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Can a nine-year-old nonverbal severely autistic boy give precise, prophetic messages that will dramatically improve your life? My guest says yes.

SID: I'm here with Max Davis. And for those that are not familiar with Max, he is a best-selling author. He's had 39 books published. He's got two degrees. When you were a young kid, did you always want to be a journalist?

MAX: No. Actually, I had a 1.5 GPA going into my senior year. If you wanted to punish me, just lock me in the library. I hated reading. I typed one word a minute on one of those old typewriters. But I got radically saved my senior year and I got baptized in the Holy Spirit. And Sid, I'm telling you the truth. I'm driving down the road one day and I hear an audible voice and it was so audible that I answered it. I went, "Whoa where did that come from?" And now whether someone else could have heard it, I don't know. It could have been inside me, but it was audible. And it said, "You're going to write books and they're going to go all over the world."

   Now I was 18 years old. I had no idea what it meant to write or publish. I just knew that God said that. Well, I had gotten a scholarship to play football at Ole Miss, and I was going to major in PE or coaching, something like that, which is great, fine. But because of that voice, I decided to major in journalism. And I went directly to the Dean of Journalism at Ole Miss, University of Mississippi, and I said, "God's called me to be a writer." And he said, "Great, let's help you facilitate that." And that's how it all began.

SID: I'll tell you something, God is smarter than us.

MAX: He is.

SID: Max, your newest book, you really outdid yourself on this one. It's called Jesus, Josiah, and Me. And it's about a young boy, Josiah Cullen. He's a non-verbal autistic, severely autistic, boy who gets words from Jesus. His mom Tahni was on our show over four years ago, and he supernaturally got a word for you. How could this even happen?

MAX: So I had a writer friend, a mutual writer friend that had written a book that really touched me. And I called her at about 10 o'clock one morning. And I was just talking to her about her book and what a wonderful writer she was. And she told me she was writing a book with this woman, Tahni Cullen, who had an autistic son that got prophetic messages. That was it. She didn't ask me for anything. I said, "Bye." I hung up about 11. She called Tahni right after that and said, "Hey, I talked to this Max Davis guy, blah, blah, blah.” They hung up. During that conversation, Josiah was at school at his autistic school. He didn't get home until 3:00 that afternoon. He comes home from school. Without talking to Tahni, he begins typing with his one finger into an iPad and Tahni notices that he's alluding to a person. And she says, "Does this have anything to do with Max?" So—

SID: Why would she even say that?

MAX: Because she had talked to Cheryl at 11 o'clock. So now, three o'clock, and we talked about agents and books and things like that. So Josiah comes home. Without hearing from her at all, and starts typing, alluding to a person. And she said, "Does this have anything to do with Max?" So that's all he got was my name, Max. And Josiah's response was, "Lots to do with Max.

   He's not only a major novel writer, but he knows valuable sameness is not always the best approach." He identified me as a writer and a novel writer with just getting my first name. And, listen to this, I was finishing up a major novel with a major publisher and my book before that was a novel, but I normally do nonfiction. So he not only identified me as a writer, but as a novel writer. I could have been anybody. So then Tahni got my contact information and sent me that message. And, of course, I was very skeptical. But that was just the beginning of this incredible journey.

SID: I don't think anyone can comprehend this young boy. He takes one finger and he has an iPad and he just types these messages.

MAX: Yes.

SID: But even today, he can't talk.

MAX: No. And it's not connected to the internet. He cannot access the internet. He can't even turn the page on the paper he's so locked up. It's supernatural.

SID: You went to visit him one time.

MAX: I did.

SID: And what I read was he spent most of the time under the covers with his iPad.

Max Davis

MAX: Yeah. It was an eye-opening experience. After two years of words from him, words that changed my life, I finally decided I needed to go visit him. And, when I did, it just opened up my eyes to how incredibly difficult the situation was and it was definitely a miracle.

SID: Well, I'll tell you what's even more amazing with that, he's not even Jewish.

MAX: No.

SID: And he set you free from Jewish guilt and you're not even Jewish.

MAX: That's right.

SID: Tell me about that.

MAX: So I was praying intensely in the morning. I was praying about two hours in the morning in my office this particular season, and this word was on July 10, 2016. And my wife and I we rewriting a book. My wife was helping me work on a book for another person. And we stayed home from church that day to work on the book, and the book was entitled First Fruits. And we worked all day on that book. And about one o'clock, I got really, really tired and felt like, man, I have to take a nap. And I told my wife, "I feel really guilty about taking a nap because we skipped church to work on this book and we have so much work to do." And my wife looked at my eyes and she said, "It's okay to take a nap as long as you'll write tonight." So I took this long three-hour nap. Woke up. I wrote all night long. And it was like the Holy Spirit was just on me, on my hands. It was amazing. The next morning I get a sovereign message from Josiah in Minnesota. I'm in Louisiana. And you know what he said?

SID: What?

MAX: "Naps are nice. Aren't they, Max?" He said, "Just get the First Fruit out, Jesus said, even if night forces you to join it. Look out great napping eyes at times." And then he says, "Because Jesus will lead you to the fancy quiet hour to pick the freshest grapes." And he goes into this whole teaching about grapes and nighttime. And what do you do with that?

