Michael Kiselak

Michael Kiselak   My name is Michael Kiselak, and I was a former professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys. I would like to tell you my story.

   I was born on March 9, 1967 in North Tarrytown, New York. I had six brothers and sisters, thirty-six cousins, and we all went to the same Catholic school. I was very blessed as a child to be a part of a very close family. My father worked hard as a blue-collar guy, for a telephone company as a telephone repairman; working from morning until night. He came to most my practices and was also a coach. My brother and I would say, "Hey, dad's here." Mom was always there too. We took her for granted, but she was an incredible mother to us. She absolutely loved us, loves us now, and still loves me. But my dad showed his love in a different way. He was the provider and was a hard worker. He was a tough guy, and he taught me to be a man. My life was always a cause and effect to do good, get good, do bad, and get bad.

   I didn't really understand this whole thing with Jesus. I'm going to tell you exactly how I came to Christ. I am absolutely different since I came to Christ. But prior to Christ, I called "B.C."; I used to do some stupid things. I didn't have the knowledge that the Bible says, "My people perish from lack of knowledge." I was ignorant. If you don't know your rights, you have no rights. Prior to knowing my rights, I lived a different life. I was a knucklehead at times.

   One year I was moving to San Antonio, I had been released from the Kansas City Chiefs and was drafted by the San Antonio Riders of the "World League American Football" (WLAF). I arrived in San Antonio and being a typical New York kid, I had on my Mr. T starter kit; gold chains and ripped up t-shirt. I was tough and had a New York mullet haircut. It was bad.

   I called my mom from Florida and said, “I'm moving to California."

   She said, "Really, where?" I said San Antonio, and my loving mother said, "You idiot, you're going to Texas." 

   I said, “I guess I'm going to become a Cowboy."

   I started as an offensive tackle protecting the future Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett. The league later folded.

   I ended up signing with the Houston Oilers and played for head coach Jack Pardee. At the training camp, there was this pretty blonde haired girl collecting autographs. I said, "Hey, I know you have to get an autograph." It was her boyfriend that gave her my autograph and about nine months later we're married. Men don't bring your girlfriend to football practice.

   We both grew up practicing Catholicism that taught us about the holiness of God. To worship Him and understand,  was just a powerful thing. I didn't know anything about a personal relationship with God. I would read the missalette, which is a prayer book containing the prayers for the Mass, and it's walking me through the Roman road to salvation.

   I was forty when I met my wife and we started going to church and mass, and one day at the Blue Marlin in San Antonio she suggested, "Hey, would you want to try this church out?" I was said, "Sure, we work out," she replies, "It's called the Cornerstone church."

   I said, "Woah, Woah. That's one of those Bible -  thumping churches. I am not a Jesus freak or a Bible thumper." No, I'm not going to that thing, are you crazy?" Well, the seed was planted and it started to sprout. God waters and brings the increase.

   I went to the gym and with bunch of bodybuilders, power-lifters, football players, pro wrestlers, guys I respected because they were men. They asked me, "Where do you fellowship at?"

   I'm not going to lie and said, "Never heard that 'F' word, what does that mean?” I said, "Where do you guys go?"

   It was the same church that my wife wanted us to go to. It was John Hagee's Cornerstone Church, Dallas and San Antonio." It was funny how quick the walls of Jericho will come down when it's your moment in time, with the people you're talking to, who you respect and admire, you say, "Hey, I want to be like these guys we're all cool." When that wall fell down, it was immediately after they finished that sentence and put the dot on the period. I said, "You know what, let's pass around about that."

   Do you remember when I talked about my wife? I went home and said, "Baby doll, do you want to try that church out?"

   She said, "What are you talking about?"

   I met some guys at the gym and they were talking about the Cornerstone Church." So what did the guys think? I still had an attitude; and I'm not saying that I was totally healed yet, but said, "Do you want to go or what?"

   So we ended up going. I'm a people watcher, and she was very curious as to what was happening. It was a moment in time, and I'm in the back of the church behind the plastic trees. The next thing you know, these people were talking in the church. They're worshiping and being loud and clapping their hands, it was great. The music was great and all of a sudden this guy comes out on the stage and starts talking about God.

   It's my moment and he says, "You go to a football game, you stand next to people that are in front and behind of you. When you're rooting for a team that takes that pigskin, filled with hot air, and crosses that striped line. You jump up and down, high-five the people in front of you, you high-five the people behind you. You hug the people to left and right of you, who you don't know. Why can’t you do that for Jesus Christ?"

   As simple as that message was, it spoke to me. At the end of the service, it totally resonated in me. "Wow, what I am doing wrong? Why am I confused? Where do I want to be? Why am I not getting everything in life that I want? Who should I be praying to? What should I be doing?"  I have the foundation and the holiness of God because He was holy. When I didn't think I was worthy of His holiness, they had an Altar call. I didn’t know what an Altar call was; but something in me realized it was the Holy Spirit talking to me. Something drew me to walk down that long aisle and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I looked back and my wife was about three steps behind me to the left. That's the second time we walked down the aisle together. The first time we married each other; but the second time we married Jesus Christ.

   We started going to other churches and learning the Word of God. We met a lady who was very gifted and she spoke into to our lives. I felt like she was reading my mail, and she pointed out 1st Corinthians 12 in the Bible, where it talks about the gift of prophecy and other spiritual gifts. "The gifts are real?" I remember saying, "I ain't going to see another psychic." She loved on us and helped minister to us. One day we were with a bunch of people who were praying all night and learning the Bible. I lived in a world and played the game that had boundaries. My God has no boundaries.

   I was talking with God and said hamburger. Then a weird thing happened. "What was this?" and all of a sudden, I started flowing in a gift of spirit, I was speaking in tongues. When I don't know what to pray and get confused, I pray in tongues. When I'm going through some hard times in life and business or whether I have failed or I've been successful, the people around me experience my spirit of influence. When you come out of sports, the military, or when you come out of a structured lifestyle and you trust everyone.

    You step into a world where you think they're a coach. A coach is someone that sees something in you that you don't see and pushes you beyond where you can go, and takes you to places you’ve never been to. When I stepped into the business, I trusted the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America (FGBMFA) because they are true coaches. You’re there to lift people up in the spirit through prayer, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We are partnering with FGBMFA to lift Him up or with different chapters in the community. It's a blessing to be able to be around someone who cares enough about you, to take you to a point where you're beyond where you think you can go.


Michael Kiselak Hearing His Voice Testimony

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