Michael D Williams

Michael Williams

Is my sin, my skin?

At 9:49 pm on October 14, 1971, I was born Michael Davis Williams to James and Mary Williams in Lassen Memorial Hospital. I was the second and last son of their young marriage, born only 1 year and 7 months apart from my older brother Kevin. My mother was 24 and my father was 34.

I was born during a time not too far away from the tumultuous years of the 60’s, where the mixing of the races was frowned upon by society on different levels for different reasons. My birth certificate designates the “Color or Race” of my mother as Caucasian and the “Color or Race” of my father as Negro. It is written in the Bible in Psalms 51:5 “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” My burning question for many years to come would be “Is my sin, my skin?” As with this world, I was being deceived by an identity crisis that would take the “Blood of the Lamb” to set straight.

My parents partied almost every weekend. A loud soiree with the sounds of blaring blues and an occasional Oak Ridge Boys or Charlie Daniels Band song would fill the house that was full of loud, highly intoxicated people. Friday until the wee hours of the morning, Saturday evening until the wee hours of the morning, Sunday mornings my Mom, and occasionally my Dad would take us off the base where we lived in Herlong, CA, on the Sierra Army Depot and drop us off at the small Assembly of God Church just outside of Title 9 (the non-commissioned Officers community). My Mom would sometimes stay, but my Dad never went to that church. He attended the First Baptist Church across the street. Sometimes during the hymnals or favorites we would be standing to sing at the Assembly of God Church, loud soulful songs of joy and praise could be heard. An exhilarating organ, up-tempo drum beating, and shouts that sounded like all of Heaven was being pulled down could be heard as we strained to keep composure singing “This Little Light of Mine.”

I found Jesus early on in life soon after I had been attending youth groups in the evenings at church. There was a set of twins that attended our church, and I had a crush on one of them. Although I know her parents didn’t approve (she told me), we would sneak our hand-holding, kiss-pecking relationship. So, even in sin, while I had my mind on lustful things, Jesus was faithful to draw me to Him. I remember that we had a painting of Jesus that was on one of the halls that lead to the youth room where His knocking on my heart would become the catalyst and conception of my ultimate life direction. The painting was one of Jesus standing outside of a door knocking. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago, did I ever notice that there was no knob on the outside of the door where my Savior stood. He wasn’t going to come barging in until I opened up.

It was evening the night that I was gently brought to the feet of Jesus by my mother. My father and mother were separated and nothing seemed right in our home, except for the burning desire that I felt I had the need to share with my mom. I had clear questions and I really didn’t know or think that anyone had clear answers for me…besides, it was getting darker and darker in our home. I told her my heart was hurting. I had heard at youth group that Jesus wanted to heal it, but I had to be willing to let Him in to do it. In the middle of her tears for her broken relationship with her husband, she introduced me to the joyous relationship of being a Bride of Christ, a fatherless home with an Eternal Father, a broken heart and a contrite Spirit healed. As she guided me through the “Sinner’s Prayer” the darkened room we were in became filled with a marvelous light that to this day I remember vividly. That was the beginning of a journey that would take years for me to fully understand.

My parents got back together, and even though we were once again a “family-unit” we became a household of individuals. My father, who had quit smoking and drinking, was diagnosed with lung cancer. His last wishes were to be taken off of the morphine that Hospice had him on for the preceding week prior to his death in 1998. He told his sister Beatrice that “He could not talk to God while he was on it.” By that time, I had become an alcoholic, drug-addict, pimp, and thug and spent the weekend getting high on my way to his funeral. I was headed in the wrong direction. My mother contracted Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from which she would eventually die from its many medical complications in 2012 (the first day of my tenure as a college student).         

It was going to take me a divorce, eight children, a big bag of methamphetamines on federal property, a court system that was tired of my criminal activity lifestyle, a program at the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission, the marriage to a beautiful woman of God, a Holy Hip Hop Ministry, a Bible College, the conception of a fashion line business “Back 2 The Scriptures,” and a no-tolerance, no compromise ministry for me to finally see that I truly have a friend in Jesus. The Holy Spirit dwells within me to comfort me through the high mountains and the low valleys, and God has always directed my path. A clear direction gives the Fruits of the Spirit in any and all who are called by His Name.

I am now known on stage as Hiz Nation from Exodus 33:13 “Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation is thy people” I am a servant, mime, playwright, poet, emcee, and lyricist whose music, gifts, and talents are poured out to honor and exalt the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and will use the very last breath of my being to bring the Good News of salvation that is only found in knowing His Son Jesus Christ as a personal friend and Savior.

I have worked hard to gain a certificate in Human Resources Management from the University of Nevada. I graduated Cum Laude from Morrison University with honors, and am currently enrolled at Multnomah University pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Theology to fulfill the Pastoral calling on my life.

Ultimately, with the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, I hope to influence all genres of music, culture, and society to invoke change through creating some of the most inspiring and positively Spirit-Filled works.

Michael D Williams Hearing His Voice Testimony

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