanted all my car buddies to experience what I had experienced. The Holy Spirit gave me a real boldness. I even prayed for customer’s right there on the car lot.

   Originally, I thought that God didn't love me. But when I found out that He really did love me, it put me on the "locomotive track" for the Lord, instead of the devil.

   There is rejoicing in heaven by the angels when only one soul gets saved. Thanks to the salvation Christ offers, there is one soul who is not going to spend time burning in the Lake of Fire - me!

   I have a burden to see businessmen get saved. That's one of the reasons I totally support the work of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America (FGBMFAmerica). The beauty of the FGBMFAmerica is that we can bring men from the world into a motel for a luncheon, where they will feel more comfortable than if I brought them inside a church.

   Chapter meetings are really an extension of the church. The unsaved can come to a neutral ground and hear a testimony of a businessman sharing with other businessmen. It touches their hearts and they get saved.

Before he passed away, I brought my own father to a saving knowledge of Christ. It was a big highlight of my Christian life. At least I didn't have to tell my own father— "You're going to hell in two minutes!"

   Michael Neal and his wife, Nancy, live in South Bend, Indiana. He is a National Director for the Fellowship in Indiana. He has ministered throughout the world on numerous airlifts. He is the Owner of M N Corral, which sells previously-owned Cars.


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