SID: It's just so overwhelming to me. You get this young kid that is all locked up is able to have a gift like that released. How much more is God going to use people that aren't locked up to release these gifts? And then there was a two-year period where he stopped giving you messages, and Josiah sent a word that changed the course of your life.

God rocked Max Davis to the core through non-verbal, autistic Josiah Cullen, age 9.

MAX: Yes. So I have a hard time saying no. Okay? And I get projects thrown at me all the time and I want to do them all. I want to do every project that I do. So at this particular time, I think I was writing four books at one time. And the stress was just, it was just exploding. Well, on Friday, the Friday afternoon I went and visited my friend who, his name is Chris and he's prophetic, he speaks into my life. And he said, "Max," and I wrote it down. He says, "God has gifted you with a certain gift and you need to stay in your lane and do what God gifted you to do." Now, Chris said that on Friday, I wrote it down. Now my wife put these index cards in my office that say, "Stay in your lane, do what you're gifted to do." And that's in my office. You got that picture? So Saturday morning, I'm in my office and my wife is telling me, "Max, you've got too much on your plate. You need to do what you're gifted to do and you need to stay in your lane." I mean, I'm talking not a minute after she said that my cell phone dings and it's Josiah. And he says, "Max, nothing is more important this time, this moment in your life than to stay in the lighted lanes that God has for you. Do what you're gifted to do." And then he goes on with, "You have too much on your plate and you need to focus on just that, what God's called you to do." But what you have to understand is I had not heard from him for probably a year, at least. And I get that word at that precise second.

SID: You know something? This young boy, I talked to his mother. She is believing God that he will have a supernatural miracle. And if he's being used all locked up like this in such a spectacular fashion, what is going to happen when he stands up and he says, "Let me tell you what God did for me"?

MAX: Amen. Amen.

SID: I don't know about you, but I am ready for some nuggets from Josiah straight from heaven, and some of them are going to change your life. Tell me some nuggets that Josiah has told you, and it's not just for him. The word of God is for whosoever will believe whosoever. You can grab any prophetic promise in the Bible, it's for you.

MAX: One night, I was praying in a house, a house under construction that I had never prayed in before. And there was no electricity. It was a house we were building. It was just plywood and sheet rock. Because it was really rainy and I needed a place to pray, so I took my little light and I went every night in that house and I prayed and I prayed in tongues. I walked around shouting to God, just worshiping God in that house. And you have to understand, I had never done that before. And I ran back to my wife. I say, "I found a new place to pray, it's in the house. It's in the house." I get this word the next week from Josiah, "Pop pop. The loud house is popping to Papa. Past popping was nails. The popping now is prayers. The house is praying. You're praying at night in the house." And then he goes on and he says, "You're crawling into Papa's lap and Papa wants to meet with you and you're making Papa happy. Joy is your prayers in your house. Papa loves to meet you in the house." And what I understood was that just as much as I wanted an encounter with God, God wanted an encounter with me. And he said, "We have a named inheritance." And he said, "Max, you're taking advantage of the named inheritance." That's what Josiah said, "By crawling on Papa's lap." And so I have grandkids. And my grandkids, when they come see me, guess what they do, they get on my lap. And I got all kinds of goodies for them. And I want them to have those goodies, but they have authority. When they come to my house, they know it's Papa's house and they know they can get what I have for them. And that's the way God wants us to look at him, that we have an inheritance that we can... and that's one of the things that Josiah—

SID: You've learned so many things about prayer from Josiah's words and the Holy Spirit. Like, God is fully present when we pray.

MAX: Yes. It changed my life in that, I mean, I've always known that he was present because he is present. But this showed me that regardless of whether we feel it or not, God is alive, He's real, and He's fully present when we pray. And he sees us, he knows us. He knows our name. He knows. He knows.

SID: So why do so many people feel, he's not hearing me. My prayers aren't going beyond the ceiling.

MAX: Because we base everything on feelings and not the promises of God. And, when we understand the promises of God, that's our basis.

SID: And people are more in love with some of the things that he teaches from the revelations to Josiah. People are more in love with ministry than Jesus.

MAX: Yes. That's one of the things... that's probably one of the big things that Josiah helped me see. This whole experience was that. I love writing books. I love preaching. I love doing all that stuff. Jesus wants us to love Him for-

SID: It's easy to get caught up in all this stuff.

MAX: And a lot of ministers, they're more in love with ministry than they are in Jesus. And when I learned that God wants to have that intimate romance with us when we are an intimate relationship with Him, it changes everything.

SID: I want to release you right now to go to the music set. And I want to tell you something that is the real reason we're even doing this show. God loves you more than you can comprehend. God has a purpose for your life. God has a destiny for your life. You are not an accident. You are designed as a unique child of God with a destiny. Don't give up; say this prayer with me and your destiny will be accomplished a lot easier with God living inside of you. You knowing he's living inside of you, you hearing his voice than Him being on the outside trying to push it into things.

Max's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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