Matthew Olin Story

My name is Matthew Olin, I am starting a new business called Kingdom Movers, and I would like to tell you my story.

Before I knew my Savior Jesus Christ, I was broken and a complete mess.  I looked for love in all the wrong places. While looking for acceptance, I was living a lie, trying to find my identity in whomever ever would accept me.  My parents divorced when I was young which was very painful.  I switched schools and went through many miserable years of being bullied.  And then I was introduced to drugs and felt accepted for the first time.  The pain I felt that was evident before, wasn’t clear anymore. I was abusing and self-medicating drugs to escape my problems.  The people I thought were my friends were just as miserable as I was.  They were not my friends at all.  The pain and problems were always there and only grew worse.

Then Love came in.  Love pursued me.  When I reached my all-time low, God showed up.  One night, high on drugs, heart racing and sweating profusely, I thought I was going to die.  God spoke to me and said If I kept going down this path, I would end up dead or in jail.  Neither of these options sounded good. Within a day or two, I cried out to God.  This was the first time I had ever experienced freedom. God set me free from my addiction instantly. I didn’t have the same desires or cravings.  My surroundings and living situation changed.  The people I hung around with changed.  I had a desire to be someone that others could look up to.  God showed me a love I had never experienced.  As God began to reveal Himself to me, I completely surrendered. I realized that He was the love I was longing for all along.  I had a strong desire to be baptized and a hunger that caused me to want to get to know God more and more.

I no longer look to the world to fill the void I had. Now I have a personal relationship with God, the Lover of my Soul; the only One who can truly satisfy me. He fills me with His Amazing Love.  No longer do I live selfishly, as I am free to live for Jesus.  No longer am I living a lie, but I know who God says that I am.  I am God’s beloved child. I don’t need to look for acceptance from others anymore.  I am Free!  I am free to worship the one true living God. Once upon a time, I was shy and insecure, but not anymore.  Why the change?  The old me died. I’m dead to sin, and alive in Christ.  I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus.  I live in a community of believers that love me, and I love them.  God has given me a heart for missions and has called me to the nations.  I have traveled to Honduras and India to share the Love of God. I will go where ever He sends me.

I know God is real. You need to know for yourself that God is real.  The truth is I didn’t change myself. I couldn't even if I tried.  God changed me from the inside out.  What He did for me, He can do for you.  It’s about a relationship with God that can only be found through Jesus Christ.  It is about surrendering, giving your heart to Jesus, saying yes to Him. No longer living for yourself,  believing and accepting what Jesus did for you on the cross, and asking Him to forgive your sins.  God loves you so much! He desires a personal relationship with you.  God says to come as you are. You don’t need to run anymore. Ask God to reveal His love for you.  I believe if you ask Him these things, He will!  God is good; He is Faithful. God is love, and His love never fails!

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