Mark Malloy Story

Hello, my name is Mark Malloy. I buy, renovate, and rent properties.

I am the youngest of four children of Francis and Helen Malloy. My parents were born in Pennsylvania, got married and raised their family in California. We were a tight nit family. My parents had all the boys on a swim team and soccer team from a young age. We attended church.
When I was six, my mother and father got into real estate. My dad would load up all the boys and our friends into his car and we would pass out real estate fliers. When our rental properties became vacant, we would renovate as needed.

I played soccer in junior high, and in high school I was on swim team and played water polo. I was president of my senior class. In high school we stopped going to church every week. I wondered if there was a God. I wondered if the Bible was true and if some other religions were true.

When I was 15 a friend of mine from swim team asked me if I wanted to go to a concert at a large church. The songs were lively and upbeat. After the concert, the host spoke. He explained the Bible in a way that made sense to me. He spoke of the fallen nature of man. This fallen nature is natural for man to do things that is wrong in God's sight. These wrong choices are called sin in the Bible. Sin is an archery term that means “Missing the mark.” When we sin, we miss the target that God has set for us. I always had thought that at the end of my life God would weigh my good deeds against my bad deeds, and if I was good enough I would go to heaven. The speaker explained that even one broken commandment would exclude us from heaven. He explained how God is holy and could not allow sin in His presence. This didn't look good.

Then he explained how God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to be the sacrifice to pay for our sin. He read the Bible, verse “For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” I always thought that maybe Jesus would accept me if I was good enough. The idea of being saved by faith and not based on my efforts was clear. When he asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, I went forward. I wanted all of Jesus and prayed to receive His precious Holy Spirit. I received my prayer language about five years later. When I would lose my car keys, I would pray in tongues, and God would tell me where to look.

That decision has forever changed my life. I was a friendly person and enjoyed peoples’ approval. When I counted the ballots for our senior breakfast awards banquet, I got nearly every vote for the Steve Martin / Class Clown award. I loved to joke around and disrupt teachers to make a funny comment. I loved being the center of attention. Once I became a Christian, I was concerned about the person's salvation then their approval of me. I began to talk to people about sin, and God's only provision for man's sin: Jesus' death on the cross as our substitute. A few of my friends became Christians. But many more didn't, and we began to drift apart. But that was alright because now I had the Lord in my life. I did not need the approval of other people. I wanted God's approval.

Since becoming a Christian I have had many trials and made many wrong, sinful choices. Each time I go astray, the Lord brings me back. Sometimes it is painful. The Lord disciplines those He loves.  

After college, I went into Real Estate. I was ambitious and did well. After 10 years as a real estate salesman, I became a real estate broker and started my own company with 10 to 15 agents on average.

Then, my father died. I was close to my dad and loved him dearly. I had no idea how deeply his death would affect my life. I was not sure if he went to heaven. It was very disturbing. I went through some other painful losses in the next few years. The pain got to the point that I did not want to live anymore. I knew that suicide was not the answer. I had a cloud of grief hanging over me. My landlord evicted me. I released my agents and my real estate broker’s license lapse.

My mortgage payment kept coming due, and I used up my savings. I rented my house in California and moved to Texas. Many people have asked me “Why Texas?” I chose Texas because of its pro-business tax code and conservativeness.
My California property provided me with enough income to buy cheat fixer-uppers in Texas.

Recently I went to a retreat where the speaker challenged us to give up something that we felt may be hindering our closer walk with Jesus Christ. Within one month the blanket lifted and was gone.

Now I am happy and joyful person who is telling other people about the Lord. God has returned my joy of being a Christian. Evangelism is natural and easy.

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